United States of America v. Anthem Capital II, L.P.

Filing 2

CONSENT ORDER of Receivership appointing U.S. Small Business Administration as Receiver of Anthem II, L.P. re 1 Complaint filed by United States of America. Signed by Catherine C. Black on March 4, 2009, USDC, District of Maryland, Baltimore Division, case no. CCB CV 492. (lw)

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l .t\ 3 C a s e 1:09-cv-004S2-CCBDocument Filed03/04/2009 Page1 of 7 INTHEUNIITDSTATESDISTRICTCOURT T'ORT}TEI}ISTRICTOfMARYLAND (EALTIM0REIIwISION) ;'.,''' uNrrEDsrArESoFAMERrca, vrs*H,,rtrjF,ffh%"nrfihrii: .'r';l-l'i._.____,.,:.,.. t ptrintic y, ^ , g : l , : , , , ,: , . u r s tro lirliti,r, i t , i t f , I ,i , ';III,1'I,I ?XXg rrl., to tr l:01 , ;" i )civit crre Hftsercmisori,clqK MARISilM .t_'tf? Ir, ANrHEM cAprrAL L.P. Ilefendenr i*#.#"r"p offiru.mrf SftJ& g W q ,r ? 13 I F9 0q-08 -L : ,:n l .1. ;r ** coNsENToRDER OFREcEIVERsIilP ,=;; t ,i-.o '_j.o Vz e n"il = f f T S I I E R E B Y o R D E R E D , A D J U D c E D A N D D E C R E E.D , , E . L -', provisions l5 U.S,C. $68?c.this (burt hcrcby tak-er Pur arrtto tbe to jurirdictiorrof AnthcmCapitalll, L.P.('ANTHEM II''), andall of ib as*ets oxchuive andpropcrty,ofwhatcvcr kind andwherevcrlocaed,and the Unitrd Stares Srnall ("SBA") ir hereby B u s i n c aAdministmtion t appointcd Rr+eiver ANTHEM I1 of ("Reteiver") to srlrvewithout bond rurtil firllrct ordcr of this Colxrt. Thc Rec+ivetis of oppointcdfor tre purpose mtshrling rnd liquidatingall of ANTHEM II's asscts and $slisfyingthe clsims ofcreditors lhrreliom in thc oder of priority asdelcrminedby this Coun, ?. The Re*iver shall havc all powrrs,rulhorilies' rightt urd privilcges pos,reseed the officcrs, dircctor.s, heretoforc by u$flsgcrsand generaland limitcd pururcrs of AN'IHEM II rurderapplicablestaE and federellaw, by the Atticler of Limited in to and P a n r r e r s h i p , Byrlaws of saidlimitedpartnership, addition all powcrs and authotityofa rcceiver et cquity, and all potr,trsmd nuthorityconfeneduponthe 3 Document Case1:09-cv-00492-CCB F i l e d03/04/2009 Page2 of 7 ond of $ $ Rerri v eby theprovisions l3 U,S'C. 68?c 2t U'S.C. 754,Thelru*ces' r f,nd atlomey$ advisors, 4ccourHntg' invsstsflenl orhployecq nunE8,ert, dirwtots,ofricrs, partners of and dismi*scd thepowcts anygcneral agents AN'IHEM II arehereby of ottrer to with rcspect no shallhave authority aild such srr+pended. pcr$ons entities archercby bt &B cxowtto thcextefit mayhcreaftcr exprcssly or ANTHHMII's opcrationr ssscB, of the and shall granted theReccivsr'TheReceiver assume control opcration by pursue prcrcrve of ils eleims' all and ANTI{EMII audsha.ll 3. baflk psscssion all sesets. of to TheRctcivtris cntitlod taltt immediatc ot booksandrccordt and all olh6f doouments or docounts othErfinancialsocou$ts. otficersi dilecto$, ageflt$, instrumcnbrelEringto ANTHEM ll, The pasland/orPresent and managcrsgeneraland limired partnets,t ste$, dtloffcy$, accounta$ts' employcor , of ANTHEM Il, aswoll 88all thoscsctlng in their place,arc hcrebyordcrcdanddircctcd accounts all and to tuffi ovef to tbo R*elvor fotthwith all bools, rctords, documcnts, othq inssumentsandpalrrs of Eftl rclaiing to ANTHEM II andall of ANTHEM ll's whethctrealot ard sssdts all othff sssttc8$dpropedy of the limited partnemhip, wilhin prsooal. The grneralpartnorof ANTHEM Il shall furuieha writtsn statemeflt fivc (5) daysafterthe entry of this mfr, value listing the idnouty, locationandeetimated (sndjob titl$ thcrEof)' othet ofANTHEM II, a lirt ofall $flFloyes$ o f all ssscts of permnnsl,Btotleys! Bccol$hffs $rd ary olhu agcnlror mnrraEtors ANTHEM Il' *t Errd 0f uddrcssos snrourrts clairns0f tll known ctuditorsof ANTHEM well as the names, ll. Within thirty (30) daysfotlowing tho ontry o{'thi$ Order,rho gentral pertllerof ANTHEM II ahsll slso furnish a '.vrirtff repon de$ribing sll 8sfdts. All porsdr$8nd 3 Case 1:09-cv-00492-CCBDocument F i l e d03/04/2009 Fage3 of 7 ofany 8$5ets propctlyof A}'{THEMIl or or cntities hrving mntrol, oustody possctsion to snd arehercbydirecte+l turn sucha$sEts plopefiy owr to the Roooiver. 4. shall promflly givc ooticcof is appointncnl to all known Thc Rec.civcr and sharsholdcrs, crcditors,deStott uranagcrs offrccrs,dircctort, agcnts,omployees, ne*rssatyor gencraland limitd pannerrof ANTHEM Il, at the Receivordeems All and the oftho rcoeivership. person's e titiesowing to a d v i s a b l e cffectuate ofrcration anyobligation,dcbL or distdbution with rcs?octto a p$rreruhip intcrcstto ANTI{EM II with the shall. until further ordercdby this Court,pey 8ll suchohlif;Ftionsin accordurcc shall haveths samcfbrce lfins therEoftothe Reoeivcrund its roceiplfor suuhpayments a n dcffectasif ANTHEM Il hadrcctivedsuchpoyments' 5. at to accounl$ The Roceivcris hercbyauthorized opencuchRec',civet's to crtdit on behall'ofAN'II{EM ll' to or b u n k i n g othcrfinucial institutions extend to u errd utilize SBA peruonnel, to employ suolrothor Jrersormel it may doemnedesffirY oflhe retcivcr$lp inoluding, not limitedto' attotrleyE' but e t T c E l u atheoporstion lE ard ar,muntan$,oonsultanband ryprraiecrt, is ffmhet authorizedlo cxpcndEceivcrBhip in and suchFcrsonDel $uchdtnounts upon suchtcrnrt as the filrds to oom;rcnsatc in Rr*',eivcr shall deernrcasona,blc light of the usualfe+sandbilling pactices and pro+edurer ol'such pcrsonnel. The Receivcris not rcquiredto obtainCourt appmvul cmployedby of prior m drr disbur+etnent ruccivtf,shipfundsfor paprcnts to pr$onnel ts or thst tbe Recoiver for expenscs the RecciverdbcmsadYsntngeous the ordcrly In adminisuationmd opcrationof thc reccirrerehip. addition, the Rocelvcris authorizcd ro toimbunc thp SBA for uavel erptn*s incurrcd hy SBA pertomol jn thc cslablighmcnt of bhdodministrdtion the rcctivg*hip. The Rcaoive mry, without further otdpr of this 3 Document Case1:09-cv-004S2-CCB F i l e d03/04/2009 Page4 of 7 in dispose anyclaimor asset theordinary of or compromise, othorwise Courl bansfer, olherthanrealestale. couseofbusiness, 6, agents, ettomoys' directors, present offic'ers, ANTFffiM fl's pastand/o'r and msnagers dcbtors, creditors, acoounta$ts, employocs, shareholdcrs, managers, pcrsons mtities ot of goncraandlimitcd partncrs ANTIIEM II, andothetappropriate l and concerns portfolioof smallbusiness (including withoutlimiration,thodefendantrs portfolio of small an#or defendant's with financialinrtitutionsdoingbusirress defc,ndant whichthe all underoalhto theReceiver questione shallanswer businosconcems) s at by any Reccivemayputto themandptoduce documents required the Receiver r or of regarding business saidlimitedparlnership, anyothetmatterrclevart!o the the of or of or opemtion administration thercccivership rhecollection fundsducto tO the it deerns necessary require appearance ANTHEM II. In theeventthattheReceiver request{s) shallmale its disoovefy the pemons entities, Receiver or of theaforementioned Rulesof Civil Proc+durcwith in accordance theFedeml 7. including' ofany nature, to Thc partie$ arryandall civil legalprocecdings aotions, proceedings, forcclosure arbitmtion but not limitedto, banlnrptcyproceedings, of or defaullproceedings, othersctions anynatureinvolvingANTHEM ll or anyssscts and located, excluding wherever and of ANTHEM Il, includingsubsidiaries partrerships, or procetding, involvingANTHEM II, the Receiver, anyof ANTIIEM II's theinstant ofthe ot agents, managers members ot mEnEgers, pastor prcstntofficers,dirEctors, with any for, gcnerap8rtner thegenoml limitedparnorcsued or in connection l or or as cEpacity anynstule,whether plaintiff, of actiontakenby themwhile aotingin $uch are from or plaintiff, rhird-party dcfendarrt, otherwisc, enjoincd defendanr, third-party 3 Case 1;09-cv-00492-CCBDocument Filed03/04/2009 P a g e5 of 7 or or commencing continuingany suchlegal procEsdfuS, fiom taking any uctiorqin All 0r with any suchprooeeding 4ny suoh8.Bset. civil legul proecdings of conDcction any nature,including but not limited to bdhkrptcy pltcdin8$'arbitarion procccdings' or nctions,defaultprocoodings, otbcr ectionofafiy noruft involving forcclosure urd zubsidiories partnerships, of A N T H E M Il or anygssett ANTHEM I1, including involvingANTTIEMll' the the w h e r u v clocuod,andcxcluding inslmt proceeding, r or ReoeiTeror any of AIITI{EM Il'5 pa$tor prcsdntoflioers,directors'mffiagers,agenl+' , for' or or mfftagorsrr mehbcrs of lhe generalpartsrer the generu.l limited parmerssr.rcd or ofany naturt. in with, anysctronlakcnby themwhileaoting zuchoapacity i n conncttion or third-pmy plaintiff, thitd'patty defendant, othentisc' whetherrs d8intiff, defendunt, arestaycdin theit efllircty, and 8ll Courtshrving nnyjuridiction thercofart enjoined from tehingor permittlngany action until firtlrer fhder ofrhis Coutt. Further'Esto a or cause actlolraccrued accruingin favor of ANTIIEM Il flgflitlst Elhitd pslton or of of statule limitalionis tolloddudngthepriodin whichthis p a r l y ,anyEpplicsble ol' is oflegal procr:edings in effcct asto that c8usc injunclion againtt commenoomcnl action. 8. dircctors,oflicsrs, manegcrs, A]{THEM ll afid its pastafi#or PrEsIlt end genemlor limitcd pattnrs,tgentc, e.rnployeer odnr pcr*onsot cntitiesaotingin colrccrtor portioipatingthcrewithbc, and thcy hcrebyare,cnjoincd fiom eithrr dircctly ot indirectly taking any acdonsor tausing any suohactionto be takenwhich would of and/orprcFsrty of ANTHEM Il !o tho dcrrimENlt ANTHFIM Il or of thc dissipatc asscrs includingbtrt not limircd to dcst crion ofcorporsle in thc Rccoiverappointed this cauee, Act at Investmcnl of 195$, grneded, r e c d r d sor whichworrldviolarethesmall Business . Document 3 Case 1:09-cv-00492-CCB F i l e d03/04/2009 Page6 ol 7 ("Regulalions")' l3 p,romulgsted thercufldet, l 5 U,S.C, $$l 9! pg., or therc.gulttions C . F . R $107.IeL seq. . 9. Thc Receiveris autlodrcd to borrowon behatfof ANTHEM Il, liom the and SBA, up to $5,000,000 is authorizndto c$rsc ANTHEM Il to issueReccivet's of h Certificatesof Indebtcdrrtss the pincipel amounls the $rrrs bonosted,whioh ccnificatesv/ill bcar intercst[t or about l0 pcrceotpErdnflumand will haveI mdtudly of Certifrcatcs afltr tlredateofissuc. SaidReooivor's d a t eno latmthanl8 months Indelrtodnesshell havc priodty ovor gll otlet deHssrd obligationsof ANTHEM U' s ot whethercurrcrrrlyexi$titrE exciudingdminislrative expcntcsof the Receivcr*hip, or inclrlling withoullirfiiurionanyclaimsof general limitcd h e r c i n a f t cinourrcd, r putners of ANTHEM II. 10. '[hi$ Cout determhet andsdjudicetmthal SBA hasmadee suflicient as showingthat ,a,NTHEMII hasviolatodthe Act andttn Rogulations. allegcdin the Complaintfiled agaillstANTHEM iI in the instontdction,to obtainthe relicf so rcquosted, ,{ ,,Jd^ COURT JUIX}E TII.IITF.TJ STATES DIS=TRICT Al{D AGRESDT SEE NSTIPULATED , -/Anthsn Cspidl II, y.P., tluoryh its ruthoricdd reprtseultrive By, Itr: GsncrslParficr Titie, ll&1,h4 Document 3 Case1:09'cv-00492-CCB Filed 03/04i200S Page7 of 7 ,*,44,L1

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