Advanced CNC Technologies, Inc v. Composite Concepts Company

Filing 55

STIPULATED PROTECTIVE ORDER Signed by Honorable Paul K. Holmes, III and parties on July 15, 2011. (sh)

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Case2:10-cv-02023-PKH Document 54 Filed07112111 Page4 of 14 STATEIJ I}ISTRICT COURT UNITED DISTRIET ARK{iti$AS OF FORTHE WESTERN PLAN{TTFFS INC. ADVANCED CI{C TECI{NOLOGIE$, and JBM 1VIREGROUPCO,, LTD. cAsENo, 10-20?3 VS, COIVIPANY COMPOSITE CONCEPTS DEFE}fDANT $TIPTILATED PROTECTIVE ORDER Protcctivt Thepanies rhislitipulnted to Olderhavergreedto the tennsof rhisOrder. Accordirrgll', Court protective the the entcrs lbllowing order. l. Thc Courttiruls thartheparties tlriscase Findines: to nlayrequesr produce or inlbnttation involvingtrildcstlcrets conlidential or reseErch developmenr connrercial and or rrl' intbmratiqn. disclrrstrlc 1vfiislr likell' Irr causcharnrto the partl' prcducing the is such intbrmarion. ?. Defidtions: a. *Pany"lncans rtanted a panyin rhiscase. "Persorr" mean$ individual arr an or rntity. "Producer'' rnerlns petsotl R wlroproduces inlbmtation lhe discovery via proce$s this irr t rase. "Recipient" rvhoreceives metnss persoll intbrmation the discoveq' r,ia process rhis in casd. b' "Confidcntial" irrlirnrtstion is infonnadon coneenring a person'$ busirrcss proces$Es. technicaland developnrent opcrations. nnd intbnnation s.ithin the scopc ol Rule l6tc)tl XG). the disclosure u'hichis likell' to hamrrhatperson's of cornperitive posirion. the or disL'losure u'hicltrvouldi:orrtrnvene obligoriorr of an ot'contjdenrinliry a rhird person to s to or Coun. 8l7Jg5-| Case2:10-cv-02023-PKH Document Page5 of 14 54 Filed07112111 $. ..Highll.Conficleutinl" rvithin the scopeof Rule is inlbrmstion iutbnnution and or fiadesesrets plarutnorcsetrsitive or l)rG) tlratis currrurt tututelrusirtess rcclutical l6(,JX harm of is the inlbnrration. disclosure rvhich likclf' to signilicantlv thau or srrtregic ConJirientinl of art wouldconlavene obligatiort of positiou. thedisclosure rvhich or comperirive rharpersou'$ or to contidentialil)' it thirdPer$on to a Coun. d. in or if is tntbnuuriun ntrt Contidentisl Higlrly Contideruial it is disclttsed n tvitltout obligatiort ol publicariou. krou'u to tlre public.u'asktto$nto the rccipient is prinred by disclosed or is or becorrrcs it, hruulr to tltt reuipient corrJidenrialiry betbrcthe producer of is nor or a nor meilns constituring brcach thisOrder. Irubrnration likervise Confideutial Higttly of lur'4irlly otrtnined indepndent thislitigstion. it Coutrdentisla persou if -1. of as Deslqllariflr informorioll Co a. designntion ot'inJbrmation Cuntidenrial Highil'Confidential as or A person's nfideilisl: qualities in inquiry, thattheintbrmation means person rhat believes goodthitlr.uponrrasdudble ussuch. h, designates in iulbnrtatiou a docuurent thingnsConfidentialor or A persort Highly' "CONFIDENTIAL'' *HICHL\' nnd rnarking its t'ace on Contidentinl b1.'clear'ly pnrnrirreutly OR CONFIDE}ITIAL.- A producer ruay nlrtkedocuments thingscontaining or Contidenrial or iut'onuutiort available inspection copyingrvidrour tbr and HightJ" ConJidential nrarliing themss n suchrvithout lbrfeiting claiurof corrlideutiolit.v". as rhe producer so long uauses copies rhe of providing as or docrutents things be ur$rked Confidentisl HiehlyCoufidential or to thern betbre to therecipient. panl'.all copies. to Priorto ptoduction another imagesduplicares. elecrronic (hereinalter ext$lcts.sununaries descriprions or rel'erred cullecrivelyas "copies")of ro do$uluents d+signatcd Crontideutisl HighlyContidential ns or under this Ordershallbe urarked I 8t7.t8$ Case2:10-cv-02023-PKH Document 54 Ftled07112111 Page6 of 14 shnll on appesr the copi-' All suchcopies 11 rvitlrtlte designarion 15srvorddoesnot already "ct1ries" indices. shullrrotinclude of ru be rherurtier eprirled tlreprntectiou rhisOrder,Tltctentr or electrottic datsbnses listsdo indices, provided these ofldocunrerrrs o; dars elecrrorric ba$Es lisrs or of porrions inruges the rer{Iof Contidential HighlyContidential or substanrial nor courain of discloserhe substance Contidenilalor Highly' Confiderrtiol or docunrenrs orhenvise dtlc contui itt tltttse unl€lrts. ned inlbrnrstion c. or teslirlolryas Conlidential int'onttation a depositiorl in clesignates A pcrson is at th$t on b1' HighlyCorrtidenriul smring therecord thedeposition tlteitttbnnntion Coutideutisl panl'andthestenographer videographer artd the or Highll'Contidenrinl by advising opposiog or (lJt duys otier receipt lrunscripl. tlte tlut ol'the depusitiort rvirhintburreen irr rvriting, as Suchdesignation sltallbe specil'ic to or intbrurnrion Conlitlentiat Highl;*Conlidential. is oI porious thetranscrilx rrnyexhibitto bedesignatedContidentiol HighlyConfidentinl. as of or d. a thing,or testintouy Corttidential A person's lhilureto designatedocuneut. ns or us tbrlbiture a clainrof contidentinlity to flnl' other of HighlyContidentiul doe$nol c(rnstitute docunrent. thing. testinro:ly. or e. rvlro or ifibrmatiort Corttidentill HighlyCuntidenriul as A persr.rn ltqsrlesignated rvithdrarv desigrratiorr rvritteu b}' ma;itr notilication all panics thccase. to the t: a designation int'ormation Conlidential of If il pany disputes producer-s as or shallnotil-r' producer tvritingof the basis rhedispure. the HighlyConfidcntial. pnrr;tlre lbr in or as identitf rhc specitic ing dor'untent[s] thing[sJ to rvhichthc de.signutiorr is disputcd and proposing thedesiguntion modit'ied u'ithdrau'n suchnrarerinls. lhtt \Virhintbuneerr bc or tbr ( l4) duys. prurlucer respotrd rvriting, pruposal: the shull the iu either: I ) acceptirrg ub.iecror's {3l { senirtg rvhy lbnh in rensonntrle thereasons theproducer detsil the bclieves iutbnuation entitled is 8l ?,r$t_ I Case?:10-cv-02023-PKH Document 54 Filed07/12/11 Page7 oI 14 detail flnd rhe srarusl tl) nroditving designntion seningtbnh in reasormble or ro r6edesiglared lf designationto is the belleves intbnnerion entitleql the nroditied rvlryrlrepruducer rtreresso*s or the ma)' thc dispuring rlesignariorl nrove Countirr 8uordcrrvitldra$'ilrg the notsstisfi€d, trflny is of bears burden provingthutthe itllirtTrtdtion thc The tlte mtrditi,ing designnriorr, ;rnrclucer shall remain 0r as properll, desigurrred Contidenlisl Highll' Coruidenrisl.The intbtrnntitrn on urttilthcCouttrules dcsigration Contidenrial or Corfidenrial Highhro suhjecr rheprortucer's or as of a lhilureto contest designation intbrnration Confidertial Highll' A rhedispure. parry"s designated such. ss rvas that is Confidenriul notanudrnission theinforuradon properly d His 4. of Usennddiselurrrre Confident il. t'or nraybe uscdcsclusivcly inlbnrration nnrl Contirlcnrial Highly Conlidenrial iflt: of this purPoses thislitigarion. sutriect therestrir--tiorts Orcler' to of h. or perrnission theproducer tlnlter ordcrby theCoun.thc rvrirten tlorn Absenr otlterthanthctbllottittg;tit a intbmration ilnyperson to Corrtjdential recipienr nordisclose nlf,)' purulcgal. pcrstrnnel nrtd secreturial clericul ussisting patry's counscl. includirrg neces$rry our$ide courtsel: a pan}''sofficers directl.r' andemplol'ees suchcounsel: n psrrl"sin-house {iii) tii) to to occe$s the inbrmationis rensonubly rcquired supervise. irtvolved this cu$es'lru$e in testitnon)' in recording and manoge. panicipate this casc;(iv) a stenoEapher videographer or .ltd) (\,) to of dre conceming irrfor:nationi subject theprovisions peragruph of thisolder.e.xpefls (vit s tbr rvhont partrtmploys purposes thislitigation of onl)'iand ud sndconsulr$ts tlrir srnl'l p+trr.ruelussistirtg Cuun. the theCounurrd c. rrdttenperrnissiou theproducer timherordcrhy the Coun.the or t'rpnr .Absent irttirrnutiorr rur) pclsr)n trr othertltan thosc rucipient lllrt) tlor disclussllighlS'Ctrntideutial (iv),(\').and(r'i). +(hlti), idenriliecl poragrnph in 8l?.rrt_l Case2:10-cv-02023-PKH Document 54 Filed07112111 PageB of 14 d. to intbnnotion an or ConJidential Highly Corrlidenrial A portl-may nor disclose until afier the expeflttr 4(b) ro expenor cogsulglt pursu4nt panrgraptr or 4(c) of tlris Order shall I in underrnking the tbrnrOf Apperrdix to rlrisOrder' Courtsel lras cousufiant siEreda11 of tbr u period by of or rhe nrainrnin originals copies rhelbrmssignerl thecxpenor consulta$t or dismissal entryof b1' nhether senlemettt, of aftcrl[naldisposirion this litigation. onc( l) !.ear ("FiuatDisposition"). to not linuljurlgrnent subjecr tttflltersppeul e. or Conlldtntial 4(nt prrrngrnFlr and(bt. n pnfly ntal' disclose Nohvirhstnnrling (ii) fltr of or rrr: int'ornrntiurr (i) unentployee auth(rf theproducen slly per$trll Higlly Coptirjentinl ond in 0r u'hoauthored inJbrnration rvhole in part; tiiit m1' rhe s.irhrheproflucrr atlilinted louger rvas betbre case lilcd. the p€rton the sltu rer:eived inlbrrnatirrn t: inlbrmation or Conlidentinl HighlyConfidential to A pafly\\ho rvishes disclose to ctnenlpt I paragraph or 4(c)nrusttinit ntake reasonable 4(bl uuder not ro I person authorized pemrission, ma."tttovetlte it to lf perurission. a panyis unable obtairt the obtqirt producer's pcrmission. Counto obtuirt 5. b1' protectcd the of disclosures ntaterial lnadvenerrr Disclosure: lnadtertenl rvitlr doctrine pnrduct in privilege shallbe ltnrrdled accordanuc Fedenrl or,rr,rrrk arrorney.clienr guls0f fviderce50J. 6. ttith the that nrolion. othcrdosuurent is lilerJ or Filiuqurder'scul:An.vplerrding. int'ornrirtion be tiled urdtr scslirt or shall Contidenri$l l{iglrll' Contidential Counconrsining b1' Protective requircd this Stipulated n'irh ruleundrviththedesignutions conrplilrrce uny'coufl on which states the tilccl undersealmustbe placcdin iur envelopc Order. fui1' docunrenr (i) type. the and including casc trunrher'; (ii) in prontinenl the ol'theuuse. outside; thecaption "FILED UNDER SEAL PURSUA.I{T STIPULATED ORDER PROTECTIVE TO rvorrls 817.t8f r Case2:10-cv-0?023-PKH Document 54 Frled 07112111 PageI of 14 the to shnll Thisparagraph notbeconstrued linrit or prohibit rightof a ON ENTERED [dareJ. a to standillg challengc designation' tlrc petron huving requisitc pstq/or en)orher 7. at it*brurstiorr trial or ill coun or Use of Cont'idenrial Hiehlv Contidential or Contidctttial uottr proceedings et ro If a EIgSggCi11gE: p*rty inrEnds preseur trial or Lt other porty,suchpartl' shallprovideadvanced produced nnother b1' intbrmation Hig5l1'Contidential of the flr noticeto rhe producer lca$ltive (5) daysbet'ore conrntetlcetilent the trial of coufi (i.e,' as at f,s or the by proceedings irientifying clocuurellts infomtation issue specificfllly possible or divulging acnralCorrtrdentisl the lines. prlge deposition erc.)t,itlrout bl,Bates number. rnn{c. lcl 8s orc{ers srettecesga4' nruke such maythereafter The irrlonrrnrion. Courr Highll'Confidential o[ govern useof sush docuntettts inlbnttation' the I. thinl' (301 and Afier FinalDispositiorl rvithirt bv Docurnenr disposal rhenanies: all tttust eitherretumto theproducer ar by a recipient. i$ electiun, duysof u r€qucsr rrproclrrcer. or the producer'sCorrfidenrial Highll' containing and docurnenrs copies of docuntertts and or ru inJbrnrarion the prr.rduucr'. desuoyall docunrents copiesof douuntents Coglidenrial int'ormatiou, unless docuntent tlte or Coruidenrial rhe Corilideurial Higlrlr., containing producer"s The as resriction tcrdisclosure. partyrttunring inro or lrusbeen otl'ered evidence liled u'ithout infornratlort Highly Coulidcntial intbrmation or tlre Conliderrtial desrroying producer's nud/or rvith the rcquirenrenm this pnrrgraph. of mlrsrprcnrptll'cenit'vin rvririrrgits courpliance ntal' relrin rtocultrtttts, counsel to rhc )*lonvirhsrandirrgabovcrequireulents returnor destrol' to or or an inctuding inderis'hichrel'ers relates Coulidentigl Highly drrolleyrvorhproduct. verbatint substslltial doesnot duplicate so inlbrnrarion. long Rsthe work product Contidenrial Tltis rt'ork ponions rhc text or imuges Contidential Higlil)' CrrnJidetrtial intbnnation. or of of this (or hrlbmration under Ordtr. product ro shallconriuue beClontiderrtial Hiehl)Contidcntinl) t | 7tt5- I #aSe2:10-cv-02o?e.F.K}'|.'--D€euFnent54Fi|ed07|1-?|11-*He4H14 f does provided itsuse thut litigation in nl.+ry his An anomey u$e or lrr workproduct n sttbsequent intbrntation. ()r confidenrial l{ i glrlycorrJideutisl nordisclosr tlre seal: Attcr Final Disposition. Clerlitttny tiled of Rcrunr rlocunrrrrrs under q. at tiled docutttetrls or otlered destruy $r tbr to t* elest ...tunr courtsel tlreprnducer. atleruotice, b1' restricted rlteCorltasto disclosurs. $ef,l trinlugdcr or otlterwise 10. or Cuttlidential regurding Survivslof obtiuurious:T[is Order'sobligntiorts on' F iott ial ll' High Contident i nthnttnt survive inalDilpositi IT IS $O ORDERED, Dated: t<fia^r*-- 4*t'*--* *, K. l'lolnres. lll . l- l f - v t ] Paul Honorable Judgc District Urrired $tates BY ANI) AGIIEETO ABTDE TTIETERMSOF TIIIS OITDER' }VESTIPTILATII --l,t- ** Octbndant lounterclairu lrrc' Advflns;i CNC'l'r'-chnolosics. ,vm$,&?1$mffiffit* r{t JUL 5 20tl | CI{R.[SR. JOHNSON,fl*: BJ Deputycle* *r, Co., JBlvlWireGrouP, LTD. fuA,zu^r*- a r\ ttoirr lbr Retl urt rrt/t\urtf tercInintnttt e.v CotrrPnsy Cotrcepts Corrrposite EI t.ltf- I l0 .,ii .,t'i. 4 Case2:10-cv-02023-PKH Document 54 Filed07112111 Page11 of 14 does provided irstme that litigation in 5is 5ily fui anorney u,se or 5ers,orkproduct a subsequent intbtntation. conlidential or contidcnrial l-lighl1, nurdisclrrse q, tlw seah Atrcr Final Dispositiotr. Clerk tnal' tiled of Rerurn rlocunrertrs under at rltrcttttlenls or ollbred tilerl or electtg retunlto coulseltirr tlreprnduuer. afttr rutice,rlestruy nS by Court to disclosure' restricted rlre seal trialr,{tder Orotltenvise 10. or Cuntidential regarding Suniv$l of oblipurions: This Order'solrlignriuns ve ion. ott dential int'orrttati stuvi FinalDisposit Hi shlv Confi IT IS SOORTTERED. Dated: III Paul Honorable K. I'lolnrcs. Judge District Unired States OF OITDER. BY TERMS TTIIS TO ANI) WESTIPI.ILATII AGREE ABIDE TTIE lai tbr nt ou .tnonrey Plai it17C nterc nt Det'endant CltjC'[cr,.hnologir;s. I nc. Advsncsd tbr Artorney PluintitVC Co.,LTD. JB\,tWireOroup. ffi#J,,ffi Co Corttpurry Contpositc n-'epts tl?.rt$-1 l0

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