Detweiler v. Sebastian County Detention Center

Filing 2

ORDER re 1 Complaint Referred (42:1983) filed by Travis Detweiler. The Clerk is directed to file complaint provisionally prior to a determination regarding plaintiff's status as a pauper and service of process; and send plaintiff a set of form s to be used in filing a case under 42 U.S.C. 1983, to included a blank IFP application. The Plaintiff is given until 3/8/10 to complete, sign, and return the complaint and IFP application on the forms approved by the Court. Further is plaintiff fails to return the completed complaint and application to proceed IFP by 3/8/10, the complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey an order of the court. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on February 22, 2010. (lw)

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/ESTEHN I N THEITNITF.DSTATESDISTRICTC]OURT W I I S T E R NDISTRICTOF ARKANSAS '1 F O R T SMITH DIVISION E{ u .$, 2 FEB 2 2010 oHRlR. s J0ill{soil,GIfRK , TRAVIS DETWEILER v- DEpuryd.RK PLAJNTIFF' to_ c i v i r N o []0a1 DEF.ENDANT' ORIIER S E E A S , ] ' T COUN,TY AN I)ETENTION CENTER 'l ravis Delweiler,cuffentlyan inflatc 01'thcl)iagflosticUnit rrl the Arkusas Dcpirrtflcntol C o r r e c t i o n , submitted tlliflEln thi$dislrict pro sccivil rightsaction has for a undcr U.S.C. 1983. 42 $ W c findthecomplaint should provisionally priorto a determination be filed regarding plaintitfs stat s a sa pauper service and ofprocess.The flnitd StrtesDlstrlct Clerk ls dlrectedto file the complaint. 'l he compf aint andthe in formap?&pdrrr(IFP) application not ofl lbrms approvcd thc arc by c o u r t . ' For this reason, clcrk is directedto sendItetweiler a set of forms to be u$edili filing a the casc ulder 4? II.S.C.$ 1983,The setof formsincludes blank tl'f application.I'laintiffisgrven u u n t i l Murth 8, 2010,to cornplete, sign,and returnthe complaintand IFP applicationon the lbrm$ a p p r o v c d thecourt^ If thc plaintilT lhil$ to return the cornpleted by complaiItt flnd applicationto p r o c e e d byMarch 8,2010, comphintwill bcromrsuhjcrtto summary IFP the dismissal thilurc I'or t o obcyflDorder of the court. I I IS SOOIIDEI{ED this 7- L davof lebruarv ?010. N . JAMIS R. MARSCHEWSKI U N I T E DSTATES MAGISTRATE .I{.JD(iE R le L l ol ihc LocalRulcsfor the Eastenr Western getlerfl requ incarcerated and l)isl ictsof Arkansfls lly irEs pcrson$loutilizccourtapprovcdfomrsinactlonsbroughtunder4ttJ.l;.(1.$1981. ' -I- AO72A (Rev.8/82)

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