Pena v. Commander and Chief of the United States et al

Filing 3

ORDER directing clerk to file re 2 Writ of Poverty, and 1 Complaint Referred (42:1983) filed by Manuel Raul Reyes Pena. Further directing clerk to mail the plaintiff a blank IFP application. Plaintiff is directed to complete the application inclu ding having appropriate prison official fill out the certificate regarding inmate funds. Plaintiff has until 6/21/10 to complete and return IFP application or pay the $350.00 filling fee. Plaintiff is advised that if he fails to respond to this order this case will be summarily dismissed. The matter of service will be determined at a later time. Plaintiff is further advised that he has an obligation to keep the court informed of any changes in his address. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on May 26, 2010. (lw)

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I N T}{F UNI'IED STATESDIfiTRICT COURT W E S T E R NDIfiTRICT OF ARKANSAS F O R T SMITH DIVJS]ON M A N U E L RAUI, RbYES PENA PLAIN'I'jI.'F I0C i v i t N o . fl0]A (]OMMANDER AND CHIEFOFTIIE PRESIDENT; THE VIC]E UNITE DSTATES; OF andthcGOVERNORS AIL STATFIS ORDEE I'enasrrbmitted thispra.reaotionibrfiling under42 U.S.C $ 1983.Plaintiffis M a n u e lReyes 'Ihe clcrk is directetl Iienitentiary PineKnot, Kentuol.T. in at c u r r u r t l y incarcerakd theUnited States and t o file the comp)aint the "writ of poverty." The "writ of poverty" has insuffici.ontinformation on it tbr the court to detormineif plaintiff in.,fonn pauperis(IFP). The clerk is dirccted to urail the plalntilf a a s h o u l dbe allowcdto prooeed b t n n k IFP applicatron. Flaintiff is direotedto cofiplete the application inoludinghaving the funds. Plaintiff is given until June prison offrcial fill out the certificatc regardinginnr.ate appropriate thai is or and ? 1 , 2 0 1 0 ,to complete returntheIFF application paythe $350filing fee. PlaintifT advised dismissed. will bc summarily to i f h e fhils to respond this orderthis case at will bc dctermined a latettifto. T h c mattorof service P l a i n t i f f is ftrther advjsedthat he has an obligation to keep the court informod of afly c h a n g e s his address.If he fails to do so and the court receivesreturflcd mail, the casewill tre in s u b j e oto dismissal. t I T IS SO ORDEREDthis /6 dayof May 2010. DEFENDANTS MA2$ 2010 Y cHils intil$q{, cLsK n. Ef JUI)GE MAGISTRATE U N I T EDSTATES -1- rmtlwu-ffix AO72A ( R e v . 8i 82)

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