Barton v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 4

ORDER denying 3 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis. The clerk is directed to provisionally file the complaint nunc pro tunc at of 6/10/10. Plaintiff is directed to tender the filing fee of $350.00 on or before 6/30/10. Should Plaintiff fail to comply within the required period of time, her complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey a court order. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on June 16, 2010. (lw)

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I N ' I ' H TIJNITF]D ] STATES DISTRICT COIjRT WES'I.IRN DIS'IRIC'IOIJARKANSAS F O R TSMITHDIVISION L\TJETTE BARTON S, PI,AINTIFF Crvrr.N0 |D_ebg4 M I C H A E L . I . ASTRI.IE,Conrrrissionor S o c i a lSccuriwAdministration DEFENDANT ORDER with O n.Iune 0, 201 Plain fTsubrniltedconrpliunt fi ling in thisdistrict, 1 0, ti a fbr togelher pauprris ("IFP").PlaintiffsIFPappJication a request leave proceed for to in.fbnna reveals lhat shcis maruied hasoneminor child, Plaintiffandlier hushand and own a homeworlh $240,500, onwhichtheyowe and Plaintiffhas totalof $725.00 a inher $161,000, four(4)motorvehicles. c h c c k i n g savings and accounts. has ernployment income She no or ofher own,butrelies solely lin'tirrppoil. reasr)fls F()r below,I)laintifl-s tnotion to o n herhushand's $60,000 salary sitirted p t r c e e d P is dcnicd. IF that litigants have entre, a an rot T h epurpose I'2tl ( l.S.(1. I 9l 5 is to cnsurc incligcnt o $ (quoting h a r l i e rto thef'ederal . courts.h rc.I|illiumton,T86F.2dI336, l33ll (llth Cir. 1986) nded hc nol S t r u d e r McGuire,516 v. F.2d820,823(3rdtlir. 1975)).Althouglr clainrant ir " c o m p l e t e ldestitute" lakeardvantage IFP statutc. or shcmustshow y o1'the hc thatpaying the to F.2d f i l i n gfcc wouldrcsultin anundue financial hardship. IVillimnsttn,7Bd at 1338. I ' l a i n t i f fhasnot provided sufficient evidence justily a waiverol thc liling fcc. A to ttt an it is n u r n b cofcouftshave r lecogrrized ifl rtirking IIP dctcrtnitration. prr.rper oonsidet thdt, frornhisor herfhmily. ,Scc indigent status leceives linancialsupport whethethepaty clairning r of v, 2(nq WL 3379021 3 (N,D.W. Va.October 2009); at 16, Frirlnun r,.(.tity New P y ' e r Astrue, (quoting illturns 20-5, F. 2d D.N.Y. 2002) lf v.,Sptrnt 455 F. Supp. er, Y o r k . 1 9 5 Supp. 534,537 (S. AO72A ( R e v . 8/82) y 2 0 8 - 0 9(tl. Md. 1978));Assaad-Faltas [Jniversit1t South(-]urolinu,971 Supp.985, 990 rl F. n . 9 (D.S.C.1997);Lee v. WaLMart Stttrttt, Inc., l99l WL 3l 6756 at 3 (N.ll. hrd. August 18, 1 9 9 3 ) .Hcrc.Plaintiffis by no means destitr.rte. ownsrealestate, She lbur vehicles, receivcs and s u p p o r tlionr lrerhusband's Plaintil'l'has no $60,000salary.Iiurthcrmorc. ol'l'ered reasons why h e r hu$htndwould be unwilling or unalrle providcthc furrds to ncccssary Iile her conrplaint. t() F o r thesereasolr$, find that a waiver ofthe filing fcc in this casewould he inappropriate. we A c c o r d i n g l yPlaintiffs rnotionfor leave proceed is DENIED. The clerk is . kr IFP d i r e c t e d provisionally the complaiil nunr pro larrcas of Junc 10,201 Plaintiffis to lile 0. d i t e c t e d tender liling lbeol'$350on or lrefirre to the June30, 2010. Should Plaintifffail to peliocl c o m p l ywithin the required o1'tinre. complaint hel will becorne subject sulnrriary to dismiss afor failureto obeya courtorder. l I T lS S() ORIIERITDthis I6rhday of Jr.rnc 2010. JAMES ltslEftBpHldfr$Yf,lsn.r R.MARSCIIEWSKI H I E F I.].S, MACISTRATEJUDCE J U N 6 20t0 | CHRIS R. JfrII{$S{, OIERK BY DEPHYq..BK AO72A (Rev.8/82)

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