Caradine v. Taulbee et al

Filing 2

ORDER re 1 Complaint Referred (42:1983), filed by William F. Caradine, III. The clerk is directed to send plaintiff a copy of his IFP to have the certification completed. Plaintiff is given until 7/6/10 to either have the certificate portion of th e IFP application completed by the appropriate detention center official and return the application to this court for review and filing or pay the $350.00 filing fee. Failure to return the completed IFP application or pay $350.00 filing fee, the complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey an order of the court. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on June 17, 2010. (lw)

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I N l'[{hJI,]NI'I'IID STATESDISTRICTCOURT WHii'I'TiRN DIST'RICT ARKANSAS OF I I O R TSMITH DIVISION W I I , L , I A MF, CARADINE, II v. S C I ' ,I'At.1t-BEE, Setrastian (lenter', CountyAdult l)eterlti(]n DEPTJ'|Y WAGNEI{; llh.l}L] IY S l AMI'S' anrlI)R. f IM TINSMAN PL.AINTIFF ( r i v i l Nrco A0gS DEFEND,{.NTS ORDER (lenter, W i l l r a n l Clafadinc, currently inmate F, II, an offlreSebastian C:ounly Adult f)etention h a ssubtnittcd filing in thisdistrictapro secivil rightsactionunder42 U.S.Cl. l!)83. We tind frrr $ t h ccotrylaitrt shouldbe pfovisiondlly filedpriol to a determination plaintiff s status a regardiflE as p a t l P cnndscrvicc r ofprocess, lhe UnitcdStatcs DistriotClerkis direoted tile the complaint. to W i t l rhisconrplaint, plaintil'l'subnr ut informa1raaperrs application. itted (IFP) However, he t o i l e dto havcthc certification regardittg inmttc firndsheldin his narne oompletcd. Forthisrcason, t h e clerk is directedtu scndplaintilTa copyof the IFP application. Plaintil'f givcnurrtilJuly is 6 , 2010, to eitherhavethc ccfiificnte portion of the IIP applicationcompletedby the applopriate d e t e n t i o rcenterol'licial andretum the application lhis court fil'r'eview and filing orpay thc $350 l to f i l i n g t'ee.lfthe plaintifffirilsto returrrthe conlpleted IFP Rpplication pay the $350flllng fee or h r . l u l v (r.20| 0, the complnintwill hecome subjectto summnrvdismissal lailure to obeyirn for o r d e rof lho court. I T IS SO ORDFIttl.l)rhis/. dayol'JLrne 2010."f#fl Jpiff I JUN 7 2010 F{ AO7zA (Rev.8/82) . JAMIJS M N R S C H E W S K I R. H I E FT]NITED I ' A I'I'iSMACISTRATENJD(IE S -:. CLERK OHBRISJOINSff{, OLERK DEPtfiY -l-

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