Lowery v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 5

ORDER denying 4 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis.Plaintiff is directed to tender the filing fee of $350.00 by 9/2/10. Should Plaintiff fail to comply within the required period of time, her complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey a court order. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on August 2, 2010. (lw)

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Lowery v. Social Security Administration Commissioner Doc. 5 I N 1H1-! LrNIl'l-illSlAl'i-is DISIRIC]I COURI' WESTERN DISTRICT ARKANSAS OF F O R TSMITIi DIVIS]T}N D. STEPHANIF I,OWF,RY C I V I t . O .I 0 - 2 t 0 3 N M I L - - I I A E L , , IASTRtIE, Conrnrt$$toner . S o c i a l Sccurity Adrninistration PI,AIN'TIF'F DF.FFNDANT (ILDEIt suhnrittcd ircornplaint filingin thisdistrict, ftrr together with O nJuly20,201 PlairtitT 0, pauperi.s ("fFP"). (Doc. I ). An otdcrwasissucd a rcqucst leaveto proceed for in./brma plior to a <leternrinatirtrr tegatding directing thc clcrk to provisionally the cornplaint file to ar Plaintifi's statu$ a pauper.(Doc.2). Irursuant thc ordcr,Plaintiffsubrnitted arnentled as to IF'P application July 30. 2010. (Doc.4). For reasons on stated helow,Plaintifl'snrotion p r o c e e IFP is denied. d litigants havea cntrc. a not T h epurposc of28 l.J.S.C:. is that $ 1915 to ensure indigent courts..Inre Williamson, F.2d1336, TS6 1338(8thCit. l9fl6)(quoting b a r r i e rttr theI'edetal , flecdnot bc S o u t l u v. Mc(.iuire,5l6 l.2d 820,823 (3rd Cir. 1975)).Althougha clainrant "completely hc tlestitute" tilk.e to advantage ol'theIFI' statutc, or shcntustshowthatpayingthe in linatrcial hardship. Ifilliantson. F.2dat 1338. TS6 f i l i n gfeewtruldresult arrundue Plairrtill's irrrrerrded applicrrtion IFP rcvcals shcis married has dependerrts. that and no ( D o c . 4 ) . Plaintiff herhushand a Ji5O,(XX) on whichtheyowe$43,000, 2001J honrc, a and owfl (collectively). I'laintiff 1rl, Toyota Camry, a 2007Fordpick-up, whichthcyowc$ 16,000 and on solcly herhusband's on stlaryllrrsrrppott. h a s employment inuonte no or ol'hettrwn,butrelics is at'lysonlfoods etuued and over$62,000 2009. ft!, in f t l Hurhusband cmploycd -t- AO72A ( R 6 v . U82) Dockets.Justia.com it that, A numberofcourls havereoognized in makingan IFP deter-nrinatiofl.is proper fronthis or her receives financialsrrppott to consider whether partyclaimingindigcntstatus the 16.2009); I'ridnnn WL at l i r m i l y .S'ee Prftr u, Astrue,2009 3379021 3 (N.D.W. Va.October Williams SptnL(tr, v 2d 200?)(quoting v . (ity of Neut lorft, 195F. Strpp. 534,537(S.D.N.Y. (.atolina,9"1l (D. u. 4 5 5F. Supp.205,208-09 Md. l97ft));Assaad-lialtasl/nivcrsi/rttJSouth l at In ,lrorcs, 1nc,, 993WL 3 167-56 3 (N D' F . Supp. 985,990n. 9 (I).S.C.1997); v. I4rttl-Mart two is destitute. Sheownsrcal cstate, I n d . August18. 1993). Ilere,PlairrtilT hy no mcans that liutthermore, hasrrotshown she financialsupport lionr herhusband. vehiclesarrd , receivcs reasons, find that we piryingthe filing fcc wouldcreute unduefinancialhardship.For these ar i11 instance. a waiver the llling lbcwouldbeinappropriate Lhis of dirccted IF'P motion leave proceed isDIINIED.PlaintilTis for to Accordingly, PlaifltilTs withinthe Plaintiff to crrnrply fail by ?, t o tcndcr filing leeol fli3-50 Scptcmber 2010.Should the to dismissal lailrrre lbr will subject sunrmary lo of r e q u i r e period time,herconrplairrt bccorne rJ ohcya courlorder. 2010. this day I T IS SO()RDERED 2"d ol'Arrgust 'STERDF;TR_|_CJ N AR NSAI rfi 0 Ari6 z 20t0 R. CLERK C H H I $ JOfi SU.J, U , S. url r nru r ur,JUH'l- , . J A M D S MARSCHEWSKR. JTJDCL I E F LI.S. MACIS'TRATE DEflITYCLffiK -2- AO72A ( R B Y8/82) .

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