Bowen v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 4

ORDER granting 3 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis and directing complaint be filed nunc pro tunc as of 7/22/10. The plaintiff is directed to serve a copy of the complaint and this order on the defendant by certified mail, return receip t requested, as well as the US Attorney General and US Attorney for Western District/Arkansas without prepayment of fees and costs. Defendant is to answer within 60 days from date of service. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on July 23, 2010. (lw)

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Bowen v. Social Security Administration Commissioner Doc. 4 I N THE IJNITEIJ STATES DISTRI(]]'COIJR'I' WF,STF,RN DIS'IRI(]]' 0T.'ARKANSAS l I O R ' ] 'SMII'I i DIVISION J A M E SC. BOWEN PLAIN'TIIIII crNIVILNo. / 0- J/Dg M l C l H A L i lJ. AST'RUI,Llornmrssroner Adlrinistrrrtion S o c i aSeculity l ORDF],R P l a i n t i f f h a s subrnitteda complaiut firl filirrg in this district, togelher with ir requcstfor l e a v cto procccdinfortna pauperjs. After review,it is lbund that Plaintjll is unableto piry ftrt the t h c costs commencement suit and,according)y. lirllowingordcr is cntcrcdthis 23'dday of of o l July2010: DTI;LNDANT The P l a i n l ill's nrotionfor lcavcto procted in.formapal.rpcrlsglarrted. clerkis dircctcd is thc that nLrnc t o lile thecorrrplaint pftt tuacasof July2?,2010. Additionally, courtdirccts a rnail, he hy c o p yof thc complaint, alongwith a copyol'thistrrder. scrvcd Plaintiffby certilietl MichaelJ. Astruc,Comtnissiouer, SocialSecurity rcturnrcceiptrequestetl, Del'endant, on and Gerreral, Mark W. Webb, A c l r n i n i s l r a t i oas wcll as [,ric II. Ilolder,Jr.,U.S.Attorney n" prcpayment feesandcosts.The Delcnclant ordered is to withtrLrt of Assistant U.S.Attorney, of a n s w cwithinsixty(60)daysfiornthcdate service. r I ' I ' I SSOORDERED, /ESfE !BFliHfr%%ufts AI , JAMESR. MARS(]HEWSKI I\4A'(JIS'I.IL\L JUDGF I C I I I F F I.J.S. J U L 3 2010 2 cflRrB.JC[f{S0t{. s 0LEBK rY DEPIIIYH."FX AO7zA ( R e v .8/82)

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