Watson v. Sebastian County Detention Center

Filing 3

ORDER that the Petitioner's 2 Application to proceed in forma pauperis filed by Michael Wayne Watson is granted and the clerk is directed to filed the petition nunc pro tunc as of 8/4/10. The matter of service will be determined at a later date. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on August 20, 2010. (lw) Modified on 8/20/2010 to edit date(lw).

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W a t s o n v. Sebastian County Detention Center Doc. 3 STATES DISI'RICr COURI IN lllll-i LJNITbD W - b S T E RDISTRICT NRKANSAS N OF IJORT SMIT}IDIVISION MICHAEI, WA\TNEWATSON PE1'ITIONE]IT /, c T V T L N od - J I e 4 (]ENTER (]OIJNTY DETENTI()N $EBASTINN ()RDER Arkansas, has Centelin Fott Srnith. CountyDetention ofthc Sebastian P c t i t i o n c r a prisoncr , section 2254flrr filing in this district, oorpus under28 LI.S.C. a s u b m i t t e d petjtionf'orwrit of habeas he Sinoeit appears is unableto pay t o g e t h e rr'vitha requestIor leaveto proceedin.fitrmu Jxruperi.,;, t h e cost fc)t corhnle cenrefltof $uil, the f'ollowing Order is entered, Leaveto P rttceed in./brma pauptris Moti0n f'crr I T IS FIEREBY ORDERED that Petitiofler'$ and to i s granted the olerkis directed filethepetitionnuncpro tunc asofAugust 4, 2010, Thematter will be determined a laterdate, a1 o f service RESPONDENT of 2010. this I T IS SOORDI-jRLD J-Oday August [ . J . DISTRIO S. I COUIiT /ESTERDLSTEICT NSAI N AR Ifi F I I FL] JAMES MARSCIiITWSKI R ONORAIILE S'I'A]'ESMACIS'I'lLA]'j:JUI]GE L,T"]]TED AUGtl 2010 2 C H R IF.JfljNsfi.I, $ CLERK sI c,.cK DEPLTry Dockets.Justia.com

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