Winford v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 4

ORDER granting 3 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis and directing complaint be filed nunc pro tunc as of 9/9/10. The plaintiff is directed to serve a copy of the complaint and this order on the defendant by certified mail, return receipt requested, as well as the US Attorney General and US Attorney for Western District/Arkansas without prepayment of fees and costs. Defendant is to answer within 60 days from date of service. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on September 10, 2010. (lw)

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Winford v. Social Security Administration Commissioner Doc. 4 (:]OTIRT S'IA]'ESDISTRICT I N TIIlj LJNITBD DISTRII]TOF ARKANSAS WESTERN F O R TSMITII L)IVISION L. GRECiOR Y WINI'ORL) PI,AINTIFF c r v r l N/0_a13b o. sstottet M I C H A D L J. AS |RIJE. Ctttntni S o c i a lSecrrritv Administration ORDE.R for with a rcqucst togetJrer a P l a i l t i f l has submitted complaintfor filing in this clistlict. I e a v eto procecdin.fttrmapaupet'r.r. Aller review, it is found that Plaintiffis unablc to pay fbt this thc ofsuit and,accordingly. ltrllowirrgorderis entererl 10ir'day o t h ecosts l'conrnreucenrent 20I o f Scptcmbcr 0; pauperisis grantcd.Thc clcrk is dirccted in.fbrma P l a i n t i f f ' smotionfor leaveto proceetl t o file the cornplaint ntirtc;;t'o ttritc as of Scptembet9, 2010. Additionally,lhe coutl directsthat by cetti{ledmiril, i r copyof tlte complaint,alongwith a copyof this servud PlainLil'l'by r c t u n t rcccipt rctlucstcd,on Dcfendant,Michael J. A$lr;re,Cplumissiurer,Social Security A t l m i n i s t r . i r t i o n ,as well as Er.ic li. Ilolder, Jr., tJ.S. Attolncy Cctrcral, and Mark W. Wcbb' is of A s s i s t a ntJ.S.Attomey,withor.(prepayrreul feesandcosts.L)efctrdatrt ordcrcdto answcr t of. w i t h i r rsixLy((r0)days lronr the da.te selvice. DEI'ENDANT IT IS SOORDDRED. , .INMF]SR, MARSL'H}.]WSKI U ,$, DISTHIO] UOUHT /ES ERN lt ' T DF|IEHAHTGNSAT t L l ;t r . s .M n ( i l s ' l ' RlAF . . 1x .j F : cH sFP1n 2010 C H BR JOTII{SOI,I, IS CLERK ff : 'i DEputtcLBl( AO7zA ( R e v -fr/82)

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