Caldwell v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 3

ORDER; directing clerk to provisionally file 1 Complaint filed by Cynthia Ela Caldwell nunc pro tunc as of 9/15/10, and to return plaintiff's IFP application without filing. Further Plaintiff has until on or before 9/30/10 to file and amended IFP application, should plaintiff fail to comply within the required period of time, her complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey a court order. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on September 16, 2010. (lw)

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- J R M Caldwell v. Social Security Administration Commissioner Doc. 3 COIJR'I' DISTRIC'I I N THE UNITEDS'I'ATEfI I)ISTRIT]T ARKANSAS OF WF,STERN F O R TIiMIfII INVISION I,DWELI, C N I ' I FIIAEI-A I.-A PLAIN'fIIIF Lrrvrr,NO. /0.pt4o M I C I T A E LJ. ASTRUD,Cotntnissioner Adrninistrati on S o c i a lSecurity ORDER for with a requerit a Plaintifl'has submitted cornplaintlor filing in this district,togethcr ('lFP'). We find thatthc conplaint shouldbe provistonally l e a v ct0 procced in.fbnta paugsenr Plaintiff-r status arriudigent. I he clerk is dircctcdto tn prior to ir dcterminatiolregarding filer1 1 f i l c tlie complainl nuntpro /ilflc as of SePldnrber5, 2010 Plairrtiff without f,rling.On hcr application. F l a i n t i f f - sIFP application will trc retrrrrrcd whether but aocoutrts, doesnot specil.v inclicates that she.jointly olvns a hornearrdtwo c,heckitrg ctnploynrcnt.LhrdcrPart 2(c), Pluintiff s h c is;raried, a1d if s6, thc natureofher lrusband's includingthosereccived lionr a larnilymemhcr ol'support, any rerrraining sources m u s tindicate widr itrstt'uctions to to thc o t spouse As suclr, clerk is direoted retumtheIFP ripplictrtion counscl curploymenl arrdsalary' regaldingPlaintifl.sltusband's t o providemotc specilicinfbnrration 30' to P l a i n t i l Tis ciirectcd lilc lier amcndedIFP applicationnn or lrelirtc Septetnber 2010will hecome S h o u l dPlaintiff fail trr comply within thc requitcdperiodof tinrc. her oompltrint to s u b j e c tto surmnarydismissal fbr lailr.rre ohcy a c()urtol'der2010. day of SeFtcmber I T IS SO Oltl)llRED this 16'h f]EIILNDAN'I' 'u*'ur$'B|{ffCr%0nI'E. FT].S.nR. MARSCHI-,WSKI fJAI!,lUS* its MACISTRATHJL]DfiIJ H sFP 6 20t0 | C H BB.JOfiNSO,I, IS CLEBK AO72A (R6v.8/82) Ff DEPIIffCLERK

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