United States of America v. Hunter

Filing 4

CONSENT JUDGMENT in favor of United States of America against Jane E. Hunter in the amount of $22581.00 with court costs in the amount of $370.00 and interest at the rate of.18% per annum until paid. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on May 18, 2011. (sh)

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I IN 'IHEUNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT ARKANSAS OF toRl sMIlHDtvlslo. I]NII'F,DSTATES AMERICAOF vs. c\\tE No /l- 2a1tl JAIiF ! HTI}ITER, CONSENTJUDCMENT PhinlilJl rhe UDiled Slales of Anerico" havine fil€d ils CoDplainl heEir, dd rhc delind!trl. hrving consented rle naking dd cnrryoflhh Judgncnt without rial, heieb) igree !s b I Thh Coud hls juftdiction orcr dr subjccl nalter ol $h higalion dd oler ill lranleslhereto. The Conplainl filed hercin slalcsa claim upon $hich reliel crn b€ ganted I T \ e d e t e n d a i r h e r b , . \ n o v l . d g , s d " . . r r r . e ' ! \ ( u r r h ( . u n , p a . r rr i ( J a s 3 The defendant hereby aCrccs the entryol ludgDentin the sm of $22.581.00 lo pi..ipl lndposljudsnenlinreEslatdElcsalrarcnon$cdareorexccurionoirbisConsenr.ruds- mcnl unlil paid in tull Delendmr lgFes 10nake nonthl,v palmcntsin an anounl appD\ed by rhe U s AuomeysOtice, unlil thedebrispaidinfull. 4. t hh Co.scnt Judgnent sh!l| be Ecordedmons thc rccods ol thc ctcun C.un in lhc countv aficsidence .l lhe del!ftlm! md all olher jurisdictions wheie n is deremlned by tbe unircdshtcsfiat rncdelhdlnr.sns Fal or pesonal propcn!. 5. Tlre defendml slall keep rhe Uniled Siarcscurcndt inf.rncd in sdline ol any siluatior abilitl lo pay.andolant chdge in herentlotnenl, or marerial chanse herfinancial in to olcsidcncc oi r.l.phonenunber. Delendlnlshlll proridesuchidfonnalion theUDited Flacc Srdes Atiomey. FimncialLilisalionUnit,P. O llox 1j24, rortsnith, Arkansas?2902 I evi of 6. The def.nrtlnr shal !rur ide rhe lini ted Stale $ ilh cunen! accurale dence her s asseh,nrconemdexpendituEs(includine.butnotlinilcdio,hsFcdcnlinconctaxicfurns)rithin A nficen ( I 5) dats of thc dalc of a reluesl lir suchevidence the Linited SLares Ltoney by t. fhc Unncd srales rill sLrbnir ihis debl 1o rne Depanmenroi ihe Trasuq for nrclusionin lhe TEdury Oiliet pDgrsr. Underthis pngrm, m,vfedcral payncnl JancLi.Hunicf \ould nomally Fceive ney b€ ofset md appliedb rhG debl. ORIIERED, ADJtIDGED DECREED $e pUinlill reoover bd thal I f lS LHIREIORE, po$ andha\ejudgnenraglinstthc deilndmt Jae E.llunler, in rhemount of$22,581.00,lvith on n,i... r. leg de"r ,lx"/or{.t rn.w ..i)8r \. s.... ' ac (t i.,n p!6unt b 28 U.SC. $$ dar ofj udgnemundlj udgfre.L paidln lirll, ud $150.00 G filing fees L'BERI D I S I R ] C C OURT.IUDCE T USDISTRICT COURT WESI€R,\ DISTARKANSAS FILM l,|AYE201r I (srs R. rort{so\ osr' P.O. Box 1524 419,74) 5125 c

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