United States of America v. Waggoner

Filing 3

CONSENT JUDGMENT in the amount of $10,432.00 and interest at the rate of.11% per annum until paid in full and $350.00 filing fees pursuant to 28:1920 & 2412, and $20.00 docket fees pursuant to 28:1923 and costs of this suit. Signed by Honorable P. K. Holmes, III on November 22, 2011. (rw)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICTCOURT WESTERN DISTzuCT ARKANSAS OF FORTSMITHDIVISION UNITED STATESOF AMERICA. Plaintiff, crvrlNo. zzzv /l- VS. TIMOTHYD. WAGGONER, Defendant. CONSENT JUDGMENT Plaintiff, the United Statesof America,having filed its Complaintherein,and the defendant, havingconsented themakingandentryof this Judgment to withouttrial, hereby agree as follows: l. This Court hasjurisdiction over the subjectmatter of this litigation and over all partiesthereto. The Complaint filed herein statesa claim upon which relief can be granted. 2. The defendant hereby acknowledgesand accepts service of the Complaint filed herein. 3. The defendant hereby agrees the entryof Judgment the sumof $I 0,432.00 to in principalandpostjudgment interest thelegalratefromthedateof execution at ofthis Consent Judgmentuntil paidin full. Defendant agrees makemonthlypayments anamount to in approved the by U. S. Attorney's Office,until the debtis paid in full. 4. This Consent Judgment shallbe recorded among records the Circuit Courtin the of the countyof residence the defendant, all otherjurisdictionswhereit is determined the of and by property. UnitedStates the defendant that ownsrealor personal 5. The defendant shall keepthe United States currentlyinformed in writing of any materialchange his financialsituationor ability to pay,and of any change his employment, in in placeof residence telephone or number.Defendant shallprovidesuchinformation theUnited to Attorney, States Financial LitigationUnit, P. O. Box 1524, Fort Smith,Arkansas 7Z}QZ. 6. Thedefendant provide UnitedStates shall the with current, accurate evidence ofhis income expenditures assets, and (including, notlimitedto,hisFederal but income returns) tax within fifteen(15)daysof thedateof a request suchevidence theUnitedStates for by Attomey. 7. The United Stateswill submit this debt to the Department the Treasury of for inclusion the Treasury in Offsetprogram.Underthis program, federal any payment TimothyD. waggoner wouldnormally receive maybeoffsetandapplied thisdebt. to IT IS THEREFOR-E, ORDERED, ADJUDGED DECREED theplaintiffrecover and that judgment andhave against defendant the Timothy Waggoner, theamount $10,432.00, post in of with judgmentinterestatthelegalrateof Q.\[ percentpursuantto28U.S.C. l96l(a) from Section dateofjudgment untiljudgment paidin full, and$350.00 is filing feespursuant 28 U.S.C.$$ to 1920 2412;and$20.00 and pursuant 28 U.S.C.$ 1923, costs this suit. docket fees to and of I It-l*t ' l-ott V{,4#^,* ql Date U. S.DISTRICT COURT JUDGE

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