United States of America v. Matthew

Filing 3

CONSENT JUDGMENT as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on April 25, 2012. (lw)

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-t' +;' -' IN THE LINITEDSTATESDISTRICTCOURT WESTERN DISTRICTOF ARKANSAS FORTSMITH DIVISION TINITEDSTATESOF AMHRICA. PLAINTIFF. vs. c i v i r N o2 - ? . O 7 6 / . STEPHEN MATTHEW, M. DEFENDANT. CONSENT JUDGMHNT Plaintiff, the United Statesof Amerisa,having filed its Complaintherein,and the defendant, havingconsented themakingandentryof thisJudgment to withouttrial, hereby agree as follows: l. This Court hasjurisdictionoverthe subject matterof this litigationandover all parties thereto.The Complaint filed herein states claimuponwhichreliefcanbe granted. a jurisdictionoverthe defendant 2. The Courthaspersonal who hasreceived copyof a the complaintin this action. 3. The defendant hereby agrees the entryof Judgment the sum of $10,655.00 to in principal $12,894.05 and interest atotal of $23,549.05, interest therateof $2.33 day for plus at per fromAugustI1,201l, untildate thisjudgment; sumof $26,665.49 of the principal $27,935.51 and i n t e r e s t f o ra to ta l o f$ 5 4 ,6 0 1p l u sinter estatther ateof$5.84per dayfr omAugus tl 7,20l l , .0 0 , until dateof thisjudgrnent; thesumof $21,607.72 and principal $18,732.86 and interest, atotal for plus of $40,340.58, interest accruing therateof $2.02per dayfrom August17,201l, rurtildate at t l + i of this judgment; and postjudgment interest at the legal rate from the date of execution of this Consent Judgment until paid in full. Defendant agreesto make monthly puy**nt, in an amount approvedbytheU'S.Attomey,soffice,rrntilthedebtispaidinfull. 4. This ConsentJudgmentshall be recordedamongthe recordsof the Circuit Court in the county of residenceof the defendant,and all other jurisdictions where it is determinedby the UnitedStatesthatthedefendantownsrealorpersonalproperty' 5. The defendant shall keep the United Statesaurrently informed in writing of *y material change in his financial situation or ability to pay, and of any changein his employment, place of residenceor telephonenumber. Defendant shall provide such information to the United StatesAttomey, FinancialLitigation Unit,414 ParkerAvenue, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901. 6. The defendantshall provide the United Stateswith cument,accurateevidenceof his assets, incomeandexpenditures (including,but not limited to, his Federalincometax returns)within fifteen (15) days of the date of a requestfor such evidenceby the United StatesAttomey. 7. The United States will submit this debt to the Department of the Treasury for inclusion in the Treasury Offset program. Under this program, any federal payment StephenM. Matthew would normally receive may be offset and applied to this debt. 8. The defendantacknowledgesthat the undersignedAssistantUnited StatesAttorney represents United Statesand that its interestsare adversarialto those of the defendant. Further, the the defendzurt acknowledgeshe has voluntarily agreedto the entry of this consentjudgment and has chosento do so without retaining counsel. IT IS THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADruDGED andDECREED that theplaintiffrecover and havejudgment againstthe defendantStephen Matthew, in the amountsof $23,549.05 M. with interest attherateof$2.33perdayfrom August17,201l, untilthe dateofthis judgment;$54,601.00 ,t' * : ' with interest therateof $5.84 dayfrom August17,201l, until thedateof thisjudgment; at per and $40,340.58 with interest the rateof $2.02per dayfrom August17,201l, until the dateof this at judgment, with postjudgmentinterest the legalrateof 0. /8 at percent pursuant 28 U.S.C. to Sectionl96l(a) from dateof judgmentuntil judgmentis paid in full, and$350.00 filing fees pursuzurt 28 U.S.C- l9l4(a); and$20.00 to g docket pursuant 28 U.S.C. 1923, costs fees to and $ of this suit. q-LK.-)r(rDate U. S. DISTRICT COURTJUDGE Approved: A:(4,* Deborah Groom Assistant S. Attorney U. Arkansas No. 80054 Bar 414Parker Avenue Fort Smith, AR 72901 479-783-5r25 4316 South25th Street Fort Smith, AR 72901-7615 US DISTRICT COURT DI WBSTERN ST ARI(AI.ISAS FILED 2 APR 5 2012 C$IS R. JOHNSON, Clerk Iry DepuryCXelt

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