United States of America v. Myers

Filing 3

CONSENT JUDGMENT in favor of United States of America against Kathleen R. Myers in the amount of $21,600.00, interest at the rate of.18% per annum until paid in full, $350.00 filing fees and $20.00 docket fees. Signed by Honorable P. K. Holmes, III on June 18, 2012. (lw)

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1.. ! IN THELINITEDSTATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTzuCT ARKANSAS OF FORT SMITHDIVISION LINITEDSTATESOF AMERICA, Plaintifl crvrlNo l)-" VS. l3l KATHLEEN R. MYERS, Defendant. CONSENT JUDGMENT Plaintiff, the United Statesof America,having filed its Complaintherein,and the havingconsented themakingandentryof thisJudgment defendant, to withouttrial, hereby as agree follows: 1 . This Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter of this litigation and over all parties thereto.The Complaint filed herein statesa claim upon which relief can be granted. The defendanthereby acknowledgesand accepts service of the Complaint filed herein. 3. The defendantherebyagreesto the entry of Judgmentin the sum of $21,600.00 principal andpostjudgmentinterestat the legal rate from the dateof executionofthis ConsentJudgment until paid in full. Defendantagreesto make monthly paymentsin an amount approvedby the U. S. Attomey's Office, until the debt is paid in full. 4. This ConsentJudgmentshall be recordedamong the recordsof the Circuit Court in the county of residenceof the defendant,and all other jurisdictions where it is determinedby the United Statesthat the defendantowns real or personalproperty. 5. The defendantshall keep the United Statescurrently informed in writing of any materialchangein her financial situationor ability to pay, and of any changein her employment, place of residence telephonenumber. Defendantshall provide such information to the United or Attorney, FinancialLitigation Unit, 414 ParkerAvenue,Fort Smith, Arkansas72901. States 6. The defendant shallprovidethe United States with current,accurate evidence her of (including,but not limited to, her Federal assets, incomeandexpenditures incometax returns)within fifteen ( I 5) daysof the dateof a requestfor suchevidenceby the United States Attorney. 7. The United States will submit this debt to the Department of the Treasury for inclusion in the TreasuryOffset program. Under this program,any federalpaymentthe defendant would normally receivemay be offset and appliedto this debt. IT IS THEREFORE,ORDERED,ADJUDGED andDECREEDthattheplaintiff recover andhavejudgmentagainst defendant the KathleenR. Myers,in the amountof $21,600.00, with post judgment interestat the legal rateof 0 . ( t[. percentpursuant 28 U.S.C. Section1961 from (a) to dateofjudgment until judgmentis paid in full, and $350.00filing feespursuant 28 U.S.C.$$ to 1920and2412;and $20.00docketfeespursuant 28 U.S.C.$ 1923,and costsof this suit. to (-c C- 2ortDate tr P, 7h^.*-"^ HONORABLE K. HOLMES, P. III CHIEFU. S. DISTRICT COURTJUDGE US DISTRICT COURT DIST ARKANSAS WESTERN FILED I JUN I 2012 CHUSR. JOHNSON, Clerk by Deputy(l€* Approved: n / l A Vr,^-;/F+"--u.t^ D""td R-F."gm* Assistant S. Attorney U. Arkansas No. 85052 Bar P. O. Box 1524 Fon Smith,AR 72902 479-783-5t25 I Jack Schisler ssistantFederalPublic Defender Attorneyfor Kathleen Meyers R. 3739Steele Blvd.,Suite 280 Favetteville. 72701 AR _--=

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