McFarland v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 2

ORDER that the complaint should be provisionally filed prior to a determination regarding plaintiff's status as a pauper and directing the clerk to file the complaint nunc pro tunc as of 12/04/08. Plaintiff's IFP application will be returne d without filing because application requires further clarification. Accordingly, plaintiff is directed to file an amended application on or before 12/22/08. Further service shall not issue in this matter until a completed IFP application has been returned to the court. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on December 8, 2008. (lw)

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IN THE IJNITEDST'ATES DI$'IRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT ARKANSAS OF I { AR R I SO NDIVISION KurruV. McFanla,uo ","^". -,ftb-7 ,, Ofr ORDER PLAINTII.I' M r c H A l j L AsrRLrD, J. CoMMts$roNER S o c r , l t .SucuRnv ADMrNrsfl{ATroN DEFENI)ANT P l a i n ti l Thas submitted complaintfor filing in this district,together a with a rcquest for leave proceed to paupeni, We find thecomplaint in.forma shouldbe provisionally filed prior to plaintiffs status a pauper, UnitedStates a deterffination rcgarding as The DistrictClcrk is hereby direc tc d file the complaintnttncpro /rrncasof IJecember 2008. to 4, P l a i n ti ffs in forma pauperisapplicationwill be retumedwithout filing because the application requires furthetolarification.On hisapplication, plaintifflistshiswifb asa dependent, that hut statcs hedoesflot oontribute hersupport.Because plaintiffis manied,he is requiretl to to inclu d e wife'semployfllent eamings his and intbrmation his application. on plaintiff Accordingly, ishcreby directed Iile anamended to application or before on Dccember 2008. Should plaintiff ?2, fail to complywithin therequired pedodof time,hercomplaint will become subjcct surnmsry to dismi s s albr failureto obeya couftorder. l Service shrll not issue this mrttcr until a completedlnforma paapenb in applicetlon has becnreturnedto the court, I T ' I S SOORDERED 8thdayof Dccemher this 2008. ns+hfi,r oEc 0I20ffi $tBts J0tilsq{,q-ERK R Rf i*_r:' -{Jj DEPUIYfl."BK . JAMESR. MARSCHEWSKI MACISTRATE JTJDGE STATES

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