Dupont et al v. Fred's Stores of Arkansas, Inc. et al

Filing 23

AGREED PROTECTIVE ORDER as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on April 29, 2010. (lw)

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'1 4-RTD D o c u m e n22-1 Filed04/28/10 Page of 2 t Case3:09-cv-0301 DISTR]CT COURT IN TI{E UNITEDSTATES OF WE S T E RDISTRICT ARKA}ISAS N DIVISION HARRTSON DUPONT ANd PAULADUPONT JAMES PLAINTIFFS N O .3:09-cv-03014 INC, OF STORES TENNESSEE, FRED'S fEgIE qITYUSBDEB AGREED Upongoodcauseshownandbyagreementoftheparries,throughcounsel,the videos, hHndbool(s' records, personnel records, ordrs thdt any colrrpany court herewlth in produced discovery thisCivil in policy manuals otherdocuments or tlEidngmaterials, (collettively-'tie records") from therein, of Action ,includingexcerptB or coDPilations to shallbesubject thefollowingrestictions; (a)'[herccordsofanycopiesoftherecordsshallnotbeoirculatedtoany and the person otherthancounsel, parties, thcCourt' (b) to of The conrents the rccordssbsll not be disclosed any personothcrthan as and couruel,the parties, theCoult exceptfor expertwitnesses dosigrrated b YthePanies. (c) (d) litigation' ofthe instant only for purposes shnltbeused Therecords or of At thc termination this Civil Action,includingall appcals' uponthe htving beentaken' with no aPpeal of e x p i rfl ti o n thc time periodfor aPpeal anyrecordsfumishedbyeitherDefendantanda|lcopiesthereofinthc for shall be rctumedto coungel counsel partics or p o s s e s s l oof opposing n DEFENDA}I'I' P a g eI of? Case 3:09-cv-0301 4-RTD D o c u m e n t 22-1 F i l e d04/28/10 Paoe2 of 2 l h c rtspectivr: Ilcl'r:trdarrto l drstrrrl'cd rvith rvritlun os iflc iotr OT Dcf'endatrt. bcing providc<l ( ) counstlfbr tlrc n:spcctivu l dostructi0rl tt',;, r, S (ortl)r1nlirr. -r flHil\AuyAP|I 201 0, { A g r c c t lunrl yEU .TERN COURT SS,DISTHICT DFrTfl?T AHrnNSAf 2 APB rl t0l0 0 H BR.Joft cLrRK t s s0t{, tr=[*.. wi ffirrrycr*K P a g c rtl l I

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