Mellon v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 3

ORDER re 1 Complaint filed by Ricky E. Mellon, the Clerk is directed to provisionally file the complaint prior to a determination regarding plaintiff's status as a pauper, and file complaint nunc pro tunc as of 2/18/10. The Clerk is directed t o return the IFP application without filing, plaintiff failed to answer question three. Plaintiff is directed to file amended application on or before 3/8/10, failure to comply within the required period of time, complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey a court order. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on February 19, 2010. (lw)

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I N THE UNI'IUDS'IATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICI' ARKANSAS O}' DIVISION IIARRISON R I C K Y E. MELLoN PLAINTIFF v. Commissioncr M r C H A F l l . AsrRtJE, J. S O ( : I I I , SIiI:tIIIIIY ADMINISTRATION c i " l r,ro. -J014 l0 DEFE]'IDANT ORDER with a request for fot a P l a i n titI'has suhnrilted complaint filing in this district,together filed prior to shouldbc provisionally Ieave proceed to inJbrmapuulteri,r.We find thecomplaint plaintiff s status a pauper. UnitedStates f)isttict Cletk is hcrcby as The a dctcrmination regarding nukc d i r e c t e d file thecoLrrplaint pro /lnc asof tebruary18,2010. to the P l a i n ti ffs in forma pauperisapplicationwill be retumedwithout liling because question tluee. is applic a ti o n incomplctc.Plaitttifffailcdto answer to with [o A s such,the clerk is directetl retun the odginalapplication plaintiffs corursel clarification. Plaintiff is herebydirectedto file this to direc ti o n s providc thc aforcmcntioned amended applicationou or lrefbreMarch 8, 2010. Shouldplaintiff fail to complywithin the for period dismissal failurcto obcy will subj tcquired oftime, hercomplainl beoome eotto summary a courtordcr. S e rv i c eshall not issuein this matter until u complctcdin forma pauperir npplication hasbeenreturned to the court. this 2010. L l ' 1 5SOORDDRED the l9th davofFebruarv iESTE AR I rGNsAf RN DFilEJT FEB 2 20lU 2 ctEBK c H R tR. EJoilltsfi{. COURT U .S,DISTBICT WSKI MACISTRATEJUD{IE H I EI ' UNITEDSTATES Ff AO72A ( R s v .8/821 ol-rnK DEPuTY

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