United States of America v. Hicks et al

Filing 5

STIPULATED JUDGMENT OF PERMANENT INJUNCTION AGAINST WAYNE HICKS, as set forth. Signed by Honorable Jimm Larry Hendren on April 9, 2010. (lw)

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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT fOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS UNlTEOSTATES OF AMERICA, Plaintitr, ) ) ) ". WAYNE HICKS, individually, WI AMERICANS FOR LAWFUL I'lNANCIAL INOEPENDENCE d FREEDOM ("'ALFllj; AND MY ICiS. INC. OefendanlS. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Cue No. r () .. 30~ ) ) STIPUUIt:D J UDGM&rIT Of tERMAN&,.". INJU!'i'cnON AGAINST WAYNE IIICKS Oefcndtm waives !he muy of findings of fad: and mndusiona of Ilw unda" Rules S2 and 65 of!he Federal Rille. of Civil p,(IOlllfure. Defmdtnt UDdmtlnds lbIt this Stipulated Judgment of Permanent ['lillllCl:ion oonstilulcs the fiMl judgment in Ibis maner, tnd waives Illy ancI all right 10 Iile In tppet.lllvm this DeferldNll consentI to the COlli')' of this Stipulated Judgmmt of Permanent l'liundion qrca lbIt !he Coun will retain jltrildietion over this llIIlter for the P"'J'O$C ofimp1ementilll and enfofeina IhiI inj..-tion, ancIlllldemandslMI if he vioilles this injllllClion, he may be found 10 be in oonlempl of OOIll'l tnd may be lIIldioned Of imprisoned. The puties -vee thai entry of dUs erman . t 'nj tion nei er p ludHI th Intern) Revenue enrice &om.llS$ ing u Cod 'fIR ") 0 penalli pre lu r d e dane ' nJi co ' t any RD mmBY 0 ' , '. WJl~vrtl'l ,purn t to 26, UC. '. 7 2: and '7408 ilial defcmdBn' Hi. t dIbI ALFD. and his representati c s t t o m e ) ' S , tors anyone in activewnoert orpwt~cl . 00 w"thhiJn ate PERl\1lANl~NTI ~. from dir ty Of indirectly; Organizing,' motiR muketig, r Uin ,any plan 'or ammgemm tema! roue I w' ,or at 'vis or ISsis paye to altern ass~~ni1tnt WI,wful y ined ding e br bing undlo fin cnit ling, promotin& or opera . g .d I ng of P Ymi dtheir fin j,1I &om ' lot al hjed: to malty under 6 U. 2. Engaging in any 0 Ulcillmng 'OI' 6700 eDt oom~fitb,Y 1C ga p 'an ,or MTBngemel1l and m . reguJl'ding t h e excludability o r i n C O I n or ecm:ing o f M y o partic~patiDS in lhe pJoo that efendlm~ knows Or has to !y En n 'EO 0 is DJse or en _' ma ' . and t dlat . ,3. EDgin ~. an 0 co 'il' ,bj t. to patty d me t 'w Reen c Code or mat i n :em 0' with the proper administmtion and m f o . .- en, the internal1 revenue I FUllTDI.ER ORll)E~lED lh this injunction and ' U', ed to: ~ un - s -j , 1. rdain juri d clio enforce thi 'to.r d (l'ant" may e n . e eli co-- t o mo compliance .ih Chi inj c . - n, sen~ da to: < M hI 0657 1@PJl$dcj. ov o ORDERED lhis 8' y0 ~ .-'2010. -3- 2J ,02

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