Brown v. Arkansas Department of Human Services et al

Filing 12

ORDER; directing clerk to make the following documents available to court staff and party participants only; 8 Amended Complaint, 2 Affidavit, and 3 Complaint filed by Timothy W Brown. Further Plaintiff is advised that all future filings must conform to FED. R. CIV P. 5.2. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on May 26, 2010. (lw)

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(]()IJRT I N THE LiNTTED IJISTR]CT STATES WU S 'II R N DIS'I'RII]'I OF ARKANSAS HARRISON DTVISION T I M O T H Y W . BROWN PI.AINTIFF C i v i lNo.l0-3027 A R K A N S A S DEPAR'IMENI' O}. I I U M A N SF.RVICES, al. et f)EFENDANl. ORDER lor On March24,2010, TimothyW. Brown("Plaintiff') subrnitted conrplaint filing in a pat'qtt'is'.(I)oos.# l-3). Suhscqucntly, tlrisdistricttogcthcr with a motionto proceed lrr./ornrrr corrrplaint April 22,201 (Doc.# 8). In lrothhis original rrn 0. P l a i n t i f fsuhmitted anrended arr of in.fbrmu andamended cornplaints well ashis al'lidavitin support thc tnotiotrto proceed as (Docs. pttupcris, I'ened his minorchildrcn thcirfull names clates to by and ol'hir-th. Plainti{['re # 2-3. ). B certaintypcsofsensitiveinfirrtrationl?trnt F c d c r a Rule of (livil Prooedure restdcts l 5.2 heingincludcdinpaperoreleotronicoourtlilirrgs.'['his"sensitiveinformation"inc]udessocial children. andfinancialaccount uumbers.Fno R security numbers, birth dates, names I'nrinr)t o C r v . P. 5.2(a). Narrresof minor childrcn should be redactedto tlre mifl()t's initials. .1d, A d d i t i o n a l l y .datesof birth shouldlre linrited to tho birth yoar. .ft/ Accordingly,the cletk is thc to to d i y e o t e d rcstrict acccss the followiug doounrents: aftldavit in suppotl of Pltintill's and complaint.(Docs.# 2-3, paupens,theoorrtplairlt, thc amcnded r n o t i t r rto procccdin.forma r 8 ) . Thesedocumentsshould be made availahlcto court stafl and party palticipantsonly. AO72A ( R e v - 8/82) ttr that all futurefilings rnustcotrfornr FED.R. Clv P' 5 2' P l n i n t i l I ' i sadvised this 26'r'day ol'May 2010. I T IS s0 OR-DERFD mslensruDJp'{Htfr"n"nf#hsnr q.fRK cHBlR. 6 J0+ll{soN, .,*$ I :ntlll-s R. MARSLIHLwSKI .IIJIJCT ]HI.LII U,S,MA(JIS'I'R,A.TE MA?7 2010 Y ffiIIYc'sK El -2- AO72A (Rev.8/82)

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