Carmichael v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 3

ORDER re 1 Complaint filed by Donna Ann Carmichael, directing clerk to file provisionally nunc pro tunc as of 5/10/10. Further returning the Plaintiff's IFP application without filing, amended IFP application to be filed on or before 5/25/10. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on May 11, 2010. (lw)

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I N THE I.]NITED STATF,S I]ISTRICT C(}IJRT W T S ' I B R N DIS'IRICT' OT ARKANSAS H A R R I S O N DIVIS]ON D O N N A ANN L]ARMIL]HATL PI,AIN'I'IF'T.' crvr.No. lb-go4A M I ( l H A . l - i L J. ASTRUI,, (lontnt tsstoner SociaJ Secrui AdrninisLrirtion tv DEFENDANT ORI}ER for with a request for together has a P l a i n t i f f submitted complaint filing in thisdistrict, filcd puu1tet'fu. find thatthecomplaint Wc shoulcl ptovisionally be in.fbrma l c a v e proceed to ditected Plainti sLittus an indigcnt.TheClerkis hereby I1's as priorto a dctcnnination regarrling nuncpro func'ir.s ol'May 10.2010. t t l file thccotnplaint P l a i n ti fl 's in Jonw pauperis applicationwill be returnedwithout filing' In her Plaintilldoes that supports minorchild. However, one Plaintifl'statcd hcrhusband application, is theclerk directed employrncnt hiswages. such, or As ofher hrrsbarrd's n o tspccifu nature the to to with directions providcmore specilicinlirnuatitrn t o relunrthe application counsel Plaintiffis hereby directed file hcr atnctrded trl husbuntl's employment. PlaintilTs regarding period withinthcrcquired Should Plaintiff to corrrply lail May25,201(]. r r p p l i c a t i o n or lrelbre on for will subiect sumnrary to disrnissal failureto olreya court o f tine, her cornplaint becorne order. thiS I T IS SOORDEI{I.,I) 1 l ' ' 'dayof Mav2010..----* -- . LYTV?,,,n':,c. res#ef,r-rDdpjff1fnN-,JAMNSR, MARSCHF,WSKI rileivsns HO MAI | 20t0 Y cHfls Jftrilstri, R. 0IRt( Ff ffiIIYE.Sl( AO72A (Rev,8/82) .IIJD(IL C I I I E FU.S.MAGTSTRAI'F,

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