Craig-Britton v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 3

ORDER re 1 Complaint, filed by Mary A. Craig-Britton; directing clerk to provisionally file complaint nunc pro tunc as of 5/18/10 and return application in forma pauperis without filing. The Plaintiff is hereby directed to file her amended application on or before 6/2/10. Should Plaintiff fail to comply within the required period of time, her complaint will become subject to summary dismissal for failure to obey a court order. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on May 19, 2010. (lw)

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IN TIIE LINITEDSTATESDISTRICTCOURT ()F WESTERN DISTRIL]T ARKANSAS HARRISON DIVISTON MARY A. CRAIG-BRITTON PLAINTIFF crvll.No. 3041 /0_ M I C I I A I L J. ASTRUI,.Contmrsstoner Adrninistration S o c i aSecuritv l ORI}ER with ir teclucst f'or P l a i u tiIi'hassubnritted complainttitr Iilirrgin this tlistritt, togethdt a liled leaveto proceed fbrma puuptris, We lintl that tlreconiplaintshoultlbe provisitrnally in DF,FENDANT pdortoadctcrminationrcgardingPlaintift-sstatusasanindigent.'IheClerkisherelrydirecte pt't) to file tlrecomplaintnunr; /ratcasol May 1lt, 20| 0. applicationwill bc rcturncd without filing. In her P l a i n ti tl -s in .formuTtauyter,is PlaintifTdocs not Frirtlrernrt)re, to two lasl application, Plaintiffrefers herselfby sepalate narnes. kr with As thc to tlre her s p e c i l y mitital status. such, clcrkis directed retuln application ctrunsr:l and and morespccificinformation rcgarding PlaintilTsname traritalslatu$" directi o n s provide to to and Plrrintifl'is hcrcby dircctcd filehertrnrended ernployrrrent salarv. i f m a n ' i e d , husband's her pcriod 2,2010.Should Plaintifi'fail cornply to withinthereqrrircd a p p l i c a t i oonor hcforc.lunc n f'or subjeot $uflrftarydismissal failureto olreytl court to of timc, her complaintwill beconre ordcr. this day I T IS SOORDFIRHII 19"' of "*#if,'tflffffiftYflfrsnr | MAY$ 2010 CHH8.JOHIlSfli, IS CTEHK Ff I I O N ,JAMESR. MAR$CHEWSKI .IIJI)CE C I I I E FU.S,MAGIS'IRAl'F] ffiurYq,.ffil( AO7?A (Rev.8182)

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