Jones v. Social Security Administration Commissioner

Filing 5

ORDER granting 4 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis and directing complaint be filed nunc pro tunc as of 8/17/10. The plaintiff is directed to serve a copy of the complaint and this order on the defendant by certified mail, return receip t requested, as well as the US Attorney General and US Attorney for Western District/Arkansas without prepayment of fees and costs. Defendant is to answer within 60 days from date of service. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on August 26, 2010. (lw)

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J o n e s v. Social Security Administration Commissioner Doc. 5 r N TIIL LINITEIJ.1TA'1'IjS DIfiTRIL]T T]OURI WESTERN T)IS,I'RIL]T ARKANSAS OF ]IARRISON I]IVISION J A S M I N JIJN(iJONES M. PLAINTIIIII crvrr, No. 10-1079 M T C IlAl-il- J. ASTRtIE, Comrnissioner S o c i i r lSecurityAdministration DI-11;iiNDANT ORI}ER O n Arrgust 8, 2010,Plaintiffsuhnrilletl complaint tilingin thisdistrict, I a for together w i l h irrequest lcave proceed for to in.formu puuperi,s ("llrP"). (Doc.1). subsctlucntly, order irrr w a sissued dircctingthe olelk to provisiorrally thc cornplrrint prior to a dcterminal.ion file (I)oc.?). Pulsuant thsol'der, r e g a r d i nPlaintifl's g as $tirtLIS an indigcnL. to PlaintifT submitted a n amcnded application Arrgust IFP on 25,2010. (Doc.4). Afler rcvicw,it is li)undthat P l a i n t i l ' l ' irrnahle payfor thccosts commenccrnent and, s to of ol suit accordingly, {bllowing the o r d c ris cntcred: Plain[il]'s nrotion lcaveto proceed is (iRANTE|). The clcrkis direoted file for IIIP t6 t h econrplaint nrincpfti tuncasof Augr.rst 17,,2010. Additionally. courtdirects a copy the that o f t h c complaint, along with a copyofthis order. scrved Plaintiffby ccrtified bc ffail, retunl by r c c c i p t requcstetl, Dcfcndarrt, on Michacl J. Aslrue, Conimissioncr. Social Security A d m i n i s t r a t i o n , well as Eric Il. Hrrlder, LI.S.Attorncy(ir:rreral. Mark W. Wchh, as Jr.. and A s s i s t a n t Attomey. lJ.S. withoutprcpirynrentfees costs. of and f)el'endant ordcrcd answer is to w i t h i nsixty(60)daysfromthc datr ol service. f T IS SOORDL1RED 2(lhcluv Au0ust this of 2()10. /ESTEHN DrsltcJAHrfi NsA{ 61Jg Z0t0 t7 C H RR. IS JOHNSOT{, CITBK B'.' DEPIJIYOLL$( AO72A (Rev.8/821 I tnrur r-uuH U ,S,Dtu O N ..IAMES MARSCHITWSK R. I ] I I I L I I LJ,S. MAGISTRATE JUDCL

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