Fox v. Marion County Detention Center

Filing 2

ORDER re 1 Complaint Referred (42:1983) filed by Rodney A. Fox, as set forth. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on March 8, 2012. (lw)

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IN THEIINITEDSTATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT ARKANSAS OF HARRISON DIVISION RODNEY FOX A. v. PLAINTIFF civirNo. H-,-503(/ MARION COUNTY DETENTION CENTER DEFENDANT ORDER Rodney Fox, currentlyan inmateof the BooneCountyDetention A. Center, submitted has for filing in thisdistricta,prosecivil rightsactionunder U.S.C.$ 19S3.I find thecomplaint 42 should be provisionally filed prior to a determination regarding Plaintiff s status a pauperand service as of process. The united States Districtclerk is directed file the complaint. to PlaintiffhasnamedtheMarion CountyDetention Center a Defendant. as The detention center is a buildingand not subject suit under$ I 983. Plaintiffis advised to that he needs individually to name each person wantsto includeasa Defendant state he and how eachDefendant violatedhis federal constitutional rights. Rule 9.1 of the Local Rulesfor the Eastern and Western District of Arkansas providethat an incarcerated person filing anactionunder42 U.S.C.$ I 983shallusetheCourt,approved formsin filing thecomplaint. The Clerk is directedto mail Plaintiff a blank $ 1983complaint.Plaintiffis directed to fill out the form andmail the complaint backto the Courtby March 23,2012. If theplaintifffails to return complaint the form provided, case the on this will become subject summary to dismissal for failureto complywith the orderof the Court. Plaintiff failedto submitwith hiscomplaint application proceed an to informapauperis (lFp). The Clerk is directedto mail Plaintiff a blank IFP application(prisonerform). plaintiff is given until March 23r2012,to eithercomplete, sign,andreturnthe IFP application this Court for review to IFP or andfiling or paythe$350filing fee. If the Plaintifffailsto return completed application pay the the$350filing fee,thecomplaint will become subject summary to dismissal failureto obeyanorder for of the Court. Plaintiff is further advisedthat he is requiredto immediately inform the Court of any change piece of paperentitled"Notice of address.Plaintiff shall submit a changeof address a separate on to the Court of Changeof Address"and not includeany motionsor otherwiserequestrelief in this document. The notice shall containonly informationpertainingto the address change. Failureto inform the Court of an address changemay result in the dismissalof this case. IT IS SO ORDEREDtfris :faay of March 2012. N. JAMESR. MARSCHEWSKI IEF UNITEDSTATES MAGISTRATE JUDGE {:li' us DISTRIT-"| ii liT' WESTERNDIS'j" rjrli'r'.,{i\iSAS FILEi) L:./ 0 MAR$ lir;2 C,HRIS JOIINSON, R. Clerk By Ilepug Clerk

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