Hill v. American Home Products Corporation, et al

Filing 11

CONDITIONAL REMAND ORDER from Western District of Washington, MDL Panel, remanding case to Western District of Arkansas, with certified copy of docket entries and pleadings (on disk) filed in Western District of Washington Case No. 03-3780, MDL Docke t No. 1407. Parties Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Novartis Consumer Health Inc. terminated effective 5/2/05 (see attached docket sheet). Attorneys Cherie W. Blackburn and Matt Patterson terminated effective 12/23/04 and attorney Amy Yager Jenkins substituted effective 12/23/04 for American Home Products Corporation and Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories Company (see attached docket sheet). Case reopened. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 - Docket Sheet)(cap)

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Hill v. American Home Products Corporation, et al Doc. 11 Case 4:03-cv-04109-HFB Document 11 Filed 04/17/2006 Page 1 of 2 ON J l . l q ' f lIAl. E)/\NIIL I M U I . TU i5 T f iI C T L I T I Q A T I O } I ICEfrIIFIEDMUEOOPI lftfi3tilffi t-tAH? A$$0 ft t{AR 3 20ffi FILED O CLERK'S fTFICE sirke."qgsp *t'*ntfiJ+fl D : i * q/01 DOCKET NO.I4O7 BEFORETHEJUDICIAL PANEL ONMULTIDISTRICTLITIGATION rN REPHENYLPROPANOLAMTNE PRODUCTS (ppA) LrABrfrr#t.6,,i (SEEATTACHED SCHEDULE OF ACTIONS) CONDITIONAL REMAND ORDER sY tF' APR i 2006 I C l ' i 8 l S JCH60!, CLEBK B. t, ./) The transfcree court in this litigation has advisedlhe Panelthat coordinated consolidate0ffiim, or p roceedingin the actions s listedon the attached schedule assigrrcd it havcbeencompleted that to and remand ofthe actions thetransferor to courts, provided 28 U.S.C.$140?(a), appropriate. as in is IT IS THEREFOREORDEREDthat the actionslisted on the attaohed schedule remanded their be to rospective transfcror courts, IT I$ ALSO ORDERBD thatpursuant Rulc 7.6 of theRulesofProoedure to ofthe ludioiql Panel on MultidistrictLitieation,199F.R.D.42s,436_39 (?001),thehansmittal this orderto the transferee of clerk for filing strallbe stayed fiftccn daysfrom the dateof this orderandifany party filcs a Notice of Opposition with the Clcrk of the Panelwithin this fifteen-dayperiod, the staywill be continueduntil further orderof the Panel,This orderdoes become not effective until it is filed in theoflice of the Clerk for theUnited StatesDistrict Court for the WesternDiskict of Washington. IT IS FURTHERORDERED that,pursuant Rule 7.6(9), to R.P.J.P.M.L., coincidingwith theeffective and dateof this ordet, the paxties shall furnish the Clerk for the WestemDistrict of Washingtonwith a stipulaticn or dcsigrration the oontonts the rccord to be remanded fumish saidClerk all nooessary of of and copiesof any ploadings other matterfiled so asto enablesaidClerk to comply with the orderof remand. or 8 E nO F O RTHE PANEL: uARltil6 CLEBKS OFFICE JI,DICIAL PANEL OTI TIDISTBICT LITIGATIOH M i c h a e l J. Bbck C l er kof the Panel Dockets.Justia.com Case 4:03-cv-04109-HFB Document 11 Filed 04/17/2006 Page 2 of 2 SCHEDULE FOR CONDITIONAL REMAND ORI}ER D O C KET NO. 1407 IN RE PI{EFTYLPROPANOLAMINE (PPA) PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION _TRANSFEREE_ D I S T . DIV. C.A.NO, _TRANSX'EROR_ DIST. DIV. C.ANO. CASE CAPTION wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ? 2 2 2 ? 03-3780 03-3794 02-1749 02-31 04-140 03-539 04-890 04-421 03-2500 * 03-2098 * 03-36?? + 03-3623 + 03-3651 ARW ARW LAn LAW MSN MSS NYE l-ryS PAE MSS MSS MSS MSS o G@ 4 034123 2 02-887 3 01-2096 2 03-339 3 oz-r473 | 04-590 I 03-9647 2 03-2343 2 01-198 2 03-74 z 03-74 2 A3-74 corp., Phannaczuticals etal. KathieRenee ctc,v, Novsrtis Hill, Mamie C\rry v. AmericanHome ProductsCorp., et al. DeborahBrady v. Bsyer Cory., et al, RobertWeaverv. CC.ALrdusties, Inc. Eamestine Smit}. etc. v. GlaxoSmitliKline,PLC, ct al. R u d yWattsv. Bayu Corp.,ct al. DoftiflBucz Wycth v. Jo$c RonaStanton,et al. v. BayerCorp,, dt al. Frances Hall v. SmithK.line C. Beecham Corp. RicLy L. Hambrick,Sr., et al. v. Bsyer Corp., et al. CnrcyPaul Jacko4 dt al. v. Baycr Cotp., ct al. Mattie Kincaid v. BayerCorp., ct al, Wilson v. BayerCorp., et al, Rebecca t WAW cgsenunrberwss assigned after seversnce orderwas issuedin WestemDistict of Washington.

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