Bryant, et al v. Bayer Corporation

Filing 5

CONDITIONAL TRANSFER ORDER from Western District of Washington, MDL Panel, remanding case to Western District of Arkansas, with certified copy of docket entries and pleadings (on disk) filed in Western District of Washington Case No. 03-3789, MDL Docket No. 1407. Case reopened. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 - Docket Sheet)(cap)

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Bryant, et al v. Bayer Corporation Doc. 5 Case 4:03-cv-04118-HFB Document 5 Filed 03/14/2006 Page 1 of 3 JUDICIAL ANEL N P O MUI.TIDiSTBICT LTTIGATON I A CEHTIFIED COFII TRUE I F E H6 2 O O E A TS I A II L L FEBl-4 2006 JAN 6 2006 2 l'* "";iFilnnu,*i*0EIUIYJcrl^10#fi F I L E D o,iilf 'r CLEBK'S FFICE O T NO.1407 D34ilr PANEL ON MALTIDISTRICT LITIGATION IN RE PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE (FPA) PRODACTS (SEE ATTACHED SCHEDULE) CONDITIONAL REMAND OfuDER MAR4 2006 I cuv$B.,rftir6oicr.Enr -**,' prooeedingin the actions s and schcdule assigned it havebeencompleted that to listedon the attached re mand theactions thetransferor of to ooufts, provided 28 U.S.C.$1407(a), appropriate. is as in IT IS THEREITORE OR-DERED the aotionslisted on the attached tlnt schedulcbe remanded theit to re speotivtransferor e court$. to IT IS ALSO ORDERED thatpursuant Rule7.6of theRulesofProoeduro thcludieialPauelon of clerk I99 II.R.D.425,436-38(2001), ban$mittal this orderto thetransferee of the Mu ltrelistiatUtieation, for filing shallbe stayed fifleen daystiom thedateofthis orderandif anypafly files a Noticeof Opposition with the Clerkof thc Panclwithin this fifteen-day poriod, staywill bc continued until furtherorderof thc the Pa nel.This orderdoesnot beoome until it is filcd in the offrceof t}e Clerkfor thc UnitedStates elTective District of Washinqton. District Courtfor the Westem ORDERED that,pursuant Rule7.6(9),R.P.J,P.M.L., coinoiding and with theel'fective IT IS FIJRTHER to with a stipulation da teof this order, parties the shallfumishtheClerkfor thc WcstcmDistxiotof Washington o['any of ofthe recordto beremanded fumishsaidClerkall necessary o r designation the contents and copies p leadings othermatterfiled soasto cnable or saidClerkto complywith the ordetof remand. FOR TFIE PANEL; bcrdhod*tb ilruf msd, +T:*-A*,\, fi"-lL J M i c haelJ. Bcck C l er kof thc Panel fffitsffi {-lfi llr"ir I r t ; ' , ,r i Case 4:03-cv-04118-HFB Document 5'A' Filed 03/14/2006 ATTACHI4ENT Page 2 of 3 I A G E I of2 S C IIE D U L E FOR CONDITIONAL RXMA}{D ORDER D O C K E T NO, 1407 IN RE PHENYLPROPANOLAMINE (PPA)PRODUCTfi LIABILITY I,ITIGATION - - - I.RANSFEREE--D I S T . DIV, C.A.N(]. --- TRANSFEROR-. I]I$T. DTY.E.A.NO. CASE CAPTION 'laylor v. ItnyerCorp. L i k i t a F. B i l l i e Joyce Crutcher BayetCorp,,et al. v. J o h nDnvisOdom,Jr. v. BaycrCorp.,et al, D a n e l l WnyreCapelle, al. v. B{y* corp, t sl, et Bradshaw, nl. v, BayerCorp. et Christy T i m o t h yLynchv. BflyerCorp. ct P a t t yP4dgett, al. v. BayerCorp. CorP. O b i eBryant,et al. v. BAYer L i n d eKing, et al. v. BdyetCorp. Margarita Armendarez Wyeth,Inc.,et flI. v. Corp,,et Rl. Williamsv. NovartisPharmacouticflls Horman Corp, W i l s o nJ. Trfit, ir. v, lSayer P a u l a M c D o n av. BryerCoD,,et al. ld Pauline Claxtonv. Wyeth,et al. Cameron Au$ldr, v. Wyeth,Ilc. otcShirley Clarkv. BayerCorp.,et al. Jrmes McElroy,etc,v. Baycrcorp., et al. Corp.,et al. H e l c f lFipes, v. American etc, HomeProducts v. E m f t i t Paige B8yerCorp,,et al. v. CoIp.,et al. J o h n n i e Jefferson tsayer E. Debra DeanTaylorv. Bdyu Corp-,et al. Consumer IIealth,lnc., et alC i l b e n LeonCrumbley, v. Norvartis Jr. Health, lnc., et al. A l g e r o nOdellPage NovartisConsunter v. l n e zChatmsn, v. BayerCorp.,ct dl. etc. Moli$sa Ewing,et al. v, Wyeth,et al. zennrrrd, v. wyeth,Inc.,et al, etd. Joseph T e r r yl-indholmv. BaycrCorp, M a r i aHarrisv, KrogerTcias, LP, et al, P a r n e l a Crowev. BayerCorp.,ct al. L. HomeProducts Corp,,et al. A d e l i n elroster, al. v. American et Butlerv, IJayer Corp. Charlottc et Corp., al. et B i l l i eR. Jackson, al.v. lSnyer F , d d i H. Ratlifl'v. e Bayer Corp. A d e l l Brownv. BayerCorp. v. et Carolyn Palmer BaymCorp., a., A l a n Stockdale BayerCorp. v. E v o l y f lMurry,etc.v. BayerCorp. Corp. B o b b i e Quinn, al.v. Bnyer Sue ct tsrady Needharn BayerCorp, v. Florence Ingramv. IlayerCorp. Lacie Jones Bayer v. Corp. James Whitakcrv- BayerCorp.,et al. v. Sandra Thoma.s Block DrugCo.,et flI. M a r yAtrn llarvey v. Block DruBCd.,Iflc,,et al, PLC, Donegar, al.v. GlaxoSmitltKlhte, etal. et K e i t hWilliarn Taylorv. BlockDrugCo.,Inc.,et al. Tammie wAw wAw wAW wAw wAw wnw w^w wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw w^w wAw wAw wAW wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw w^w wAW wAW wAw wAw wAw w^w wAw wAw wAw wAW wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw w^w wAw wAw w^w 2 ? 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 ? ? ? 2 2 ? ? 2 2 2 2 2 ? 2 2 2 ? 2 2 2 ? 2 2 ? 2 2 ? 2 2 2 2 2 02-1509 AIN 03.366 ^LN 03"40? ALS 04-534 ARE 03-3719 ARW 03-3785 ARW 03-3786 ARW 03-3789 ARW 0?-107? cAC 03-3121 ILN 02-1720 LAE D3-34'14 MN 04-876 MN 04-87'1 MN 04-883 MoE MSN 04142 04-136? MSN 12-2571 MSS 0l-2491 MSS 04"397 MSS 04-398 MSS 04-418 MSS 04-r 167 MSS 0l-r147 MSS 03-439 NV 03-3880 NYE 04.2003 0R 03.475 rXS 04-1850 VAE 0l-1709+ LAE * 03-2087 LAM 03-204 'i Mss r 03"2252+ MSN * 03.2253 MSN {' 03.2256 MSN 0l-2106+ ALN 0l-2587,N MSN 01.2590r MsN 0l-2599+ MSN * 03-2604 MSN * 0l-2607 MSN 03-2917*ALN 03.3402*MSS * 03.3534 MSs + 03-1519 MSS r, 03-3563 MSS 2 6 r 3 4 4 4 4 2 I 2 0 0 0 4 2 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 I 3 4 I 2 3 2 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 4 4 2 Z 5 5 5 02-9E7 02-2963 02-939 04-l 03.4t08 03.4114 03-4115 03-41l8 0l-10694 03-6E79 0?,-723 03-5244 04-1037 04-1040 04-190 03-344 04-103 02498 03-470 03-1327 03-1328 03-1140 04-rE8 03-t9E 0?-586 03-?155 04-1016 02-4618 04-598 02-t7l 03.74 01'212 0?-18 0?-18 02-18 02-2954 02-?14 02-zl4 02-39 02-39 D2-39 03-302 03-18 03-124 24 03-r 03.124 Case 4:03-cv-04118-HFB Document 5 Filed 03/14/2006 Page 3 of 3 SCTIEDULE FORCONDITIONALREMAND ORDER MDI,-I407 . - - TRANSF'EREE *D I S T . DW. C.A,NO. -. TRANSTEROR.-DIST, DTV.C,A,NO. PAGE? OF 2 CASE CA}TION v. D e b r aRichardson BayerCorp.,et al. O N e a lParker Block Dtug Co,,Inc.,et al, v. O d e l lGavin,et al. v. BayerCorp.,ct al. Clrarles llannah,et al. v. BayerCorp.,et al. owcns-Hsllv. BayerCorp.,ct al. Farbara v. Courhrey Thomd$ BayerCorp,,et al. Barbara Adam,etc.v, BaycrCotp.,et al. Corp. M i n n i eSwifl v. tsayer wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAw wAW wAw 2 2 ? 2 2 2 2 2 * 03-3570 Mss 03-3574+ MSS 03-36t4* MSS 03-3617+ MSS * 03-3628 MSS + 03-3645 MSS * 03-3650 MSS 04.858+ M$N 5 5 2 ? 2 2 2 4 03-124 24 03-r 03-8? 03-E2 03-74 03-'74 03-14 03-415 + WAW casc in numbu wasassigned afterseverance DisFictof Woshittgton. orderwrrsissued Western

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