Noiel v. Jones et al

Filing 2

ORDER directing clerk to file petition, with matter of petitioner's status as a pauper to be determined at a later date; finding petitioner has failed to supply application to proceed in forma pauperis; accordingly, directing clerk to mail petitioner an application and a copy of this order, and giving petitioner 30 days to complete application and return to court for review . Signed by Judge Bobby E. Shepherd on 4/17/06. (cap)

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Noiel v. Jones et al Doc. 2 Case 4:06-cv-04031-HFB Document 2 Filed 04/20/2006 Page 1 of 1 I N THE I'NITED SIIATES DISTRICT COURT I{ESTERN DISTRXCT OF A.RIIIIIVSAS T E I { S R K A N A DIVISION , ] E F F R E Y DEWAYNENOTEJL vs. JACK JONES, Fafole A,L. LLCI{HART, and Civ11 No. 06- PETTT-IONEIt Of ficer; MARTY NODURTH RF]SPONDENTS ORDER Petitioner. a pri scner aL the Institutionaf p. Clements. Jr. for writ of Division Unit. of the Texas Texas, 28 DeFartment of .Iustice, Arkartsas, ILS.C. directed hae submitted Wiffiam AmarifLo, a petitiofl in this habeas corpus cferk under 5 2254 for: filing to fife district. The matter date. The district is hereby dF a the petition. of petitioner,s status pauper will be deterrnined aE a fater to The petitioner forma pauperis. petitioner petititnef of f i.ccr: at apprication an is the for has faiLed supply an application clerk a copy to is to proceed in Accordingly. appli.caticn, given thirty the djstricr along (30) with directed of this td rnai'l to order, and days rln which the have an author:j.zed return rErs the oRDER institution review. complete certificate and rF PETTTToNER FArrrs To collprJy wrrlr W T T H I N TIIE FEQUIRED PERIOD OF TII,S, HTS CASE A,GAINSf TIIE RESPONDEMTS W I I J I J BE DISMTSSED f,OR FAILTIRE TO PROSEEU'IE A.!ID/OR OBEY A COI'RT ORDER. IT IS SO ORDEREDhiE t 1?th daw of an|i 1 2006. wrsTUEF,!BFlfr*%"Y,['Ns^* A P R 0 2006 ? r Y C H B8.J0lNSoli IS CLERK HON. BOBBYE. HERIJ U N I T E D STATES M A G STIi,A'I'IJ,]UDGE I J DEFS{ CrEnK AO7zA ( R e v .8/82)

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