Cooper v. Menu Foods Income Fund et al

Filing 5

Attachment 19
MOTION to Stay by Menu Foods, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A-1, pp. 1-50# 2 Exhibit A-2, pp. 51-100# 3 Exhibit A-3, pp 101-117# 4 Exhibit B-1, pp 1-50# 5 Exhibit B-2, pp 51-100# 6 Exhibit B-3, pp 101-155# 7 Exhibit C-1, pp. 1-50# 8 Exhibit C-2, pp. 51-100# 9 Exhibit C-3, pp 101-150# 10 Exhibit C-4, pp 151-200# 11 Exhibit C-5, pp 201-215# 12 Exhibit D# 13 Exhibit E# 14 Exhibit F# 15 Exhibit G# 16 Exhibit H# 17 Exhibit I# 18 Exhibit J# 19 Exhibit K# 20 Exhibit L# 21 Exhibit M# 22 Exhibit N# 23 Exhibit O# 24 Exhibit P)(Comstock, Christy)

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Cooper v. Menu Foods Income Fund et al Doc. 5 Att. 19 Casse5:07-cv-05055-RTD Document 14 Filed 05/08/2007 Page 1 of 2 Ca e 4:07-cv-04036-HFB Document 5 Filed 04/27/2007 Page 1 of 2 Case5:07-cv-05055-RTD Document Paqe 1 of 2 13 FtledQ412712Q07 T IN IT E DSTATESDISTRICT COURT WE S T E R NDISTRICT OF ARI(ANSAS F A YET T EVI LLE DIVISION SCOTTAND BARBARA WIDEN. Individual l yand on behalfof all others similerly$ltufitedr Plaintiffs. vE. ) CASENO. CV 07.5055 ) ) ) ) ) I MENUFO0DS;MENUFOODSINCOME ) F U N D ; M E N U F O O D S G E N P A R L I M I T E D) ; MENU FOODSLIMITEIT PARTNERSHIP; ) MENU FOODSOPERATINGPARTNERSHIP;) MENU F0OD.cMIDWESTCORP.;MENU ) I'OODSSOUTHDAKOTA; MENU ) F OODS,INC.; MENU FOODS ) HOLDINC S ,INC.; WAL.MART ) ST OREIi ,INC. ) Dcfcndants, ) A GR E E DORDERGRANTINGI}EFENDANTS' MOT ION TO STAY ALL PROCEEDINGS T H IS MATTERhaviug comebeforc CourtuponDefendants', the MFNU FOODSINC. andMENTJ INCOMEFUND(Collcctively FOODS referred as"MENU FOODS'),Motionro to StayAll Ptoceedings, the Courthavingreviewed record, and the ofrhe parries, uponagrccment andbeing in iluly advised thepremises, is hereby it ORD E R E I)AND ADJUDGEDthatDefendants', MEMJ FOOD$,Morionto StayAll Proceedi n g s GRANTED pending lransfer is the decision thc Judicial by Panel Multidistrict on Litigationin thecrsestyled rc Pet Food Products In LiabilityLitigdtion, snd MDL No. 1850, a detennin a ti oof class n certification thetransferor by court. All partios shall,duringthepentlency of thestayof this matter,complywith their duty to preseffeflll evidence may be relevantto that this action. This duty extends documents, to electronic data,md tangiblethings in the Casse5:07-cv-05055-RTD Document 14 Filed 05/08/2007 Page 2 of 2 Ca e 4:07-cv-04036-HFB Document 5 Filed 04/27/2007 Page 2 of 2 Case5:07-cv-05055-RTD Document 13 FiledO4l?712007 Paqe2 ofZ possession, oustody and control of thc parties to this action, and arry cmployees,agents, c o n t r a c t o r $or catrierswho possess , materialsreasonably to aflticipdted the subjeotof discovery i n this action. r1p1e5srv61i6tl" be intetpreted is to broadlyto accomplish goal of maintaining the t h e integrity ofall documents, dflts flndtdngiblethingsteasonably anticipated be the subjectof to d i s c o v e r y under Fed. R, Civ. P. 26, 45 and 56(e) in lhis aclion, Preservation inoludestaking reasonable stepsto prEventthe partial of full destruction, altcration,tcsting,deletion,sluedding, i n c i n e r a t i o n , wiping, relocatiorl migration, theft, or mutation of such material, as well as n e g l i g e n tor intentionalhandlingthat would make material incomplcteor inaccessible.If the practices any party involvs the routine destruction, busitress of recycling,relocation,or mut{tion of matedals, the party must, to the extcnt practicablefor the pendencyof this order, eithcr: i) ii) iii) practices; halt suchbusiness sequester removesuchmuteriulfrom the husiness processi or or srr$ngelor the preservalion ol'cornpleleand accurak duplicates copies or o f suchmaterial,suitablefor laterdiscoveryifrequested, DONE A]\ID ORDERED iN d a y ofApril 2007. AR $rasldftgtor County, Arkansas this +'l'Jtu United States DistrictCourtJudge fumishcd: Copies Counsel Record of

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