Ward v. Cisco Systems, Inc. et al

Filing 9

SUPPLEMENT by Plaintiff John Ward, Jr to 1 Complaint. (cap)

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W a r d v. Cisco Systems, Inc. et al Doc. 9 -$,s# *Hh" Plaintiff V. S T A T EOF']'L,XAS COT INT YOF BOWIE WE S T E R N DISTRICT OF ARI{A,NSAS -- f'fr '$ffilt'dl,-^Dsr rcr "nu*[t* rR APR I 200s I 8y cHAj$B. J#/rt$gv, cLEA( rExARt(4,NADivr'ilo;" $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ oepr 0lSrnr ur N o . 08-4022 JURYTRIALDEMANDED C I S C O SYSTEMS, INC. and RICK FR-ENKEL Defendants. VERIFICATION on BEF OR nME, the undersigrred appeared JohnWard,Jt,, authority, this day personally and who beingby me duly swomon his oathdeposed saidthat l) he hasreadthc claim madethe information belief and matter;and2) to thebestofhis knowledge, subjecof the abovccaptioned t in formedafterreasonable inquiry,the olaim is well groundcd fact and is warrantod existing by modification, reversal existinglaw; 3) the or Iaw or a goodfaith argument the extension, of lbr act forming the basisfot the claim is not a privilegedcommuuiostiorr 3) the claim is not arrd purpose lbr or suchasto suppress right of free speech right to petition the asseftod any improper governmenofa person eutity ld harass, to cause t increase in or unnecessary or delayor needless the costof litiuatiofl. Jo S W O R N l ' O tsBIrOR-E ME, a Notary Public, on this I0'" day of April,2008. Dockets.Justia.com --ss WES+IEHSIJ IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRJCT COURT WE S T E R N DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS T E X A R K A N A DIVISION 3'/ 'dptfl?*tftu'o:',. ;HK STAT EOF TEXAS A P R 2008 l,l CHRISJfrINSOt.], B. CLTFK Pluintiff v. C I S C O SYSTEMS, INC. and R I C K F'RENREL Dofendants, $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ ,*0ffi- N o . 08-4022 JURYTRIAL DEMANDED VERIF'ICATION COT]NT YOF BOWTE BL,FORE Ml,, thc rurdersigned authority,on this day personally appeated NicholasH, Patton, who beingby me duly swom on his oath deposed saidthat l) he is the attomeyof and matter;and2) to the best recordandhasreadthe claim madethe subject ol'the abovecaptioned inquiry, the claim is well of his knowledge,informationand belief formed after reasonable groundedin fact and is warrantedby existing law or a good lhith argtufleflt for thc cxtcnsion, modification ,or reversalof existinglaw; 3) the act forming the basisfor the claim is not a privilegedcommunioation 4) the claim is not asserted any improperpurpose for suchas to and or or suppresthe right of fiee speech dght to petitiongovcfimcntof a person entityto harflss, s ot to causc uflfleccssarv delavor needless increase the oostoflitiuation, in \*=l.-s-"^*r+\;dffi^ *.,,,,r--.r_-ffi N ot ar yPublic Commission Expires: N i c h o l a s H. Patton AND SWORNI'O BEH O R EME, a Notary Public,on this 10"' day of SUBSCRIBED

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