Center Capital Corporation v. Fleming & Fry, Inc. et al

Filing 17

DEFAULT JUDGMENT AND TURNOVER ORDER in favor of Center Capital Corporation against Fleming & Fry, Inc., Phyllis Fry, William E Fry, II, Motions terminated: 14 MOTION for Default Judgment as to Fleming & Fry, Inc., William E. Fry, II and Phyllis Fry filed by Center Capital Corporation.. Signed by Honorable Harry F. Barnes on October 2, 2008. (cap)

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IN THE UNITEDSTATEDDISTRICT COTJRT WESTERN DISTRICT ARKANSAS OF T E} LAR KAN ADIVISION CENTER CAPITAI,CORPORATION. Connect i c uCorporation, t C a s e 4:08-cv-04069-HFB No. Plaintift', F L E M I N G FRY,INC., & anArkansas Corporation, WILLIAM E. FRY, II, a n dPHYLLISFRY,individuals, Dcfendants. D E F ' A U I , TJUDGMENT AND TURNOVERORDER 'l'his mattct comins hefore the Cout on CEN'I'ERCAPITAL CORPORATION's by f'CENT ER CAPI'I'AL') Motion for DefaultJudgment the Cllerkand Orderof Tumover.and t h i sCourt beingdulyadvised theprernises,i$ herehy it in ORDERED: 1 . T h a tjudgrnent entered is against FLEMING & FRY, INC., WII.I,IAM E. FRY, ll plus a n dPHYLLISFRY,jointly andscvcrally, thc amount in of$273,869.23, interest Tumt)ver. assetout in thc Motion for DcfaultJudgmcnt the Clerk andOlderof by 2 . F L E M I N G & FRY, INC., WILLIAM E. FRY, Il alrd PIIYLLIS FRY are heteby ord e re d surenderandtum over to CENTERCAPITAL or its agent, tbllowing to the eq u i p me nwithin live (5) tlaysol'the dateof this ordet: t O n e (l) New 2007 Milcaron Roboshot S2000i 330 Injection M o l d i n g Machinc S/N: 4I39A0l/07-33; and all standatd and c q u i p mc trtoptions, , motors, tooling,software attachnrents, antl substitutions, replacetnent a n y and all accessodes, accessions, proceeds. pnrceeds insutancc p a fts ,repluoenrents, and attaohrnents, O n c (l) AEC HoppcrDryerCombow/Loader; One(1) Robotfbt 3 3 0 Ton Machine;and all standard equiprnent, options,motors, and any and all accessories, to o l i n g , softwareand attachfients, a c c c s s i o n s , suhstitutions, replacement pafis, replacefients, attachffieflts. and nroceeds insurancc Drocceds. 3 . If FLEMING & FRY, INC., wIl.l-lAM E. FRY, ll attd PIIYLI.JS equipnrent u'ithill five (5) days.thcy nrrryhe held in IiRY fail to tLrn ovLrr aboverelerenced lhc d()rtempt directingtlie Sheriffto usc all ol'Courl. Moleover,an Ordcr of Dclivcry shallbc issued to reasonablc forcc ttoccsslrry stizc the eqrLipnrenl. hehalfof Cl-lNI IR Cn PI'ln L, and awirrd on C E N T E R CAPITAI, all attorney fees,costsand cxpcnscs incurredin retakingthe properly. day I T IS S() ORDLRIiI)this2"'r ol'October:. 2008. H U ,S.DISTHICT COUHT Y.ES ] TEBN O]STEIOT ARKANSAS FILED RY . B STA ES TRICI..IT.JIX;E O c T 2 2008 0 CLENK C H S IR.JOIINSd{, S sr DEFUTiIC].ERK Cp

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