Center Capital Corporation v. Fleming & Fry, Inc. et al

Filing 18

ORDER OF DELIVERY, directing the clerk of court to issue an Order of Replevin directed to Defendants, for property as set forth in this order. Motions terminated: 2 MOTION for Return of Property -Petition for Prejudgment Order of Delivery filed by Center Capital Corporation.. Signed by Honorable Harry F. Barnes on October 2, 2008. (cap)

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IN TI-IELINITEDSTATEDDISTRICT COURT (]F W E S ' I ' E RDISTRICT ARKANSAS N TDXARKANA DIVISION CENTE RCAPITAL CORPORATION, a Corrnecticut orporation, C IIFB Plaintif[ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Case 4:08-cv-04069No. F 'LHMIN C FRY, INC., & anArkansas Corporation. WILLIAM E. llRY, II, a n dPHYLLISIRY, individuals, Defendants. O R D E ROF'DELIVERY T h i srnattet coming before Crrurt CENTER the CAPfIn L CORPT)RATION's ofl ("CENT E RCAPITAL") Motion for DcfaultJudgment Orderof Turnover, this and and in it ORDERED: Courtbcingduly adviscd the premises, is hereby A. Thatan OrderofDclivcry is cntcrcd directing sheriffto useall the necessary scizcthc Schedule andSchedule to 0l re a s o n a b llbrce e 02 e q u i p me non behalfof CENTERCAPITAL, to wit: t O n e(1) New 2007Milcaron Roboshot S2000i 310 4139401/07-33; all Injection MoldingMauhine and SA'I: options. motors. tooling,softwarc s ttu rd a requipmeflt, d and acccssions. a tta c h me n ts , anyandall accessories, and pirrts.replacerneflts, substitutions, attachmcnts, replacemertt p ro c e e d $ insurance and procccds; Orl e(l ) AF,CHopperDrycr Combodloader; One(l) R o b o tfor 330 lon Machine; all standard and equipment, options, motors, tooling,software attaohments, any and afld a n dall accessories, accessions, substitutions, replacemerll p a rts ,tcplaccments, proceeds insurange attachrnents, and Droceeds: B. 'Ihc Lllcrkof the Courtis ordered issuean Orderof R.eplevirr to directed to Fl I)el'endants liMlNC & lrRY. lNLl..WILLIAM E. FRY. II ANI) ITIIYI,LIS IRY. I l ' I S SO ORDER-ED TIIIS 2nd davofOctobor.2008. / s / llarry tl._tsa.rnes H A R R Y F. BARNES T NITED STATES I I] DIS'I'RICI',I D(:E

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