Financial Federal Credit Inc. v. Eudy Forestry Services, Inc. et al

Filing 22

ORDER FOR DELIVERY directed to United States Marshal directing him to assist Financial Federal Credit, Inc. in obtaining possession of propery set forth in this order, with delivery to be made on or before October 30, 2008. Requirement for Bond for Delivery has been waived. Signed by Honorable Harry F. Barnes on October 23, 2008. (cap)

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DIS'I'RIC'I' COLIRT IN'IIIE L]N]TF,D SI'AI'F]S WESTF]RN I]IS'I'R]C'I' ARKANSAS OF 'I'LXARKANA DIVISION CREDI'|INC]. F I N A N C I A LFEDF,RAI, PI,AINTIFF VS. C I V I L NO, iJ$-CV-4079 h,l.JIlY FORESTRY SERVICES. INC..el al. DEFNNDANTS O R D B R F O R T,FI,IVERY . I O . T ' I I t rUNITED STATBS MAR$JHAL: orr thc O n this2J'o of Octoher',2008, day case.Richard L, comes for hcaring abovc-styled Finiurcial l'cdcral Crcdit. lnc.;Robert Depper. appeared L. R a m s aappeared thePlaintil'1, y i'or Jr, on Sctviccs, lnc.,llrian S, I,udyandAnthcnyD. Eudy. I.lpon b e h a l f Del'enclants. Forestty of Eudy presented, Courthereby tlt)crunerrts othcrcvidence lirrds: and the r e v i e w i n g lact$, the L inter pursuant t inancial at l,cderal Credit, has seoru-ily estin tlrccollatcral issuc Inc. a linirncing .k)curllcnls. t o a Security Agrccmcrlt, Promissory noteits lelate<J IL The accountis irr dr:fault. lll. IV. hrc. cntitlcd anOrdcrfor Delivery. to liinancial Fedelal Clledit, is thelel'otc 'l'hc hclowdcscribcd property believed bein thepossessiorrtlrc l)cfcndrrnt, of is to property Arknnsas. Dclivcty such A n t h o n y nudyat 933Possum D. of will HollorvIlorrd,Dierks, on Octobcr 30,2008, b emade ot hefbrc No. Caterpillar CrawlcrTractor, Serinl 9PN0l36l O n e(l ) DdRLGP Mack Truck Trtttor, SerialNo. 1M2AJ07Y46N002404 O n e(1)CIINGI32006 V. Del'endants timcly rcspondcd thc Noticeof petitionlbr Order [irr'l)eliverywlric]r to admittccl the debt hut did not waive lris rights Lo to was sr:rvcdw i t h the {lornplaint. I)elbndants (jr)nldst r c r n a i n i n g thc allcgations lhe Corlplaint. in VI. waivcd, 'l hc rcquircmcnt linancial Federal that Cledit,Inc.posta Borrdfbr Dclivcryhasbccn to P u r s u a n to Ark. LlodcAnn, $ 18-60-81 you are conrmanded irssistF-inrtncial t l'edctal 3, property. hrc.,or its authorizod rcprcscntativc, inobtainingpossession theabove ol described Credit" prcmiscs rcplcvinthc propcrty. lirrceto errter abtrvc thc to Y o u mayuseall leasonaLrle necessary and hy for T h ewaiverol the Borrdlirr security thc Courtshallbc sufficientsecurity the execution this of Order. I T IS SOORDERED, WESTERN u. s. oJpffifr'^ooiff'*^* D I . P L T YEnK F 0cT23 2008 GHRIN.JOiINStN, S CLEfiK

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