Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Valueclick, Inc.

Filing 8

CONSENT JUDGMENT and PERMANENT INJUNCTION re Wal-Mart Marks as set forth. ***Civil Case Terminated. Signed by Judge Robert T. Dawson on March 24, 2006. (mfr)

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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Valueclick, Inc. Doc. 8 Case 5:05-cv-05189-RTD Document 8 Filed 03/24/2006 Page 1 of 2 IN l'HE LT.,]lTED S'IATES DISl'f,ICT COURT ITOI{ THE. W};S'TERN DISTzuC'T ARKCNSAS OT F A \ T ' I ' l " E V I L L E IVISION D W A , I . - M A R 'STORIS. INC., Plainriff, vs. V A L U E C L I C K INC.sndvC I-COMMERCE , S O [ . U T I O N S , ., INf Defcndarts. CaseNo.05-5189 P l a i n t i f f ,Wal-MarrSror:es, (,.Wrl-Marr") lJefenrlhrsVulrrcClick, gndVC Inc. and I'c. E ' c o f l f l c r c o solutions, lnc. (collectively, "Vahreclicklarties"),in set eurent thisacrioll, the of l r a v eagrecd thc cntryof tlis coNsENT'IJD0MENT AND pii.RMANENT to INJUNCTIoN. I t is th efcrr". OF-DERED, A_DJl.JJ)fiEr.r, DECREID: nnd I. This Courthasjurisdiction cachofttre prulirjrk) thisactioflandoverthc ov s u b j r c tfiatlcr henein, Vcnuuis properin thisCourl. The Co rt furthcrhascorrtinujng j u r i s d i c t i o nto enforcc terns anrlprovisions rtrigCONSENT rhe of JUDGMIji{T F E R M A N E N TINJLT\ICTIoN, 2, WEl"Mart thc soleandexclusive is ownetof numero fnno usrradcmarks us and ANll sen,ice jllchdingbutnotlimited fheWAL-MART,SAM,S Inark$ "Wal.Mart (rhe Marks'), to c L U I l . and.A'LWAYS trfldelrulks scnicema-rks v-arious snd goods selices, s6rhe rbr arrd r.ri' w h i c harcdestibedin thefollowing validU.S.Registrations: Rcg.No. 1,2g3,019, U.S. ? , 8 9 1 , 0 0l38 l 7 , l: i 6a n d , 0 1 6 , 7 7 0 ,, 2 yl Pl-1178t08 Dockets.Justia.com Case 5:05-cv-05189-RTD i. Document 8 Filed 03/24/2006 Page 2 of 2 l'hc ValueClick Parties th*ir parcrrts. And subslrtiarics, affiliates, successors. a.rsigns, dir'tcton,agerrts, offic.ers, scwrrflt$, ployers,attorneys, all persons artive el End ih c o n c c r landparticipation with thenrarehercby pefiIalently enjoin*-d frorn (i) usingthe Wal_ M a r t lvfarks connection io with rheirbusincss, includi.Bbut not rirnited uscin erna mess*ges, td o n Internet pop-upadv*rtiserfle'ts pop-upwebpageF! o'a web sitc;(ii) usingthc wd-Man or or l u a r k sto udvertis+, pro!hotc, sell anygoo<i, or service, advertisiDg nrdrtetingprogram, or or i t r c h d i n g hutnot Iimitedto useifl fiair messages, Inteftetpop-upadvertisetncnt. on or pop-up w c bpages, oronarv':bsitc;iiii) prom6rjng;, tturs itting. seJling, displaying, adt,crrisinB or product.s, s*rviccs, adveftising fiarketilg prograrns, ury otherrltaterirrl$ iDcorporate or or Lhat or L l i s p l atheWaJ.Mar y (iv) I Marks; ildirectJy, contrihutoriJ-v, or othcnvise iulrirginganvof t[c W a l - l v l a rMarks;a d (r') indLrcing t infringcmerrt rsryc,ftheWal,MertMsrk,r. of 4. gcrviceby rtrnilrrpon Defendaats a copyof the of this CONSIENT JUDOMENT A N D FERMANENTINJUNCl'lON errtcrcd thisCourtis deern6d by suffisicnfrotic ld service thcr-cofunder RLrle oflrre Irrderar 65 Rures ofciv procedur,-. sha]r bEneccssary It Dot f o r the Dcfcndants signan_v- of acknowledgement to foru: ofservice. D a t e dftrrt t-t : t cl:onr wesleFr,?Jr%odrfirrqsns rDJ,tTfl MAR 2006 24 cflffl$R.J01 S0ti, ct"EiK DEPIJCLEiK TY -1-

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