Vitro America, Inc. v. Dixie Construction, LLC et al

Filing 418

JUDGMENT in favor of National Home Centers, Inc. against Commerce Park II, LLC, Dixie Construction, LLC, Dixie Development, Inc., Dixie Management and Investment Limited Partners, Ben Israel and Nancy Israel. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on September 3, 2008. (tg)

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COURI' IN THE IJNITED STATESDISTRIC'T WE S T E R NDISTRICTOF ARKANSAS DIVISION FAYETTEVILLE VITRO AMHRICA. INC, d/b/aBINSWANGERGLASS 150 C a s e 07-5 No. LLC; et al. DIXIE CONSTRUCTION, INC. C A M P B E L LELECTRIC, v$. PLAINTIFF DEFENDANTS COUNTER-CLAIMAN'I' ANIJ CROSS-CLAIMANT PARTY PT,AINTIFF THIRD CROSS.DEFENDANTS 'IHIRD PARTY DEFFNTJANTS LLC; et al. DIXIE CONSTRUCTION, DIXIR DEVELOPMENT, INC., et aI. CHAMBER SBANK OF NORTH ARHANSAS vs. VITRO AMERICA. INC. d/b/aBINSWANGERCLASS DIXIE MANACEMENT & INVESTMENTLIMITED PARTNE R SBEN ISRAEL; NANCY ISRAELIPRIME ; PROPERTY I}IVESTMENTS.LLCI NEXT CHAPTER PARK II, LLCi LLC; COMMERCE RESOURCES, P, MARINONI AND EI,IZABETH F. MARINONI, ,IOHN OF CO-T RUS T E E S TIIE ELIZABETH F. MARINONI u/t/d JUNE 2006REVOCABLETRUSTAGR-EIIML,NT P. 2.2006:JOI"IN MARINONI AND ELIZABETH It. OFTHE JOHNP. M A R I N O N I ,CO-TRUSTEES M A R I N O N I2006REVOCABI.,H TRUSTAGREEMENT u / V d J L T N2,2006;TOM MUCCIO;CAMPBELL E E L E C T R I CINC.;FLYNI'I& SONHARDWOOD, , INC.; andBUILTINC.; KITCHEN DISTRIBUTORS, W E L L CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAMBE R SBANK OF NORTII ARKANSAS v8. COTINTER-CLAIMANT AND CROSS-CLAIMANT TI{IR-D PARTY PLAINTIIJF' COUNTER.DEFENDANT CROSS-DEFENDANTS I ' H I R D - PAR " I ' YPLAINTIF'F TRUST, THEBENNYBERTISRAEL REVOCABLE THHNANCYKAYE ISRAEL u/t/dJIINE 17,1997; NANCY$. 1?, TRUST, n/t/dJLrNI, 199?; REVOCABLE MUCCIO,THE MUCCIO JOINT PJVOCABLE TRUST ,u/t/d AIJOUST25, 1999;TIIOMAS FAT'H; N O R I K OFATHI THOMASR. RHYNE;JOANNEW' .I.AMARA TRZECIAK; RHYNE;DAVID TMECIAK; T H R E E J A C KLLC; DON MOBLEY;CLAUDIA , LLC; MOBLEY ; M AND R INVESTMEN.I.S, SERVICES NORTIIWES'I' CONCRETE OF A R K A N S A S INC.;DAVID OLAND,d/b/aDAVID , OLAND WOODWORKING;DLINK FIRE & INC.I DON MOBLEY, d/b/aMOBLEY SECURITY, INC,; STONEPANELS,INC.; ARCHITECTS, INC.; OTIS NAT IONA L HOMH CENTERS, ELEVATORCOMPANY: IIUTCHENS C0NSTRU C T IONCOMPANY: OAKS BROTHER'S, INC,; FLOORING, I N C , ;MILLER COMMHRCIAL DAVID TIPTON.d/b/aTIPTON CONS'I'RUCTION; FEI,IX THOMSONCOMPANY; C & C INDUSTRIAL& LLC; BLEW COMMERC IA LCLEANING SERVTCES, LAND SURVEYING.INC.. d/b/atsLF,wAND OF' SUPPLY A S S O C I A I E S tNC.;METROBUILDERS , & ROGERS. INC,:AMERICANAIR CONDI'I'IONING STATESOF MHCHANIC A L .INC.; THE UNI'IED AMERICA NATIONA I. HOME CENTERS,INC. vs. CLAIMANT CROSS COLINTER CLAIMANT DEFENDANTS COUNTER BANK OF NORTH ARKANSAS, CI.IAMBERS DEFENDANTS CROSS BEN ISRAEL,NANCY ISRAEL, DIXIE MANAGEME N TAND INVESTMENT LIMITETJ PARTNE R SCOMMERCEPARK II, LLC, DIXIE , CONSTR U C T IONLLC. TJIXIEIJEVELOPMENT, , INC,, JOHNP, MARINONI AND ELIZABETFIT. OF M A R I N O N I ,CO-TRUSTEES TI{E JOHNP, MARINO N I 2006RNVOCABLETRUSTAGREEMENT OF u/t/d JUNE2, 2006,AND CO-TRUSTEES THE ELIZABE T HF. MARINONI 2006REVOCABI,ETRUST AGREEME N Tu/t/d JIINE 2, ?006,TOM MUCCIO, INVESTMENTS,I,LC, NEXT PRIMEPROPERTY, RESOI.JRCES, VITRO AMERICA, CHAP'I'ER LLC, BINSWANGERGLASS.CAMPBELL ELECTRIC, INC. d,/b/a OF INC,. CONCRETE SERVICES NORTHWESTARKANSAS, INC., DAVID OLAND d/b/ADAVID OLAND FL\T{]'& SONHARDWOOD,INC., WOODWORKING, INC.. JOHNSON MECHANICAL KITCHENDISTRIBUTORS. CONTRACTORS, INC., BUILT-WELL CONSTRUCTION TNC,,DON COMPANY ,DTINK FIRE & SECURITY, MOBLEY d/b/aMOBLEY ARCHI'IECTS,INC,. STONE PANELS,INC., OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY,HUTC}IENS INC., CONfITRLTCTION COMPANY,OAKS BROTHER'S FLOORINC,INC,, MILLER COMMERCIAL DAVID TIPTONd/biaTIP1ON CONSTRTICTION, FELIX THOMPSONCOMPANY, C&C INDUSTRIAL& LLC, BLEW LANI) COMMERC IA LCLEANING SERVICES, INC., SURVEYIN G,INC, d/b/ABI,EW AND ASSOCIATES. INC., METROBUILDERSSUPPLYOF ROGERS, & AMERICAN AIR-LCONDITIQNTNG MECHANICAL. INC., AIR UNITED STATESOF AMERICA. PROFESSIONAL xhe SYSTEMSLLC, OBERI-ENIIER,LLC d/b/aAMO ELECTRIC , COMPANY OF COMPANY, andWESCFIE SUPPLY ARKANSA S ,INC, JUDGMENT and the Bas c d upon the pleaclings, cxhibits, the evidencepresentedo the settlement of by agreemen t the partiesthathasbeenenforccd the Court,the Courthercbyfinds andrulesas follows: I. to The Court hasjurisdictionovet this ffiatterpursuant 28 U.S.C.$1332,and in jwisdictionovet theparties.Venucis alsoptopetin this Court. personam 2. The Real Fropertywhich is the subjcctof this action is locatedin Washington County, Arkansas. 3. and cxisting organized National Home Centers, Inc. ('NHC") is a corporation Washington in underthe laws of Arkansas,with its principal place of business Springdale, Countv. Arkansas. 4. Arkansas. 5. Arkansas. Courty, is B e n Israel is an individual,whosercsidence locatedin Washinglon County, is Nancy Israelis an individual,whoseresidence locatcdin Washington 6. ("Dixie Management") a is Dixie Managemcnt Investment and Liffited Partners with its Limited Partnership organizedand existingunderthe laws of the stateof Arkansas, ptinoipalplaceofbusiness Fayetteville, in Washington County,Arkansas. 7. Dixie Construction, is LLC ("Dixie Construction"), a limited liflbility sompany organized and existing under the laws of the stateof Arkansas,with its principal place of in Washington County,Arkansas. busincss Fayetteville, 8, and organized Dixie Dcvelopment, Inc. ("Dixie Development"), a corporation is existing under the laws of the state of Arkansas, with its pdncipal placc of business in County,Arkansas. Fayettevil l eWashington , 9. CommercePark II, LLC ("CommercePark") is a limited liability company organized and existing undet the laws of the stateof Arkansas,with its principalplaoe of Washington County,Arkansas. businesin Fayetteville, s 10. projectat issuein this caseis locatedat 2049 E. The commercialconstruction Fayetteville,Arkansas72703 and is commonly known and referrcdto as Joycc Eloulevard, Commerce ParkIL ll, and on behalfof Dixie On or about Apy',l 27,2000, Ben Israel,as Prcsident Developme n trequested credit accountat NHC, and in doing so, signedNHC's standard , a ('NHC Contract"). Agteement Business CreditApplicationafldIndemniry 12, NHC sct up a credit of In reliance the termsandconditions the NHC Contract, on began amounts who charging aocoun("Accouflt")for Dixie Development. alongwith its agents, t jobs. to theAccountfot its various 13. all Ben Israel personallyguaraflteed obligationson the Accountby signingthe as NHC Contract an individualguarantor. 14, NHC set up a separate'Job"underthe Accountwhich At Ben Israel'srequest, pertained the coflstruction variousimpfovements Commeroe on ParkII. of to 15. ceratin supplies, labor,which wete usedin NHC soldanddelivered materials, and ParkIL on theconstruction certainimprovements andto Commerce of 16, of DespiteNHC's full and timely performance all of its obligationsunderthe failed and rcfusedto pay in full and in a timely mannet NIIC Conuact,Dixie Development improvefireflts on and NHC's invoir;es labor,materials supplies, for whiohwereuscdto construct Commerce ParkII, in the amountof $75,673.3. | 17, Lien On May 23, 2007,NIIC gavcNoticeof its intentionto fiIe a Materialman's Dixie Development, .lohn Marinoni, Elizabeth on Commerce Park II to Dixie Construction, Madnoni,andCommerce Park. 18. Ben lsrael, Dixie Development, On or aboutMay 24,2007, Dixie Construction, Park,Elite Title andNHC executed Conditional a NancyIsracl,Dixie Management, Commerce ("LockboxAgreement"). Lien Release LockboxAgreement and 19. with to Pursuant the Lockbox Agrcementand contemporaneous its exccution, of NHC signed Waiverof Lien, on or aboutJune| , 2007,for andin considration thc payment a o f $ 3 1 , 9 0 1 .t0 1 H C . oN 20. Dixic Development, Dixie Construction, Ben Israel and Nancy Israel acknowledged agreedthat, as of the fute of thc Lockhox Agreementand without considering and Dixie Construction, Israel,and Nancy Istael arejointly and Ben its terms,Dixie Development, plus accruedintcrest,which amount severally to indebted NHC in the amoturtof fi43,772.30, represents outstanding debt owed to NHC for the labor, materials and supplies actually the provided andusedin connection to ParkII. with improvements Commerce to 21. NHC has since received r paymsnt of $10,943.08,leaving a balance of plus interest, $32,829.2 2 , accrued to Pursuffnt the Lockbox Agrecrnent,NHC shouldbe and is hereby grantedJUDGMtrNT Dixie Development, and Park,Dixic Construction, against Bcn Israel,Nancy Israel,Commerce jointly and severally,in the total amoutrtof $79,575.48. which amount Dixie Management, as the accrued intcrest of August27,2008of $4,304.89, i n c l u d c s principal sum of $32,829.22, with post-j to on udgnent interest accrue thc cntire andattomeys'feesand costsof $42,441.37, of Judemenin the amount 2,33%o annumuntil paid. t uet I T IS SOORDERED, DISTRICT STATES TINITED JUPGE msruef^rDJpffifr%onY s E P 32008 0 ET 0HRf,.,rflt sqr,crfBK IS PEPUIYgfl(

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