Vitro America, Inc. v. Dixie Construction, LLC et al

Filing 419

ORDER granting 412 Motion for Attorney Fees as to Chambers Bank of North Arkansas. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on September 4, 2008. (tg)

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IN TIIE UFIITEI} STATESDISTRICT COI}RT WESTERNDISTRICT OF ARKAI{SAS FAYETTEVILLE I}TVISION VTTROAMERICA- INC. dib/n BIN$WAI{GER GLASS C n s eNo. 0?-5150 v$, DDilE CONSTRUCTION, IJ.C; oi rL CAMPBELL ELDCTRTC, INC, Yt, PLAINTIFF I}EIENDA}TTS COIJNTER-CLAIMANT CRO$S-CLAIMANTAND THIRD PARTY PLAINTIFF CROS$ITE['ENDANTS TIIIRD PARTY DEFENDANTS COIJNTER.CLAIMANT CROSS4LAIMANT A}ID THIRD PARTY PT-AINTIFF COUNIER.I}EFENDAI{T CROSS-DETENDANTS DIXIE CONSTRUCIION, LLC; et aL DDilE DEVELOPMEHT,INC., et iL CI{AMBER$ BANK OF NORIII ARK,ANSA,S vs. VITRO AMERICA. INC; d/b/aBINSWANGERGLASS DIXIE MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT IJIITITED PARTNERSI BEN ISRAEL; NA}ICY ISRAEL; PRIME PROPERTY LLC; NEXT CHAPTER IFTVESTMENTS, RESOURCES, LLC; COMMERCEPARK tr, LLC; JOIIN P. MARINONI At{D ELIZABETH F. MARINO]III. CO-TRUSTEE$ OS'THE ELIZABETII F. MARINONT 2006REvocASLE TRUfiT AGftEEMBNT u/Uil JUFIE 2,2006; JOHNn MARINOMAND ELIZABETITFMARINONT,CO,TRUSTEES THE JOHN F. OF MARINOM 2006REVOCABLT TRUSTAGREEMENT u/f/d JIJIIE 2, 2006iTOM MUCCIO; CAMPHELL ELECTf,IIC,IhICf IT,YIIIT & SONHARDWOOD, INC.i JOIINS(}N MECHANICAL CONTR^A.CT{}R$, INC.; KITCHEIII DI$TRIBIITORS, INC.; andBLIILTWELL CONSTRUCTJON COMPA}TY (contlnued rrcrxt prge) dtr CHAMBERS BANK OF NORTII AAI{A}I$A$ v9. THIR.D.PARTY PLAINTIFF TIIIRD.PARTY DEFENDAFITS THE BENNYBERT ISRAEL REVOCA-ELE TRUST, u/i;/dJUNE 17,1997;TIIE NANCY KAYE ISRAEL REVOCABLETRUST,u/t/d JUNE I7, 1997;NA.FICY S. MUCCIOT TItE MUCCIO JOINT REVOCABLE TRIIST, u/t/il AIIGIIST 25,1999;THOMAS FATII; NORIKO FATH; TIIOMAS R. RI{Y}IE; JOANHE W. RITYNE;DAVID TRZECIAI$ TAMARA TRZECIAK; THREEJACI{, LLC; trON MOBLSY; CI.AUI}IA MOILEY; M AND R INVESTMENTS,LLCi OF CONCRETESERVICT^S NORTHWEST ARKAIISAS,INC.; DAVII) OLANII, d/b/c DAVID IilJNK FIRE & OLAND WOODWORHTNGT SECURITY"[YC,; DON MOBLEY, d/h/nMOBLEY ARCHITECTS,tNC.; STONEPANEI*$,INC.; INC.; OTIS NATIONAL HOME CENTERS, ELEVATOR C(}MPAIIY; HUTCIISNS CONSTRUCTIOFCOMFANY; OAKS BROTHER.'S, T INC.; MILLER COMIVIERCTAL ILOORING, INC.; DAYID TIPTON, d/h/aTIFION CONSTRUCTION; COMPANY; C & C INDUSTRIAL & FELH THOIVISON LLCI BLEW COMMERCIAL CLEA$IINGSERVICT'S'' LAND STJRVEYING, INC, d/b/aBLEWAND ASSOCIATESINC.; METRO BUIIJIEILS SUPFLYOF , ROGERS, tNC.; AMERICAN AIR COIillmOFm{G & MECHANTCAL,INC.THE IJIIITED STATES I OF AMERICA ORJ}ER the ComesNow the court rryon. Motion Fur Avud of CostsAnd Attomeys' FeesfDocket No. 4l2l f'Chs.trtbers'Fee Motion) filed by Chambe,rs Bank of North Arkansss("Chanbers Bank'), and herebyordersand decrees follows; ss 1. the presentmntter (tbs'Taril$uit') arises from q larg comrne;cial foreclosure morc conrmonly refened to as the CommerceFark tr building (the upon that ccrtain prorperty "Propetty")', said lawsuit commenced Vito America, Inc., d/b/a BinswangerGlass('Viho") by on August22,2007. 2On March ?, 2008, Chamhss Eank filed its AmendedArnwer to Counterclaim, Cross-ClaimArd Third Party Complaintof CampbellElectric, Artd Countrrclaim, Cross-Claim And 'fhird ') Party Complaht of Chambers Ba* (the "ChsmbersCorrnterclaim lDocket No. 90]. Within the ChambersCounterclaifiL ChambersBalt il$titutcd aotion against various thirdparties,including additional Lien Claimarrtsand tho Guarantors the indebtedness,After the of filing of the ChambersCounterclaim,the Lawsuit included no less than 49 parties,including a total of 24 Lion Claima.nts. 3. Throughouttlre pourue this Lawsuit, many of the Lien Claimantscontestedthe of priority of the mo{tgagsinte{Estof Charnbrs Bark. As a result, Chambers Bartk was requiredto expendconsiderable effort in regmdsto discovery,includins writkn dircovery, documentreview of and production, and dqpositiortsof representatives ChambersBank and other partics in the ca,3E. 4. Counselfor Chambers Bank was also requiredto erngage extensivedrafting of in pleadings,including Beparate dispositivemotions againstthe Lien Claimantsand the Borrowers Bffft was requiredto respondto numerrous and Cuarantors.Chamber$ motiobs,aswell as attend co a settlement ferenceand a pretrial conferurce,amongother things. 5. involved, 6. The Court cannotsfly that Chambers Bank's regr:ested attorreyE fees and costs There is little doubt that this cflBewas a diltcult. labor irrtensive one for all areuffeasonable. t capitdlizedtermsto bayeth6 samereaning ar set forth in previorx plcadirrgr, All rrndefined 3 7- No Borrower or Guarantorobjectedto Chambers'FeeMotion within the relevant time providedprrrsuant the FederulRulesof Civil Procedure. to L Ar per the Order ofthis Court datedAugust 1,2008 [DocketNo. 377], this Court has previously ruled that ChambersBank is Entitled to costs and sttomeys' fees against the Borrowersand Guerantoru litigating title to the pro'pefiythat fornredthe subjectmatter of tbis for lawsuiL This Cotrt. fi[ther finds that Chamhe{s Bank is further entitled to co8tsard uttomey's fees againstthe Bo$qwsrs atrd Gugrmtor$ for ib efforts in obtaining a decreeof foreclosure againstthe Borrowers and Guamntors, pursuafitto said cose and attomey's fces bcing aramded Ark. CodeAnn. $ 16-22-308. L Accordingly, Chambers'Feelv{otion is herebyGR-A}ITED,snd this Court arpards ChaurbersBank attomey's fees in the f,mowt of $?14,508,19and costs in the amount of $10,427.66. TTIS TIEREBY ORDERED. mis dayof #l.r Septenrber,2008. onorebleRobertT. Dawson DFiilEB" lriEsTERN ARrnNsAS s E P qzm8 0 elBFR.J(}N80f{, CtrBK IEUYq-E|( COUHT U .$. DISTRICT

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