Vitro America, Inc. v. Dixie Construction, LLC et al

Filing 426

ORDER granting 425 Motion to confirm sale of property at Foreclosure Sale as outlined in the order. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on November 21, 2008. (ct)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WE S T E RN DISTBICT OF ARI{ANSAS F A Y ET T EVI LLE DIVISION VIT RO AMERICA, INC. d/bia BINSWANGER GLASS No. 07-5150 Case vs. DIXIE CONSTRUCTION, LLCi et al. CAMPBEL L ELECTRJC. INC. vs. DIXIE CONSTRUCTION. LLCr et al. DIXIE DEVELOPMENT. INC.. et al. CHAMBER S BANK OT'NORTH ARHAN$AS vs, VIT RO AMERJCA, INC. d/b/a BINSWANCER GLASS DIXIE MANACEMENT & INVESTMENT LIMITEI) PARTNER S ;BEN ISITAEL; NANCY I$RA.EL; PRTME PROPERT YINYESTMENTS, LLC; NEXT CHAPTT]R RESOTIRCES, LLC; COMMERCE PARK II, LLC; JOHN P, MARINONI AND ELIZABETH F. MARINONI. CO-TRUSTEES OF'THE NLIZABETH F. MARINONI 2006REVOCABLH TRUST AGREI,MENT u/t/d/.f uNE 2 , 2 0 0 6 ;JOHN P. MARINONI AND ELIZABETH F. MARINON I. CO-TRUSTEESOF THE JOHN P. MARINONI 2006REVOCABLE TRUST AGREEMENT u / t / d JUNE 2,2006;TOM MUCCI0; CAMPBELL ELECT RIC , INC.; FLYNT & SON HAR-DWOOD, INC.; JOHNSON MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, lNC.; KITCHEN ITISTRIBUTORS,INC.; and BUILTWELL CON$TRUCTION COMPANY (continuedon ncxt prge) DEX'ENDANTS COUNTER-CLAIMANT C R O SS- C LAI M A N T AND T H I R D PARTY PLAINTIFF CROSS-DEF'ENDANTS T H I R D PARTY DEFENDANTS COUN1ER-CLAIMANT C R O SS- C LAI M A N T AND TIIIRI} PARTY PLAINTIFF COUNTER-DEFENDAF{T CROSS-DEFENDANTS PLAINTIFF I 24:0184\686067. ? 71 CHAMBERS BANK OF NORTH ARKANSAS v$, THIRD-PARTY PLAINTIFF T HE BENNY BERT ISRAEL REVOCABLE TRUST, u/t/d JUNE r7, 1997 THE NANCY XAYE ISRAEL ; REVOCA B L E TRLI$T, u/t/d JUNE 17, 1997;NANCY S. MUCCIOi rHE MUCCIO JOINT REYOCABLE T RUST , u/t/d AUGUST 25, 1999;TIIOMAS FATH; NORIKO FATH: THOMAS R RHYNETJOANNE W. RIT YNE; DAVID TRZACIAK; TAMARA TRZECIAK; T IIRIE.IAC K , LLC; DON MOBLEY; CLAUDIA MOBLEY; M ANI} R INVESTMENTS, LLC; CONCRE T E SERVICES OF NORTHWEST ARKANSA S , lNC.; DAVID OLANllr d/b/t DAVID OLAND WOODWORKING; DUNK FIRE & SECURIT Y , INC.; DON MOBLEY' d/b/a MOBLEY A R C H I T E C T S ,INC.; STONEPANELS,lNC.; N A T I O N A L HOME CENTERS,INC.;0TIS ELEVATOR COMPANYI HUTCIIENS CONST R IIC T ION COMPANY; OAKS EROTHER'fi, INC.r MILLER COMMERCIAL FLOORING, INC.; DAVID TTPTON,d/b/a TIPTON CONSTRUCTION; F ELTX THOMSON COMPANYTC & C INDUSTRIAL & COMMER C IA L CLEANING SERVICES,LLC; BLEIV L,ANDSURVEYING, INC, d/b/a BLEW AND ASSOCIA T E S ,rNC.; METRO BUILDERS SUPPLYOF ROGER$.INC.I AMERJCAN AIR CONDITIONING & MECHAN IC A L , INC.; THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THIRD-PARTY DEFENDANTS OR D E R GNANTING MOTION TO CONFIRM SALE OF PROPERTY AT F O BEC LO SU J , ESALE Sale Co me snow the Courl uponthe Motion to Confirm Saleof Propertyat Foreclosure ("Chambers Bank ol'North Arkansas Bank"), [DockctNo.425] ("Motion") filed by Chambers andhetebyfinds,orders, dccrees follows: and as l, Motion, The Court hasjurisdictionover this caseand over the Propertyidentifiedin thc 2 7 I 2 4 : 0M\686067,l l 2. held a County,Arkansas of The Court finds that the Commissioner Washington (as in to foreclosure with respect the Property conformitywith the law andwith thc Dectee sale and shouldbeapptoved confirmed. in defined the Motion),andthatthe same 3. follows: a . Notice salc........,,,.,... 334.50 of $ 35.00 fee b , Commissioner ,...... 10,1 $ deed...,,....... 20.00 o . Recordins $ T o ta l Cost 4. are The Court firrther linds that the costs of the Commissioner allowed as $ 10,489.50 The Court finds that the purchaserat said sale, ChambersBank of North Arkansasis not rcquitcdby the Decreeto pay saidsum into thc registryand that the saidsalc , msdecffeotual. be should andis in all thingsapproved conlirmcdantl I'orcver and 5, to and is and The Commissioncr ordeted ditected execute dcliverto the purchaser, hcreinbetbredescdbed' the on payment ofthe aboveoost,a deedcrlnveying property 6. that then ptesents the Court her deed,and acknowledges to The Commissioner and set forth, thereinmentioned and shehas executed samefor the consideration purposes thc upon saiddeedto hc and directedthat this entryof acknowlcdgment endorsed andit is ordered of the end that the samemay be admittcdto recordin the office of'the Recorder Washington Comty, Arkansas. Th i s day of ;ll sfNovember,2008. 27124:0184\686067.1

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