Wal-Mart Transportation, LLC vs. American Global et al

Filing 5

ORDER granting plaintiff's 3 Motion to Interplead Funds and directing plaintiff to deposit $232,368.68 into the registry of U S District Court as directed in the order . Signed by Judge Robert T. Dawson on August 30, 2007. (ct)

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Wal-Mart Transportation, LLC vs. American Global et al Doc. 5 Case 5:07-cv-05151-RTD Document 5 Filed 08/30/2007 Page 1 of 1 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WE S T E R N DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS F A Y ET T EVI LLE DI\TSION WAL-MART TRANSPORTATION. LLC PLAINTIF'F vs. C ASE NO, CV AMERICAI{ CLOBAL TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS LLC; WELLS FARG0 BUSINESSCREDIT, an operatingdivision of WELLS FARGO BANI{, NATIONAL ASSOCTATTON; & JOHN DOES r-167 DEtsENDANTS OID E B f O DEPQSIT FUNDSINTO THE COURT'S RE_GIITBY Three I'I'IS HEREBY ORDEREDthat the sum of Two HundredThirty-TwoThousand l{undredSixty-EightDollars and 68/100Cents($232,368.68) deposited be into the registryof into the UnitedStates LLC, andshallbe deposited an DistriotCourthy Wal-MattTransportation intetest-bea d naccount,or interest-bearing g instrument, the Clerk of thc Court as soon as by business allows,at the FIRST NATIONAL BANK of FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS. with said fundsto rernainso deposited invested, with the interestearned, any, to be reinvested with or if thc principal,until fuither advised the Court. The Clcrk of the Courtshallcollecta fbe equal by to tsn percent(10%) of thc intqcst eamedon the depositpursuant Public Law 100-459, to ve l, Revised of{'ecti December 1990. and IT IS SO ORDERED, this sns wrrtfrr'tt s $rHtfrcf#srH AUr 0 ?007 G CLERK , .l,l i:l$llN, { 1r " : : '.[ N O R ABLERC'BERT DAWSON T. I.]NITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE Dockets.Justia.com

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