City of Springdale, Arkansas v. United States of America

Filing 18

STIPULATION and CONSENT JUDGMENT in favor of United States of America against City of Springdale, Arkansas in the amount of $19,500.00. Signed by Honorable P. K. Holmes, III on February 19, 2014. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D) (src)

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JOB TRACI' 040$27 .5B OON'l'IACT m F l , 1qLmmmamQBWAY PJJlll()!ilp . <mmtco: arY OP SPRJNODALB IN CONSIDERATION of Ibo bcncfitl ttuit will bruRs to tho Ormtor(1) and tho public. tho 1l1ldcnipcd doca bcrob)' she and grant to the Ct)' of Springdale. opoo the terms and condldou bmelnafter llblled, the right to pUrehme the following dDlcribed.real estalC, uw IDd cacept the oil and Pl oily tbereln and lhenlundcr, litualocl la tho County of Wubinglon, state of Arbmas, to wit: LBGALDBSCRJPnON Part of Ibo Northwest QuarteroftbcNorthweet QuarterofSectfoo l6, Townlbip 17 North, Range 30 West, WaalUqtoo County, Adcanlu. men particularly dcea!bcd u followa: Coauneaelng at a CoUoo Plcbr Spladlo f'oQnd It tho West Sixteenth Coma of Sccdom 9 llld 16; lllalce aJoq tho North 11nc of Aid Nonhweat Quarter of Cho Nor1hwclt Quarter, North 87°22°s2· West • dbtanco of 172.44 root to tbo POJNI' OP BBOINNJNG; tbcnce South 2•50'13• But a diatancc of 13.13 feet to the Soutbcm Right of Way o!Doa 1)loa Pmlcway u establlsbcd by AHTD 1ob 040S27; thence aJoaa uld Soatbem Right of Way, North 89"14'17" Wost a dfsbmce of 159.31 feet; tbcnco North 2°31 140• Bait a dletmxc of 18.24 bt to tho North line of aid Northweat Quartet of the Northwest Quarter; tt.eDco along slid North Jina, South 87922'52• But a d1stanco of 158.00 feet to tho POINT OP BBOJNNINO, and c:onWniq O.o6 acre1 (2.48!1 aquaro fcc:t) mere or Je11 as abowD on Am'D plans ma:mccd as lob 040:527. a § PRBAUDnm> AND ACCBPIBD: Property Mamger to Noaotiawr By_Dalo _ __ PlpJofl Exhibit c I i . i t case lllUmber: 13-CV-000477 Tran•aation Dat•: 2/27/2013 Page Sequmioe: B

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