City of Springdale, Arkansas v. United States of America

Filing 18

STIPULATION and CONSENT JUDGMENT in favor of United States of America against City of Springdale, Arkansas in the amount of $19,500.00. Signed by Honorable P. K. Holmes, III on February 19, 2014. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D) (src)

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:Page 9 of 95 KNOW AIL MEN BY THESE Plllr8ENTS1 I I TllA.TlhcundcrBJgned TbcChurcbofNorthwestArkansas.Orantor(a),forandinc:oosidcmdonofthcsum ofOneQollar ($1.00) and otbcrgood aod valuablccoaside.ratioo to us in band paid bylbeSprillgdalc Wll« and Sewer CommiPion, Spdngdalc, Axkauaa, docs bet'eby grant, bargain and ICll unto the said Spdngdalo Watu and ScwcrCommfa4iou, Springdale, .Arbnus, and unto its sacccsaon and assigns, an euemcat for a warer transmission linc(a), and/or sewer collection or force main linc(a), over, under er across the heleinafta' described land in Wahington County, Arbnaaa, to-wit: t I f· . • I i PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: ApartofthcNorthHalfoftboNorthweatQuartcrofthcNorthweatQuartcrofScction 16, Township 17 North, Range 30 West, being more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the Nortbwcsl Comer of tho No11hwest Qllarter of the Northwest Qaarter of said Section 16, said point being an cxildng State of Albnsas aluminum survey monument in tho intencctioa of s6• Street and Dearing Lane, thence South 88 dcpcs 38 minutes SO seconds Bast 991. l Sfeet along the North line ofsaid 20 aero tract ID the Imo point of beginning, said point being in Dearing Lane and from which a Y.I inch rcfcr=ce iron act on the apparent South right of way line of said Lane bears SoUth 01 depo 14 minutes 44 seconds West 25.29 feet; thcnc.c South 88 dcgn:cs 38 minutes SO seconds Bast 330.44 feet to an existing cotton spindle at tbc Northeast comer of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 16, said point being 1D Dearing Lane, thence South 01 dcgreo 14 miJuJlCs 44 seconds West 658.34 foot to an existing iron at tho Ccracr of thc North Half of lhe Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quartet of said Section 16; thence Noith 88 degn::ea 43 :mbiutes 02 seconds West 330.44 feet along the South line of said 20 ~tract to a set Y.I inch Id>ar; thence North 01 degree 14 minutes 44 scconds Bast 658.74 feet to the point ofbeginning. coata1nfng S.00 acres, mm: or less, Wasbingtm County, Arkansas. The above described S.00 acre tract being subject to the entire right of way of Dearing Lane along the entire North boundary 111d any ctbet easemems and/or right of ways or not of recont. AB described 1D Filo Nwnbct 2007-00045379 of the records of the Circuit Clerk and Rx-Oft'iclo Rcooldcr, Wublngton County, Arlamsaa. Exhibit D Ca•e li1Uml>er: 13-cv-000417 'l'ran1aotion Date: 2/21/2013 r • ~a;. Bequeiiae; 9 I • (Page _· 10 ot 9@lase 5:13-cv-05066-JLH Document 3-4 Filed 03/28/13 Page 2 of 2 PagelD #: 127 ~~ OJ PERMANENT EASEMENT DESCRIPl10N: Part of tho Northwest Quarter of tbe Northwest Quartet of Section 16, Township 17 North, Range: 30 West. WNhlogton County, Arkamas. DR particularly delcribcd u follows: I CommencJDB at a Cotton Picker Spindle found at the Northeast comer of said Northwest Quarter of the NOltbwest Quutm; thence along tbc Bast line of said Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, S 2°31 'WW a distance of 63.23 feel to the South line of an existing utility casement shown on survey plat 2007-00045380; thence along said existing eucmcot N 86"'2' 16" W a clistanc:e of 43.6' feet to the Western Right of Way of 1-540 aa established by AJfl'D Job 040527 also the POINT OP BEGINNING; thcnoc along said Wcstan Right of Way S 01°34•42• West a distanc:c of 17.74 feet; dlCDcc leaWlg said Right of Way N 88°~ l'"" w a distallCc of 41.53 feet; thcDcc N 43°05'24" w a dlabmclo of 27.72 feet to said cxisling easement; tbellCC along said exJating casement S 86°'2' 16" Ba distance of 61.05 feet to the POINT OF BBGJNNING, and containing 0.02 acm (9S4 ~ feet) more or less. Togedicr with the right of ingress and egress 1CroS1 adjacent lands for the purpose of laying, repairing, inspectiDg, maintaining, mnov1ng. or rcplaCiJlB, said water transmission linc(a) and/or sewer collecdon or force main linc(s), and the right of exercising all other rights necessary to Clll)' out the purposes for which this Basement ia created. I ' I i I l I l t I ( ' I. TO HAVE AND TO BOLD the ahem:: dcscn'bcd casement and rights unto.said Grantee, its succ:cacn and asligu, ~er or mill said right of way is abandoned. And Orantor(a) agree(s) to warrant and forever defend all and singular the above dcscn"bed casement aiul rights unto said Grantee, its suc:ccsson and aasigna, against ovcry person wbomaocver lawfully claiming or seek to claim the same or any part thereof. I t i I t i ! This BasemOnt ls dcclaml to and does inure totbe benefit of the public gencrally, and shall be binding upon the sua:euors in title to tho lands herein descn'bed or any other part tbcrcof, their mortgagees, lcsaees, heirs. administraton, executors, succcssors, and uligns. I I l IN W1TNBSS WHEREOF, the Grantor(s) hereunto set _ _ _ band(s) and scal(s), this tbc ·~· _day of Print Name: Print Name: C&H ll'ullal:>er: 13-CV-000477 Transaction Date1 2/27/2013 Pag. SllqU9llC!e: 10

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