United States of America v. $73,435.00 In United States Currency

Filing 12

DECREE of Forfeiture that the defendant $73,435.00 in U.S. currency is hereby forfeited to the United States of America to be disposed of according to law. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on December 23, 2009. (lw)

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IN'fHE IJNITED S'fATES DISTRICT COL]RT WESTERN DISTRICT' ARKNNSAS OT H O T SPR]NCS DIVISION T]NIT EDSTATESOF AMERICA, Plaintiff, C i v i l No.09-6()46 IN $ 7 3 , 4 3 5 , 0 0 IJNII'ED STATES CTJRRFNCY, Defcndant. D E C R E E OF F0RFEITT]RE O n Junc8. 2009, a Veri fied ConrplaintolFor'l'eiturewas liled againstthe defendant currcncy o n behall'of the plaintiff, United Statcsof Amcrica. I'he L'omplirintallegesthat the def'endanl. c u l r e n c ywas used or intcndcd to hc uscd in exuhange controlledsubstances, represents lbl ot p r o c e e d s tratlcking in controlled$Lrhstances,was usedor intended be usedto facilitatea of or to v i o l a t i o n Title II of the Controlled ol Substanccs nct,21 tJ.S.(1. flOl r/,ie,q, and is tlrerelore $$ pursuaDt 2l U.S.Ll.$ tlli l(a)(6). to forfeitable I t appearing that proccss was lirlly issuecl this aclion and returned in according law; to 'l'hc l.Jnitrld StatesImmigtaLionand Crstoms Enforcementseizedthc dcfendantcurrcncyon I D c c c r n b c r 7, 2008. petsonirl O nAugust 0, 2009, 1 Jose Florcs-Aguirrc rcccived setvice. Flores-Aguirre Mr. lias f a i l c dto filcda clairt andanswer is therefore dcfault. and in N o t i c e ol fbrfeiture was publishcd on thc lJnitcd Stirte$' ollicial wehsite ( u l v r v . f b rtiturer.gor'') 30 ctrnsecutive beginning f ftrr days 2001) 2009.No othclclairns to havcbccn Iiled. 'l'hc del'endant ourrsncy moreparlicularly is dcscribcd 1i73,435.00l.l.S. a$ in currency. D[L]RI-1LD. AI].lt jD(iHI) thattlrcdefcndant and IT IS IIEREBYORDERED, $73.435.00 ol'rcoording forttcitcd tho[.1rritcd to Statcs Anrericir hedisposed ol to i n U.S.currency hercby is [u law. ESTED N AH NSAI R tslHCJ rfi D EZ32m C rjHBfl,J0fi $0t{, ts crfRt( dY DEPUIYf,.$I( U . U. UiD I NIL.I T-,UUfi I Horrttrable RobertT. Dawson l J n i t c dSrliles District Judge

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