Baystate Biofuels, LLC v. Phoenix Pinnacle Biofuels, LLC

Filing 8

CONSENT FINAL JUDGMENT as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on June 7, 2010. (lw)

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un03 1004:05p Fhoenix eneweble nergy R E 501-S24-S503 p.2 DISTRICT COUITT IN TIM TNITED STATES WESTERN DISTRICTOIT ARKANSAS DTVISION H OT SPRING ) l ) ] ) ) ) ) ) ) ) LLC. BIOFUELS, IJAYSTATF, Plaintiff. C . A . No. 10-6031 LLC, P H O E N I X PINNACLE EIOF'IJELS, Defcndant- C ONSENT FINAIIIDGI/[g!ry, B a s c d upon thc agtsemeht of Flaiutiff, Baystate Biofuels, I-LC f'Baystate") arrd and good cfluseshowll,thEcor;rL behrg Biofuols,I-LC ("Fhoenix"') D c f e n d a n tI'hacnix Pinnacle , w e l l afldsufficientlyadviscd,herebyfinds andrulesas follows: 1. to The Courl hasjurisdiction over this mattErFursuant 28 U-S'C' $1332' aud In .lretluE a.lsD prupbrfutthis court' is p e r u o n d niurisdiotiondver tIlF PartiEs. r 2.Judgmentshouldbeandjs|rercbyentfitjdonallofltayrtate'sc|aimridBfljnst F h o c n i x in thd arflount of $140,000plus attornsysfecs of $36,597J5, costsof $350.00,and preju<tgmoointErest at thc rats of six (670) percent per annum li'om Marclr I0, z0l0 until the t interesL for d a t eof enty of this Judf$rrent, a total JudLtrentof$176,597,35 plus preiudgrnent 'Ihe amount Shirll acoruEpost jTdEment irrtcrcst until F4id sl a ratt cqual to thE tot3l .Tudgrnent week preccdilt8t}e dalt yield for tho caJendar l-year constanlmEturifyTra$ury w e s k l y averaHci o f t h i s Judgrnefit. 3. Flaintiffhas waived all rightsot'appealfrom this ConsentJudgment' lurr03 10 04;05F Phoenix Renewable Energy 501-6?4-0503 p,3 IT IS FURTI1ER ORDERED ADJUDGED AI{D DECII.EBD that Phdenix shatt wirhin 4 5 daysof anty of this Judgmentprcpareand filo a sohedule, veriiied by affidavit, of all its p r o p c r t y ,both real afld personal,includirrgmonieq bankqfaounts,rights, oreditg and chosesia HT)NORABLE ROBERT DAWSON TINITED STA'TESDISTRICT JUD6E Approval; E A YSTATE BIOFTJLLS,LLC By lts Attomeys, M i t c h e l l , Williarns,Selig.Gates P.L,L,C. & Woodyard, By: PHOENIXFThINA MarshallNoy, $. BarNo9tt,f* '\ff*-*J)b*r,tfl t Mitctrell,williarns, Selig,Gares & Woodyard, P.L.L-C. 5 4 1 4Pinnacle Polnt lJrivc Suitrc 5{lt) R o g e r sAR 72758-8131 , ( 4 7 9 ) 464-5653 ntncr,@rnrd+ry.gp111 (/ ustu#t 0 r.r1 Fd* No' JUN 7 2010 0 CLEBK R. cHRrs,Jollllsfri, TIEPUIY OLERK -2-

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