Avnet, Inc. v. DataCom Systems, Inc.

Filing 20

CONSENT JUDGMENT entered in favor of Avnet, Inc. against DataCom Systems, Inc. in the amount of $90,000.00. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on February 6, 2012. (jn)

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IN THE IJNI'J'HI) A'f[iS DI$'I]iICT' ST COtJITl' WHS'l'h:ltN DISTRICT AITKANSAS OI"' I IO.I' SFITING!; DIVISION ..\VNIIT, INC. Pt",AtNt'ilrF VS. N(). 6;I 0-cv-061 -R'l.L) 0l DN'I'A COM .SYSTT.iMS, INCOI{ PCIITATI] I) d/b/tr DA"l'AC()M DEIIENDANl' CONSIINTI,IT}DGM ITN'I' Bttscrd rrpon agreetncnt thc of'Plairixil?Corrntcr Delerrdant, Avnet,Irrc.(,'Avuct"), ancl Defblrdarrt/Cc)tlnter Claitttattt, I)ataConr liy.rtcrns, Ilcorporatecl d/trl1 Data(lorrr (,.f)n{nC{:'r"), and ftrr goodcatlsc sltowtt, Cclurt, tltc beingsullicicrrtly tclvisccl, heruby{incls an4 rulesas t'ollorvs: I' jurisdictir:tt this rnattcl The Cotlrtlrns ovcr pursuant 28 [J.S.C. to rn apcl $133? pur.runun jtLrisdiction thcpnrties. over VeDu* is proper tlriscourt. also in 2' Judgntent should nrtdis hcrcby lre entersd Avnct'strrcach contract orr of clainr against DataCom rhetotalarilounr $g0.000.00, in of 3. l)ataCottt's clnims agninst Avnctfor breach contrflct, o{: un"iust enrichrrrcnt, ancl tortiotts intertr''erertctl a conlractual rvith relationship busirrcss <lr e.\psctflncy shoglcl ilrrdflrc be hcrcby disrn rvi issed th prcjudice. 4' DataCorn tvaivcs rights nppeal ult of fr'onr fl<lnsenl tlris Juclgnrcnt. I'l' lS 'i'llliltUFOIili Ol{DI"iRIlD, Al)Jl"JDCIltJ ANI) DliCItIjED that Avnct trave judgrncnt against DataL'onr thetotnlalltor.ult in o{,$90,000,00, Dataf,onr ancl shallpayth$totill llltlourlt the.iudgnlent firlfon ol bulblclhc rxpiration of in ol'six{6) nolrth.s liornthc4ntc tSis of Consenl .luclgurerr1. Il. IS IrtJR'l'l'lER OITDI;r,RHI), AnJIJDfiIiDAND DfiCItlrtiDtlratl)ntaCorn's cl*inrs against Avnet ftrr breachol' corttract, urr.irtst onfishtncnt, tortiousintcrl-crenc$ a and rvith corrtractunl relatiorrslripbusirrcss or cxpectancy disrnissed prcjudicc. firs with 11'lS ltuRIIIHI{ORDIiltlit), AnJUDfillDAND DIiCRljtiD pursuant Ark.Clodc that to Attn. $ l6-66-?21,l)ataCont shallwithin lbrty-fivc(45)daysof entryol'this Juclgrrrcnr prcpnre and file lvith theClerk of-thisCourt a schedulc, veriliedby allidavit,r:l'all its propcrry, borlrleal anclltersonal, including monics,barrkaccounts. rights,cr$dit$" cho.res actionheld hy it or {tnd in othersfbr it andspecil'y llarticular thc y:rogrerty which it clairus excmptundcrthc provisions a$ of law, -rrils ()RDERLD h- DnY ()rl r1'rss0o .I'. DAWSON UNITfiDS]-A'I-IJ$ DIS]'R JI,IDGI{ ICT Approved to furmandcontent: as wEHf=R1$'#,Fo*ffi-^M ITCJI-IHI.I,, WII,LIA N4S, SHI,I$ GATHS WOODYARD, & I},t.L.C" ,54l4llinnaclc Drive. I'oint Suitu 500 Itogcrs, 72758 AIt 'l'elephone: (479) 4{14-5650 Facsimile: (47rr) 464-5680 nr11 ttill rrrnqq& $jf;.Il jgarrett{i}) Inrv. r rr rv ctrnl nvGn-ilAni#fl tvtaffi). Ney, Ark.BarNo.9l 108 (iarrctt,Ark. Bal No. 2008034 .lenrry"l-. A Ilorneys it nt:|, Ittc Jor -AND- 0 FEB 6 2012 Cluk R. CHRIS JOHNSON, By DelprrtyCle* SANDEITI' LAW FItIM. I'.A. l50l Airportltoad l ' l o tS ; : r ' i n g s , A 'l'clcphone:I{ 719ll (50l)7(r0-7104 tltlt $iut"dll_9$.(rlhs.cls!]i,r qt { ,#dr,m),)r**,-- lJvr 'Michacl Sunddrs, E. Ark. llar No. 972l6 ,4It ttr ncy.y r De"/'s unt, I) utu( )om .ly.r nil /orr"r" "ft1 I nt:u'Ttorntt:tldlltla llat *(o ut

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