Cornerstone Finance Company, Inc. v. Steve Standridge Insurance, Inc. et al

Filing 35

CONSENT JUDGMENT in favor of Cornerstone Finance Company, Inc. against Idabel Reman, Inc., Wood Lumber Co., Inc., Danny Wood in the amount of $152,425.04 with per diem interest of $39.81 from 10/26/11 until paid. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on August 8, 2012. (jn)

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{:OTJ RT DTSTRICT' D {.JNI.T.f $TA'I"ES Uli FOR THN WN$TSRj\ PIST'I{ICT ARKAN$AS ['lNAfiCn {jOMPAIi}'oINC. CORNURS'I'ONFl PI,AIN'I'IFF N0. 6:l l-cv-060112-R'I'D CASF: v. ILAN Cli, I f\ {1.; S'fnVn $T;\N DIl,InGA f I\i$U ID;lBE,LRAn'lAN'INC.; c0.. lNCl w0()t) l,utv"IBaR MACHTNH INAB[:L. TI{C"I OF SOU'I'Hf,AS]' cus't'OM l.,tivltillR w0RK, [NC.; and S'IUVE ST"AI'llRlDGS,I rlAtiNY woOt) I}fi:ITNNNAN'TS {r(}N$RNruguGMEll I (As Ag*inst tdabcl Remanrlnc.: Wood l,umhcr Co". lnc.; and Danny Waod) .lutlgrncntin flrvor of llefarc this C]ourtis fhu rcquestlbr entry af'this {.'onsent Now ;rcndir:rg l)*Jcndaltl Inc. ("Cornerst$ne") anclagainstSepar:ate liinance {)ornpan}r, Plaintil'l'C'onrrrstonc an<l ("[dabel");Scparatc LunrberC'o.,lnc. D*fbndantWnod IbabelReman.lnc. {"Wttod l.,umber'"); and ol'theplcadings cxhihils{ileclh*rein, I)annyWoud("Wootl"). Afier full andclu*corrsitleration of a:rdother mattcrs pro*f'and agreement thc pitrties, of r:{'counssl" antl stitt*lnents representatives larv.this Court hercbyF'lNDti and OlttltilRii as tirllor.vs: 1. of This Court. jurisdictionoverthc subjcctnlatterurclparties this action. Venue has heforethis Court. is prope'r 2. and Wood lravc agreedto entry o1'this antl ldabel.Wo*d Lurntrer. Ccrner:st*nc Consent-!urlgment.Iiurdrer.l-heparties stipulateanclugrccthtf thc clcbtre{lectedin tlris (lonserlt prrrvisitltts pilrsuant I I U.S.CI. 533 andotherapplicablc tc Judgrnent sh*ll bc non-discharge;rble. $ * l - andiar Wood file li:r pr(}tcction {]ode. in the evgrt that ldahel.Woocil..umber, of the,[]ankruptcy Cocle. the tuncler [Janknrptcy T'ttb.RI.:F'ORI|,ITlS C{)NSIDA:RIID,ORDER$D AND At}JtJD{;Htr}that Cornerstonc ilguinsthlabel l{r:tnan"lnc.; W*od l"inanccCiompany, Inc. is herebygrantsdin ytersonanr .iuclgmenl }ilty'l"rvo in LunrberCo., lnc.;andl)alrny!Vootl,.irintlyandsevern.lly, the amounto{'Onr;}'lundrcd 'l'housanti witlr interest itcct'uing ott Four I'lunchccl fwerrty-Fivsancl04llOtJDollars($ I 52,425.04), thejudgrrrent li'om and a{ler Octohcr?6, 201I, at a per dicm nc*rualol"flrirly-l\inc aneltlli 100 Dr,rllars t53q.8l) until the judgrncnl is paicl in lirll, togetherrvith i*ll its costsitereincxpcnelccl, filirrg and ltes inclr,rtling attonl*y's.i in ths amountr:lfllifieenThnr:snntl {}0il0{) l"}allars 15,000.00), {$ cxecutionand flees ot'$512.00.all o1'rvhiclt nnd of l'eein the amountol'S-l5t).00. sei'vicc process garnislmrent nlay issuc. IT IS F:UR'['Hf,R CONSIDERED" ORDEll.t:I), ANt) Al).tlJtlGHI) that thc parties slrall he non-dischargeablc, "ludgmerrt in stipulateand agrccthat ths deht reflectcrJ this Clonsent Coclc,irr tlreevcnt provisions applicable o{'tlrc 13anknrptcy to $ trlursu*nt I I LI.S.(-:. 53.] mrd either {lncle. uncler Rankrtrptcy tltc WoocJ Lumber,and"orWaod Ille Jbrprotectioll tlrntlclabel, tT IS $'{,jRT'H C(}l\SIIXf RHI], ORI]ERE,D,ANI] At].f LiDCID that,ascon$icleration []R Cornerstone Finarrce Cornptny,lnc. hurebyw$ivesits rig}rtsitr o{'cntryo1'this Consent.luclgnrcnt. againstldabelReman.Inc.; Wood l,utnberCo., lrtc.; and Danny Wt:od. soekpunitiveclarnages I'l' l$iSQ OIttlHI{h,Dou tlris gfr ,lry ot' W-,2012 ,ffih, coLIItl . ^ us DISTRIC'I wESrdFN ffi;anrenses l.r\.rr 0I AUG 2012 Clerk JOHNSON, CHRISR. Bv DePutYCle* r\_ttri JIJD$F, Dtli'I'RIC'r' ur\ r'r'!:Ds'r'A'I"$ls -?- ItY: APPROVIT}AI\iD EI{'TRYREQUHT|T'h]D I,AW FIRi\{ HOFKTNS Association A Profsssional Atttrrneys l,aw at WestSeconcl Str:eet 1000 l{.ilck. 72201 AR hopknslawfl i wrvw. rnr.conr 'l'ele (501 phone: ) 37.5- I 7 l5 Facunri$:,,tp0 375-02"3 l; 1 I Ifrr L r/a i| : rchs,ts{cc rhopkinsau'fl nn.cortr / r r l i i I llv: \, '\ , ? e a ' \ i RyaY.\{aststeel Arkans&s No. ?$U7712 }3ar . ,' \j Stcw*rt lee Arkansas No. 2{}03091 Rar n I I tn r n4's.fitr {)or n erstt.t e l' i nunt'e t' omp un_\', nt.:. a JIiFF POTTIi I,AW OPF{CT; l5l5 [astOkmulsee MLrskrigce. OF.7{-103/ \ i " 1 ': ' W' Rv: ----.'-*- -frt-*-"' '' --- Jcff pp$s.t_sq. '...,,,1./ A tk)rile)'.fbr l)unn.v Wood ; Idabel |lenwn, lnc:.;and l,t'oadInmtte:rCo., Ine.:., I}ANNY WOOD !'...; \ t jr,;i*i*'iuu* # iLl'..t*,.'td Danny lVoocl { TDAS[,T, REMAN, INf:. {''t lly, i-.'. i..L:d'''r-.-,* ,,.,$ Danny wofrT Chief [,]xecutive Oflicer \}'(X}D I,T]MBER CO.. IN(J. Danny Wood (llticf !,xccutive()llice r 4

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