Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company v. Wall et al

Filing 13

AGREED ORDER as set forth. Signed by Honorable Robert T. Dawson on July 18, 2012. (rw)

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IN TI{E UNITED STATBSDISTRICT COUITT WIISTEIIN DISTRICT OF AIIKANSAS DIVISION HOI] SIIRINGS NATIONWIDI LIFE AND ANNUITY INSURANCECOMPANY,formerly NATIONWIDE LIFA AND ANNUITY COMPANY OF AMEIIICA, formerly PROVIDBNTMUTUALLIFE AND ANNUITY COMPANY OF AMtrIIICA PLAINTIFF CASENO. r2-60s8 V. .IOEL P. WALL, in his capacity as the Trusteeof The ClcvclandS. Smith RevocableTrust; SI{ERRY LYNN SMITH, individually and in her Capacityas Administrator of the Estateof ClevclandS. Smith; CLEVBLAND JACOII "NERO" SMITH, individually DBFIiNDANTS oRpER a-GBD,rp Ilending before the Court is PlaintilT Nationwide Lif'e and Annuity Insurance Company's ("Nationwide's") Motion to Interplead Funds. [Doc. # 8]. Separate Del'endants Sherry Lynn Smith and Cleveland Jacob "Nero" Smith have lesponded. Defendant and Joel P. Wall did not lile a response, his time [Doc. # 9 and # l0]. Separate for doingso hasexpired. the Nationwideis herebygiven permission intcrplead Policy proceeds, to minus its attorneys' fees and costs as describedbelow, into the registry of the Court. When Nationwidedeposits this sum into the registryof the Court,the Court shall enteran Order dismissing Nationwidefi'om this actionwith pre.judice.Each of the partiesto this action will be hencelblthbarredliom proceeding against furtheror institutingany type o1'action with the Policy at issuein this Nationwideto ohtain any monsy or benefitsassociated 4,3I5,309. PolicyNumber lawsuit, fbr awarded is $7,548.02 Nationrvide hereby witlt this associated and co.sts matlef. plus applicable T'heClerk is herebydirectedto receivethe sum of $2,809,857.66, in and costs,fi'onrNationwideanclto depositthat sum into interest, minus $7,541t.02 f'ees accountpending f'urtherordersliom the Coutt' an interest-bearing tttis Il'lS So ORDERED l}fraay of DIS' il{lcl'JUDC}I AND AGRI]IID: APPROVIID u5 DIsYRle'teoL'RT . PISTARKANSAS WESTERN FILED / 1_.4 4'./ f. JUL1I 2012 i Ark. Ilar No. 76 ['.O.Box6426 Arkansas71902 I{ot Springs, ( 5 0 1 )6 2 4 - 7 7 1 0 Attorneyfor Sherry Lynn Smith, individually and in her Capacityas Administrator of the Estateof ClevelandS. Smith CHRISR. JOHNSON,CIeTk By Clerk DePutY t Campbell No" 77023 200€pring Sueet,Suite200 Hot Springs, Arkansas7290L "Nero" Attorneyfor Cleveland Jacob Smilh JeffreyL. Spillyards Ark.BarNo.2004159 MITC}IELL,WILLIAMS,SFLIG, GATES WOODYARD, & P.L.L.C. 425 WestCapitolAve., Suitelg00 Little Rock,Arkansas 72ZOT (s01)688-8800 j spillyards@nw Auorneys Nattomvide Ltfe for And AnnuiryfnsuranceCompany No,75071 KIDD & RYAN Street l3 WestSecond 72201 Little Rock,Arkansas (501) 375-ee01 Attorneysfor Joel P. I(all, in his capacity as the Trustee of The Cleveland S, Smith RevocableTrust

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