Mark Mishak v. Google, Inc. et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against Defendants Excite, Inc., Webcrawler, Inc., Yahoo, Inc., Conversa, Inc., Lycos, Inc., Hotbot Inc., Altavista Inc., Craigstlist Inc., Respond Inc., Infoseek Inc., Yellow Pages Inc., Planetsearch Inc., Pronet Inc., Northernlight Inc., Luckysurf Inc., Comfind Inc., Liquidprice Inc., Earthlink Inc., Does 1-100, Google, Inc., American Online, Inc., Netscape, Inc., Microsoft Network, Inc., Ask Jeeves, Inc.(Filing fee $ 350 PAID.) Jury Demanded., filed by plaintiff Mark Mishak.(ghap) Additional attachment(s) added on 1/3/2008 (lra, ).

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