Zynga Inc. v. Playerauctions.com

Filing 18

NOTICE of Change of Attorney Information for attorney Oren Bitan counsel for Defendant Player Auctions, LLC.Oren Bitan is no longer attorney of record for the aforementioned party in this case for the reason indicated in the G-06 Notice. Filed by Dedendant Player Auctions, LLC (Bitan, Oren)

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Name & Address: Oren Bitan, Esq. (SBN: 251056) obitan@buchalter.com BUCHALTER NEMER 1000 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500 Los Angeles, California 900 17-2457 Telephone: (213) 891-0700 Facsimile: (213) 896-0400 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA ZYNGA GAME NETWORK, INC., a Delaware Corporation, CASE NUMBER PLAINTIFF(S) CV 1 0-25 76 CBM (JCx) V. NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ATTORNEY INFORMATION PLAYER AUCTIONS, LLC, a limited liability company, DEFENDANT(S). The following information must be provided: , 251056 I, Oren Bitan if , obitan@buchalter.com E-mail Address CA Bar ID Number Name am counsel of record or LI out-of-state attorney in the above-entitled cause of action for the following party(s) Defendant Player Auctions, LLC and am requesting the following change(s): E-MAIL ADDRESS IS TO BE ADDED. THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED IF I D consent D do not consent to receive service of documents by electronic means in accordance with Fed. R. Civ. P. 5(b)(2)(E) and 77 (d), and Fed. R. Crim. P. 49(b)-(d). YOUR SELECT THE CA TEGORYAND COMPLETE THE INFORMATION REQUESTED: LI TO UPDATE NAME OR LI I am providing the following new information pursuant to Local Rule 83-2.7 to be updated on the above-entitled cause of action. FIRM 1NFORMATION: PROVIDE ONLY THE INFORMATION THAT HAS CHANGED Attorney Name changed to New FirmlGovernment Agency Name New Address New Telephone Number New E-mail address New Facsimile Number El TO BE ADDED AS COUNSEL OF RECORD: CHECK ONE BOX I am counsel of record in the above-entitled action and should have been added to the docket in LI this case. I made my first appearance in this case on LI This constitutes my Notice of Appearance to appear as counsel of record for the party(s) listed above in the above-entitled action. G-06 (10/10) NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ATTORNEY INFORMATION Page 1 of 2 ______________________________ ______________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________ ___________________ ___________________ IF YOUR FT RM I S NOT ALREADY PART OF THI ASSOCIATION SHOULD BE FILED. IF YOU ARE ATTORNEY TO APPEAR IN A SPECIFIC CASE, Attorney Name Firm/Government Agency Name Address: Telephone Number New E-mail address S ACTI ON AND ARE A SSOCIATTNG IN AS COUNSEL OF RECORD A NOTI CE OF GOING TO APPEAR PRO HAC VT CE, A SEPARATE APPLI CATION OF NON -RESIDENT G-64 MUST BE FILED. CA State Bar Number Facsimile Number TO BE REMOVED FROM THE CASE: ** I am LI the aforementioned attorney from my firm is no longer counsel of record in the above- entitled cause of action. CHECK ONE BOX LI The order relieving me/the aforementioned attorney from my firm was filed on: LI There is/are other attorney(s) from the undersigned attorney’s law firm/government agency who are counsel of record in this case. LI I am LI the aforementioned attorney is no longer with the firm/government agency representing the above-named party in this action. There is/are attorney(s) from my former firm/government agency who are currently counsel of record in this case. **Thjs form cannot be used as a substitution of attorney fixn. For substitution of attorney procedures please refer to Local Rule 83-2.9 and form G-O1,Requestfor Substitution ofAttorney and G-O1ORDER, Order on Request for Substitution of Attorney. At least one member of the firm/government agency MUST continue to represent and receive service for the parties indicated above in this action. Date: December 8, 2010 /s/ Signature ofAttorney ofRecord/Attorneyfor the Firm PLEASE NOTE: CMJECF users must update t heir account information in the system pursuant to the General Order authorizing electronic filing, in addition to filing this Notice of Change of Attorney Information. A separate Notice must be filed in every pending case pursuant to Local Rule 83—2.7. G-06 (10/10) NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ATTORNEY INFORMATION Page 2 of 2

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