Rupa Marya v. Warner Chappell Music Inc

Filing 131

NOTICE OF DOCUMENT DISCREPANCIES AND ORDER by Magistrate Judge Michael R. Wilner. ORDERING Declaration of LeMoine; Supplemental Brief; Proof of Service submitted by Defendant Warner Chappell Music Inc received on 7/22/2014 to be filed and processed; filed date to be the date the document was stamped Received but not Filed with the Clerk. The Court accepts filing per previous order as noted on documents. (vm) (Main Document 131 replaced on 7/25/2014) (vm).

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FILED CLERK, U.S. DISTRICT COURT ··. 22 ~· UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA JUL 2 A 2014 . !: .; ~ ?) J~· CENTRALDIST,e OF CALIFORNIA NOTICE OF DOCUMENT DISCREPANCIES BY ~ DEPUTY I ·~ To: 0 U.S. District Judge I Iii U.S. Magistrate Judge WILNER ------~----------------------------------------- From: Shea Bourgeois Date Received: 07/22/14 , Deputy Clerk ------------------ Case Title: Rupa Marya v. Warner Chappell Music Inc Case No.: 2:13-cv-04460-GHK-MRW Document Entitled: Declaration of LeMoine; Supplemental Brief; Proof of Service Upon the submission of the attached document(s), it was noted that the following discrepancies exist: 0 Local Rule 5-4.1 Documents must be filed electronically 0 0 0 0 0 Local Rule 6-1 Local Rule 7-19.1 Written notice of motion lacking or timeliness of notice incorrect Local Rule 7.1-1 No Certification of Interested Parties and/or no copies Local Rule 11-3.1 Local Rule 11-3.8 Document not legible Lacking name, address, phone, facsimile numbers, and e-mail address Notice to other parties of ex parte application lacking 0 Local Rule 11-4.1 No copy provided for judge 0 Local Rule 11-6 0 Local Rule 11-8 Memorandum/brief exceeds 25 pages Memorandum/brief exceeding 10 pages shall contain table of contents 0 Local Rule 15-1 0 Local Rule 16-7 Proposed amended pleading not under separate cover Pretrial conference order not signed by all counsel 0 Local Rule 19-1 Complaint/Petition includes more than 10 Does or fictitiously named parties 0 Local Rule 56-1 0 Local Rule 56-2 0 Local Rule 83-2.5 Statement of uncontroverted facts and/or proposed judgment lacking Statement of genuine disputes of material fact lacking No letters to the judge 0 Fed. R. Civ. P. 5 No proof of service attached to document(s) ~Other: Lacking app and order to file under seal ~ . vt I @C f ~{'(I) !J-Il'VJ'd'- .J) ~:\) D1""' ,A2 ;tr ~C) Please refer to the Court's website at for Local Rules, General Orders, and applicable forms. ORDER OF THE JUDGE/MAGISTRATE JUDGE HEREBY ORDERED: he document is to be filed and processed. The filing date is D RE to be the date the document was stamped eceived but not filed" with the Clerk. Counsel* is advised that · y rt r failure to comply with the Local Rules may perties pursuant to Local Rule 83-7. j .'Gv\ lead to .S. Magistrate Judge Date 0 The document is NOT to be filed, but instead REJECTED, and is ORDERED returned to counsel.* Counsel* shall immediately notify, in writing, all parties previously served with the attached documents that said documents have not been filed with the Court. U.S. District Judge I U.S. Magistrate Judge Date * The term. "counsel" as used herein also includes any prose party. See Local Rule 1-3. COPY 1 -ORIGINAL-OFFICE CV-104A (06/13) COPY2 -JUDGE COPY 3 -SIGNED & RETURNED TO FILER NOTICE OF DOCUMENT DISCREPANCIES COPY 4 -FILER RECEIPT

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