Rupa Marya v. Warner Chappell Music Inc

Filing 16

PROOF OF SERVICE Executed by Plaintiff Rupa Marya, upon Defendant Warner Chappell Music Inc served on 6/21/2013, answer due 7/12/2013. Service of the Summons and Complaint were executed upon Defendant Warner/Chappell Music, Inc. c/o C T Corporation System, Registered Agent for Service of Process in compliance with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure by service on a domestic corporation, unincorporated association, or public entity. Original Summons returned. (Manifold, Betsy)

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BETSY C. MANIFOLD, ESQ. (182450) WOLF HALDENSTEIN ADLER FREEMAN & HERZ LLP 750 B Street, Suite 2770 San Diego, California 92101 Telephone: (619) 239-4599 A Attorneys fo r: R€€'€iifSIEGEL-,i,{ U P+ UNTTH} STATSS DISTnICT COURT CEIITRAL DISTRTC" OF CALTFT}RNIA .ASENUMBER RUPA MARYA CV13-4460 Pr-A.rNTrFr(S) &+{ L$rt nswHffmcl r@ PR(X}F OF SERVICtr, SUMMONSAND COMPLAIT{T WARNER/CHAPPELL MUSIC, INC. (Usc seperate proof of service for each person/party saved) DEFENDANT(S). l. Ar the time of servicc I was st least D E E 18 ycars ofrge and not a party to thie action and I rrved copics ofthe (,rpecify docunentcl: sumrmns D first amsdcd complaiat fl complaint I second atnended complaint il O thfud snended complaint fl Of OR DETERM|NAT|O.I OF AN ACTON OR APPEAL REGARDING A COPYRGHT; NOTICE OF RELA1ED CASEi CIVIL alies summons F?nrhar. tcnailfi^. -? -*-" Per$n scrvcd: REPORT ON fiE FtLtNG third party complaint counter claim cross claim COMPI.AINT FOR DECLARATORY JUDGMENT a. dO.reoO*t (od'rdl.' WARN ER/CHAPPELL MUSIC, INC. b, I Other (.rpecry!, name and tltle or relationship to the pfilbusiness namedl: , MARIA SANCHEZ, Authorized Agent of fi CORPORAION SYSTEM, Agent for Service of Process c. M ed&ess wherc papers wcte served: 818 Seventh Street Los Angeles, CA 90017 J. Manner of Servlce iu compliance with (one box OFederal Rules of Civil Procedurt a, b. t D California *rtcd a. 6l t. t. Code nurt be checked): ofCivil Proccdure the person named in ltem 2: By Pcnorrl revicc. By peconatly dtlivcring copies, lf the person is a minor, by leaving copier with a pareat, gwrdia& consenrstoror similr fidrrciry aod to thc minor if at leest twelve (12) year of age. 6/21/13 at 1 1:45 a,m. Pepcrr were *rvcd on (dare): Ey Subrtihted rerviec. By leaving copies: (hornc) at the dwelling house, usuat place of abode. or tuual place of busine ss of tire person served in lhe presence of a comp€tent member of the horsctol4 at lcast t 8 years of agc, who was informed of the general nature of the (rirn"): El B p8p€f5, 2. E 3. u (bulncr) or a person apparently in chargc of tte oflice of plrce of busin$s, informed ofthe general nature ofthe papers. rt tcast I 8 yean of age. who was 4. u (rraa): p.Frr ntr. rar"cd ot (dotel: EI by mriltng @y firstdass mail. portage prepaid) copies to the persoa served in ltem 2@) at the place where the copies were lell in ltem 2(c). 5. D prpctr 6. c. n cv{l (0s09) wcfi? ril.llciloa (dole): n duc dllfucrcc. I made at least three (3) altenryts to pcrsonally scwe the def$dant. {Attrch reprrltc dectarr$on rcgerdiog &c dt$cncc). Mrn rnd t.knowlcdgbelt of rorvice, By rnailing (by first clas,s tnail or airmail, portage pepaid) copies to the penon scrve4 with trro (2) copics of the form of Waivcr of Scrvice of Sunrnons and Conplaint and a rpitm cwelopc, pqtage preprid sddressed to rhe spnder, (Atfrch coftplctcd Wriver of Scrvlcc of Sumrnons rad Comphlnt). PNOOF OF SERVTCE. SUMI{O!{S AITID COi{'LAINT P.E€ I of2 d E Scrvlca oa doneldc corporetion, unlncorporetcd r$oclatbr (hchdtry prrtDcrrhlp)l' or publlc eadty (S.RCiv.P. (C.CJ.416.10}. By deliverhg during usual burinegc hourq a copy of thc $rmrnods and complaiat to an officsr. a rnanlging or general agent, or to any olh€r ageot authorized by sppohtrn€nt or by lrw to r€ccive service ofpmcess ard, ifthe agcnt is one authorized by statutc and ttc statute so r€quircs, by also mailing, by first class mail, postage prepaid, a 4{hD copy t'o tho defetrdsnf. e. D Subrtltutcd rcwlce or domcrllc corporrtlon, oolncorporrted $loctrdon (lffludrg p.rtnorship), or pBbltc eatlty (C.C.P. {f5.20 oaly). By lerving during usuat office hours, a co,py of tbe sumnrons and coryleint in 6c oficc of the pcreon served with the person who rppartndy war in chargc and thsrctftsr b,y mailiaB Oy first-class rrail, postage prryid) copier &o the pcrrons at the place where the copies wcrc left in frll conpliaocc with C.C.P.415.20. Subrtibte scrvics uFon thc Califomia Ssgrctry of Stete r€qufucs I csurl order. (Attach . copy of lhe ordcr to thb Proof of Ssvlse). f. B $crvlcc on g. El Ccrdned or mril rcrvlce. By mailing to an address qrtsidg Califomia (by firet-ctass msil, postagc prcpri{ requiring u retum receip) copies to the person scn'ed. (Attrch rlgmd return recclpt or othcr cvldcncc of rctul rccr:ipt by ttc prfroa rervcd). h. B otbcr(speci$codesectiurrrdtypeofw-icc): r fordgn eorporr&n. In rny rnaancrprcscribed for individuals rcgLM Servie upon thc Unltcd Strf€+ rnd a. F by FRCP a(f). lti Agcaclct, Corpontlotr or Ofllcen. U.S. by detivering a copy of rhe suanronr and complaint to lhc olerical employee dcrigrrared by the nrthoriad tjo acc€pt scwicc, purnran to the proccdures for tb€ OfEce of the U.S. AEorrcy for acceptrocc of sernice, or by sending a copy of the summons and complaint by registcred or certilied rmil addrcssed to rhe civil process clcrk at thc U.S. Attoneys Oftce, Narne ofperson scrved: Title of petsoa sewcd: Ddc snd tirc of service: Qlate): b. D c. [1 xt (ttmel: By sending a copy of thc sumrmns aod comglaint by regi*tored or certified mait to the Attamey Gcneral of the Uniled States at Warhington, D.C. (Attrch rfuntd rcturn rcccipt or other cvldcrcc of rctual rccclpt by thc pamotr a.r"ycd]. By rcnding a copy of the sumnroas ard complainr by regirtered orcstified mail to thc of;ficer, agency or corpfiation (Attscb :lglcd rcture recelpl or othc? cvldelcc of rctud rccclpt by t[e pcrrorr rcn.d] 6' Al lhe tinrc ofservice I was at least l8 7. Farsnn rcrvinc Jneme. addrcss anrl leleohone number): y€E r ofage and not a parf ro this action. Carlos Canas Wheels of Justice, lnc. 657 Mission Street, Suite 502 San Francisco, California 94105 Phone: (41 8. E I am e 5) n- fl Fee for service: $ b. [3 Not a regirtcred Califomia pnoccss geracr c. [J Exeap fmm regirtration B&P 22350(b) d. fl Registerod California process scrvcr (e) r.oa.htbn tla: {57r 546-6000 California shcriff, mrrshal, or csnrtabb and I ccrtis that the (i? foregoing ff;U ,or.ffil* I declare undcr penalry ofperjury that the f<xegoing is true Erd corect- June 21 , ?O"13 srgnature cv4r {08/09) P80('tr or BaRvtcE - suMMoirs AND colutt ffi carlos canas AINT Pryc2of2

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