Rupa Marya v. Warner Chappell Music Inc

Filing 19

APPLICATION for attorney Janine Pollack to Appear Pro Hac Vice(PHV Fee of $325 receipt number 0973-12457434 paid.) filed by plaintiff Rupa Marya. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order)(Manifold, Betsy)

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___________ _________ Name and address: Janine Pollack Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP 270 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA RUPA MARYA, et al. CASE NUMBER CV- 13-04460-GHK (MRWx) Plaintiff(s) V. WARNER/CHAPPELL MUSIC, INC., Defendant(s). APPLICATION OF NON-RESIDENT ATTORNEY TO APPEAR IN A SPECIFIC CASE PRO HAC VICE INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICANTS (I) Complete Section I of this Application, sign the certJication in Section II, and have your designated Local Counsel sign in Section III; note that electronic signatures are not accepted. Space to supplement your responses is provided in Section IV Attach a Certificate of Good Standing (issued within the last 30 days) from every state bar to which you are admitted. Scan the completed and signed Application, with attachment(s), to a single Portable Document Format (PDF) file. (2) Have your Local Counsel e-file your Application, using the Court’s CM/ECF System, and submit a Proposed Order (using Form G-64 ORDER, available from the Court’s website). (3) Submit payment in the amount of $325 for each case in which you file an Application. Payment may be submitted at the time of c-filing through, or by deliveringpaymentto the Clerk’s Office fAttn: Fiscal) with a copy of the c-filed Application. Ifyour payment is not received within 5 days of the fIling ofyour Application, your Application may be rejected. You will not be allowed to participate as an attorney of record in this case until your payment is received. SECTION I INFORMATION - Pollack, Janine Applicant’s Name (Last Name, First Name & Middle Initial) Wolf Haldenstein Adler Firm Name 270 Madison Freeman & Herz LLP Avenue 212-545-4600 212-545-4653 Telephone Number Fax Number Street Address New York, NY 10016 City, State, Zip Code E-Mail Address I have been retained to represent the following parties: Robert Siegel Plaintiff Rupa Marya Plaintiff F F Defendant Defendant F F Other: Other: Name(s) of Party(ies) Represented List all courts to which you have been admitted and the current status of your membership: Name of Court State of New York 4/23/1990 Active Member in Good Standing? (if not, please explain) Yes State of New Jersey 12/21/1989 Yes York 10/23/1990 Yes Southern District of New York 11/16/1990 Yes Southern District of New G-64 (06/13) APPLICATION OF NON-RESIDENT ATTORNEY TO APPEAR IN A SPECIFIC CASE PRO HAC VICE Page 1 of 3 List all cases in which you have applied to this Court for pro hac vice status in the previous three years: Case Number IjijLAf/ion Granted / Denied? Date ofApplication If any pro hac vice applications submitted within the past three (3) years have been denied by the Court, please explain: Have you previously registered as a CMJECF user in the Central District of California ? If yes, was your CM/ECF User account associated with the e-mail address provided above? Yes F No F Yes No: Previous E-Mail Used (if applicable) You must be registered for the Court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Piling (“C’M/ECF”j System to be admitted to practice pro hac vice in this Court. Submission of this Application will constitute your registration (or re-registration) as a CM/ECF User. If the Court signs an Order granting your Application, you will either be issued a new CM/ECF login and password, or the existing account you identified above will be associated with your case. Pursuant to Local Rule 5-32.2, registering as a c’M/ECF User is deemed consent, for purposes of Fed. R. Civ. P. 5(bff2.)Ej, to electronic service of documents through the CM/ECF System. You have the right to withhold or revoke your consent to electronic service at any time; simply complete and return a f’entral District Electronic Service Exemption Form (Form G-05, available from the Court’s website). If the Court receives an Electronic Service Exemption Form from you, you will no longer receive notice by e-mail when Court orders or other documents are filed in cases in which you are counsel of record; instead, copies ofsuch documents will be sent to you through the mail. SECTION II- CERTIFICATION I declare under penalty of perjury that: (1) All of the above information is true and correct. (2) I am not a resident of the State of California. I am not regularly employed in, or engaged in substantial business, professional, or other activities in the State of California. (3) 1 am not currently suspended from and have never been disbarred from practice in any court. (4) I am familiar with the Court’s Local Civil and Criminal Rules, the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, and the Federal Rules of Evidence. (5) I designate the attorney listed in Section III below, who is a member in good standing of the Bar of this Court and maintains an office in the Central District of California for the practice of law, as local counsel pursuant to Local Rule 83- Dated / Janine Pollack Applicant’s Name (please type or print.) Applicant’s Signature G--64 (06/13) APPLICATION OF NON-RESIDENT ATTORNEY TO APPEAR IN A SPECIFIC CASE PRO HAC VICE Page 2 of 3 SECTION III DESIGNATION OF LOCAL COUNSEL - Manifold, Betsy C. Designee’s Name (Last Name, First Name & Middle Initial) Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP Firm Name 619-239-4599 Symphony Towers Telephone Number 750 B Street, Suite 2770 Street Address Fax Number i-ivian jaaress San Diego, CA, 92101 619-234-4599 182450 City, State, Zip Code Designee’s C’alifornia State Bar Number I hereby consent to the foregoing designation as local counsel. Dated Betsy C. Manifold Designee’s Name (please type or print) . Ii Designee’s Siature /..2 SECTION IV SUPPLEMENT ANSWERS HERE (ATTACH ADDITIONAL PAGES IF NECESSARY) - District of New Jersey, admitted 12/21/1989. Active member in good standing. District of Colorado, admitted 5/17/2010. Active member in good standing. United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, admitted 3/26/2006. Active member in good standing. United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, admitted 1/11/2007. Active member in good standing. United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, admitted 1/29/2010. Active member in good standing. United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, admitted 4/16/2013. Active member in good standing. G—64 (06/13) APPLICATION OF NON-RESIDENT ATFORNEY TO APPEAR IN A SPECIFIC CASE PRO HAC VICE Page 3 of 3 ‘uprcrnt Qlourt of Jc1u Jirtp QEIbrtititatc of (ioob tanbinç ‘This is to certify that JANINE L POLLACK 041671989 ) was constituted and: appointed: an. lttorne!J at Law of Nw (o December21 1989 andassuth, ]crseyon has been atimitteci to practice before the Supreme Court and: all other courts of this State as an tttorney at Law, according to its laws, mles, and: customs. Ifurtiter certify that as of this date, the above-named: is an ttorney at Law in good:Standing. [For the purpose of this Certificate, an attorny is in “(jood:Stanc[ing” if the Court ‘s records reflect that the attorney: 1) is current with all assessments imposed:as a part ofthefihing of the annuaL2lttornty R.çgLctration. Statement, including, but not limited: to, all oblWations to the !New Yersey Lawyers’ [Fund: for Client Protection; 2) is not suspended or d:isbarred:from the practice of law; 3) has not resigned:from the Bar of this State; and:4)Iias not been transferred:to Disability Inactive Status pursuant to9?ule 1:2012 Please note that this Certificate does not constitute confirmation of an attorney’s satisfaction ofthe administrative requirements ofRyte 1:21-1(a)foreliqibility to practice law in this State. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my Izatu[aiul affi[tk Seal of the Supreme Court, at 7renton, this 1ST dyof July ,20 13 Cterof the Supreme Cour

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