Rupa Marya v. Warner Chappell Music Inc

Filing 21

NOTICE of Manual Filing filed by Plaintiff Rupa Marya of Consolidated First Amended Complaint; Amended Summons; Certification and Notice of Interested Parties, etc.. (Manifold, Betsy)

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Betsy C . Mani old (Bar N o. 182450) f W O LF H ALD EN ST EIN AD LER FREEMAN & H ERZ LLP 750 B Street, Sui 2770 te San D i ego, C A 92101 T el:619/239-4599;Facsi i 619/234-4599 m le: UNITED STATES D ISTR ICT COUR T CENTR AL D ISTR ICT OF CALIFOR NIA RUPA MARYA, et al. v. W ARN ER/C H APPELL MUSIC , IN C ., C A SE N U M BER : C V 13-04460-G H K (MRW x) PLA IN T IFF(S) NOTICE OF MANUAL FILING D EFEN D A N T (S). PLEA SE T A K E N O T IC E: Pursuant to LocalR ul 5-4. the f l i docum ent(s) or i (s) are exem pt f e 2, olow ng tem rom el ectroni f lng, c ii and w iltheref be m anualy f l (LIST D OCUMENTS): l ore l ied SEE AT T AC H MEN T A D ocum ent D escri on: pti A dm i strati R ecord ni ve Exhi ts bi Ex Parte A pplcati f authori on ofi i on or zati nvesti ve,expert,or other servi pursuant to the gati ces C ri i Justi A ct [see LocalR ul 5. 2(8),LocalC ri i R ul 49. m nal ce e 2-2. m nal e 1-2(8)] ✔ dated f rst am ended com plai and other clai -i ti ng docum ents under L.R. i nt m ni ati O ther consoli 3-2 R eason: U nder Seal Item s not conduci to e-f lng (ie. vi ve ii . , deotapes,C D R O M ,l arge graphi charts) c El ectroni versi are not avaiabl to f l c ons l e ier Per C ourt order dated ✔ July 26, 2013 D ate M anualFii requi ( reason ): lng red L.R. 3-2 "' lai -Ini ati D ocum ents'... shall be presented to the C lerk i paper f at." C m ti ng n orm /s/ Betsy C . Mani old f A ttorney N am e Plai f s nti f Party R epresented Note: File one Notice of Manual Filing in each case, each time you manually file document(s). G-92 (6/12) NOTICE OF MANUAL FILING ATTACHMENT A TO NOTICE OF MANUAL FILING AMENDED SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION; CONSOLIDATED FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT FOR DECLARATORY JUDGMENT; INJUNCTIVE AND DECLARATORY RELIEF; AND DAMAGES FOR: (1) INVALIDITY OF COPYRIGHT (Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §§ 101 et seq.);and (2) UNFAIR COMPETITION LAWS (Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 17200 et seq.); CERTIFICATION AND NOTICE OF INTERESTED PARTIES; ORDER RE: CASE MANAGEMENT (ECF NO. 14); ORDER RE CONSOLIDATION AND FILING OF AMENDED COMPLAINT (ECF NO. 17); NOTICE OF MANUAL FILING; and DECLARATION OF SERVICE WARNER:20097 -1-

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